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Cliché City

Author: papajohn3289 from United States
17 November 2004

Now, this is an RPG to behold. It is the first AWESOME RPG on the Gamecube, as most of you know. However, its more than just a pretty box. Tales introduces a brand-new real-time combat system that could be compared to that of Star Ocean: Till the End Of Time, however this isn't an interstellular futuristic RPG. Noo, this is much more FF style story (which makes it good). Every battle you fight is an actual privilege to do. The battle system is so good, you will want to beat every enemy you see. There aren't any random encounters, but if you ignore too many boss fights, you won't stand a chance against the bosses. There is no excuse for getting hit in this game, though, since an opponent's attack missing is not random like in FFX. The moves in this game are unbelievable. There are so many combos to pull off, and I beat it without getting many of the moves. Magic attacks can have its glitches though, moves like "Indignation," "Thunder Blade" (the COOLEST move I've ever seen) and some summon spells may cause the cube to freeze because of the extreme amount of light and effects happening. However this game is extremely well done and the battle system makes the game worth more than it is. Dwarven Law #912: Thoust who owneth a Gamecube without thist game shall not be worthy of owning their system in the firsteth place...uhhh...eth. An A+ for this game, or a 97/100.

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A rarity in and of itself, a really good rpg on the gamecube.

Author: Aaron1375
11 April 2007

Other than the Baten Kaitos series, this is about the only really good rpg on the gamecube system. Well Skies of Arcadia was good as well, but it was not originally designed for gamecube. This game features a group of friends and fighters helping another one of their friends complete a pilgrimage that once complete will lead her to becoming an angel and lead the world in which they live in out of a down period and into a new age of prosperity. Sounds a bit like Final Fantasy X, eh? Well it does follow the usual rpg formula for the most part as there are a couple of twists here and there, though nothing to shocking what makes this one fun are the characters and the comedy that this and all the Tales series have within them. They also share the same combat system, a real time super fast battle, while it may be fun makes me at least tend to use only one of the characters all the time rather than switching around to others. You just get used to their moves and you have a hard time switching and assigning moves and such. So for an epic journey that spans two worlds and is a lot of fun, though not the most original, this game is worth checking out.

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Proof that RPGs can still be great...

Author: Shaph from United States
14 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For a long time, I've waited for an RPG that cared as much about the actual storyline and character development as it cared about graphics and badass moves.

Enter Tales of Symphonia.

For the first time since some of the FF series comes a game that combines beautiful graphics and badass moves with an intense storyline that holds you throughout the many hours of gameplay offered.

While I could go on for a long time about the game's great control, battle system, and graphics, the true gem of this game lies in the dark, twisted, gripping character development. All nine of the playable characters have undergone tests, trials, heartache, and tragedy throughout their lives, and through spoken line and flashback cut scenes the game conveys emotion better than many of the movies out there.

The plot of the game itself pulls from history and religion: A race of half-elves known as the Desians plague the land of Sylvarant, and it is up to your band of young adventurers to lead Colette, the Chosen, through a process