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Bad Blood 2004
This was an OK PPV, but nothing more.

Match 1 sees La Resistance battle Heavyweight Champion - Chris Benoit and tag team partner Edge. This was OK but nothing more. Edge and Benoit win by DQ when Kane runs in and beats up Edge and Benoit.

The next match sees Intercontinental Champion, Randy Orton taking on Shelton Benjamin. This somehow didn't live up to the billing. Why Ric Flair was there, I do not know and the match was slow.

Next up Lita, Trish, Victoria and Gail Kim battle it out in a poor fatal four way match for Victoria's Women's Title. Trish won, but I couldn't care less. Then Eugene battled The Coach in an hilarious match. This was all comedy but it was enjoyable.

Then in his second match in the evening Chris Benoit puts his title on the line when he faced Kane. This was good, but it went on for far too long (18 minutes) Benoit won with a roll up.

Next up was the Hell in a Cell match between Shawn Michaels and Triple H. This was average in my opinion. It wasn't the best Hell in a Cell match I've seen and this also dragged on for 47 minutes. Triple H won when he gave HBK 3 pedigrees'.

Overall not bad but certainly not perfect!

Benoit/Edge vs La Resistance - 6/10 Benjamin/Orton - 6/10 Lita/Trish/Kim/Victoria - 4/10 Eugene vs Coach - 10/10 (only for comedy) Kane vs Benoit - 7.5/10 HBK vs HHH - 8/10
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Well I Enjoyed It
Jason Cunnington28 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I have heard bad things about this PPV in reviews and my mate even said it wasn't good when i picked it up. But i guess i depends on what your looking for in a WWE PPV.

Match 1 - Chris Benoit and Edge defeated World Tag Team Champions La Résistance (Sylvain Grenier and Robért Conway) by disqualification 5/10 Not a bad opener, it would have been nice to see Benoit win but never mind.

Match 2 - Chris Jericho defeated Tyson Tomko (w/Trish Stratus) 5/10 Not great but not that bad. It was Nice to see Jericho win but i would have preferred to have seen it against Christian

Match 3 - Randy Orton defeated Shelton Benjamin to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship 7/10 Pretty Good match. These two work well together in the ring hopefully they'll have a rivalry in the future but for the WWE Championship.

Match 4 - Trish Stratus (w/Tyson Tomko) defeated Victoria (c), Lita and Gail Kim in a Fatal Four-Way match to win the WWE Women's Championship 7/10 A lot better than most womens Matches is all I'll say.

Match 5 - Eugene defeated Jonathan Coachman 6/10 This was good for the entertainment value, I'll be the first to say i'm not Eugenes biggest fan but even the crowd were getting into this one, though it should have been lower on the card

Match 6 - Chris Benoit defeated Kane to retain the World Heavyweight Championship 9/10 One of Kanes best match IMO, Benoit as always is on top form. Its matches like this that make me wonder why hes not been World Champion again.

Match 7 - Triple H defeated Shawn Michaels in a Hell in a Cell match 9.5/10 This was the reason i wanted to see this PPV to see these two in a Hell in a Cell, I'd have given it 10/10 if Michaels had won, cause IMO Triple H won to many of their match during the two year rivalry, however this was a good match and I Really Enjoyed it, and Okay they didn't go out of the cell but IMO they don't always have to in a Hell in a Cell match cause WWE will never recreate the King of the Ring 98 one.

overall 9/10 i watch wrestling for the entertainment and if your the same i recommend this one to you
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One match steals the show
kliko4008 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Wow this was a very good Raw pay per view because the Hell In A Cell match between HHH & Michaels unbelievably stole the whole show.

First match- La Resistance vs. Edge & Chris Benoit for the World Tag Team Championship Well it wasn't really a good way to start the Bad Blood pay per view as the match was pretty slow & sloppy at some times. Edge & Benoit win after a disqualification when Kane interfered & knocked both teams out & got Benoit & slammed him against the steel steps. 3/10 Second match- Chris Jericho vs. Tyson Tomko w/ Trish Stratus Not a very good match but it was cool to see Jericho defeat Trish's henchman Tyson Tomko after an enzeiguri. 3/10 Third match- Randy Orton w/ Ric Flair vs. Shelton Benjamin for the WWE Intercontinental Championship This was a very good match for the IC Championship. Both Orton & Benjamin pulled out a very great classic wrestling match. Orton retains his IC title after being able to get a roll-up on Benjamin. 7/10.

Fourth match- Victoria vs. Molly Holly vs. Lita vs. Trish Stratus in a Fatal 4 Way match for the WWE Womens Championship.

Four top Raw Divas all fighting each other in the ring still isn't really enough to pull out a great Diva match for the Women's title. Trish Stratus wins the fatal 4 way match to become the new WWE Women's Champion. 4/10 Fifth match- Eugene vs. Jonathan Coachman This match was pretty lame at the start but then later the comedy by Eugene which led him to defeat Jonathan Coachman was pretty good. Even though Eugene won this match still did not reach my expectations. 4/10 Sixth match- Chris Benoit vs. Kane for the World Heavyweight Championship Even though this match was long it was still very good & fast paced. Chris Benoit retains his World Title after nailing a roll-up on Kane for the hard earned victory. 6/10 Seventh match- Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels in a Hell In A Cell Oh my God. What a brutal & definitely violent match this one was. Both Shawn Michaels & Triple H pulled out everything they had to try & beat each other. After 3 Pedigrees HHH was able to defeat Shawn Michaels in the dangerous environmental structure of a match which lasted for like about 45 minutes. 8/10 The best Raw pay per view so far in 2004 Overall: Very good pay per view & better than the previous one Backlash. I'll give it 8/10 & a C+
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A Very Good RAW Pay Per View
nick_610019 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
2004 RAW Bad Blood was probably the best Pay Per View near the half of the year.

1. Chris Benoit and Edge defeated. La Resistance by Disqualification in a World Tag Team Championship Match

Rating: 5/10 ( D )

2. Chris Jericho defeated. Tyson Tomko w/Trish Stratus ????

Rating: 4/10 ( D - )

3. Randy Orton defeated. Shelton Benjamin to retain the Intercontinental Championship in a very atheltical match.

Rating: 6/10 ( C )

4. Trish Stratus w/Tyson Tomko defeated. Lita, Victoria and Gail Kim in a Fatal 4 Way Match for the Womens Championship

Rating: 5/10 ( D )

5. Eugene defeated. The Coach in a probably the worst match of the year.

Rating: 3/10 ( F )

6. Chris Benoit defeated. Kane in his second match of the night WTF? Still Champion Benoit

Rating: 5/10 ( D )

7. Triple H defeated. Shawn Michaels in a Hell in a Cell Match which was the match of the night. And it nealry took 50 minutes WOW! Best Match on the card by far.

Rating: 9/10 ( A )

Good: Hell in a Cell Match between HHH and HBK Randy Orton taking on Shelton Benjamin

Bad: Eugene's match with The Coach Jonathan Coachman.

Overall: Bad Blood 2004 for me was around a Good Pay Per View

7/10 ( B - )
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Gail Kim, where are you?
gridoon2 November 2005
Your opinion about this PPV will largely depend on your opinion about the Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H match, since it takes up almost a third (!) of the total running time. Seven matches are presented:

1) La Resistance vs. Edge and Chris Benoit (for the tag-team title). A regular tag-team match, Edge gets it most of the time, Benoit comes to his rescue...and then Kane enters the scene and attacks them both, interrupting the match. No ending, thus no rating.

2) Chris Jericho vs. Tyson Tomko (with Trish Stratus). Mediocre match with a lame finish: Tomko has the advantage, but he accidentally runs into Trish and Jericho knocks him out with a kick. **

3) Shelton Benjamin vs. Randy Orton (for the intercontinental title). A very long match, incorporating many different styles of combat (ground wrestling, acrobatic moves, even boxing). Some crucial interferences by Ric Flair (what a surprise!). **1/2

4) Trish Stratus vs. Gail Kim vs. Victoria vs. Lita (for the women's title). The "sudden death, fatal 4-way" concept doesn't work. Each woman gets only one or two opportunities to shine, and the action is hard-to-follow. Gail Kim, in particular, deserved better (by the way, they had a woman who looks AND wrestles like that and they let her go? What were they thinking?). **

5) Eugene vs. Jonathan Coachman. I expected this to be garbage, and I was right. A disgrace. 1/2

6) Chris Benoit vs. Kane (for the heavyweight title). I agree that THIS should have been the main event. Kane is awesome here; he's like a comic-book creation. The match is pretty slow, but the sheer physical power (Kane) and technique (Benoit) on display make it worth your while. ***

7) Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels. "Hell in a cell" match. This one is a matter of taste. If you like them bloody, brutal and exhausting, you'll have a field day. If not, you'll probably find it (after a while) boring and interminable (it goes on for almost 50 minutes!). **1/2
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Good PPV with a terribly anti-climactic finish.
Evan1 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
BAD BLOOD 2004 from Columbus, OH - ratings out of 10

* Las Resistance vs. Chris Benoit & Edge (4) Pretty entertaining tag match with Edge taking most of the action since Benoit has a match later. Would have scored higher if not for the run in by Kane to give Benoit/Edge the DQ victory. Kane gives Crippler a beatdown after the match.

* Chris Jericho vs. Tyson Tomko (1) Very dull and by-the-numbers match. Jericho seems mighty uninspired even though he actually goes over in this one. Man it's time to give Y2J something to do.

* Randy Orton vs. Shelton Benjamin (7) Very good match that just missed being an awesome one. Doesn't get an 8 only because of the usual mid-match Orton resthold. Other than that, no complaints about either guy's performance. I hope Vince realizes what he's got with Shelton. He's like a cross between HBK and Angle without the promo-ability. Match of the night.

* Trish Stratus vs. Victoria vs. Gail Kim vs. Lita (3) Not terrible for a women's Fatal 4way. Trish wins the title. Only lasts about 5 minutes so not that hard to sit through.

* Eugene vs. Jonathan Coachman (DUD) The lowpoint of the night. I love Eugene but why put him in there with a crowd-killer like Coach? Not even the decent attempts at comedy could save this one from DUDville.

* Chris Benoit vs. Kane for the World Title (6) Good for a Kane match but just average for a Benoit match. The Crippler is fantastic as usual and carries Kane to one of his best matches in a while. Definitely not bad but for a World Title match, give me more than Kane please.

* HELL IN A CELL Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels (6) A classic! if it were 20 minutes shorter. 46 minutes? Don't get wrong. I am a fan of HHH/HBK matches but this one just started to bore me in the last 10 or so minutes. Plenty of blood and chairshots but just not enough drama. The predictable finish with HHH going over was also pretty disappointing.
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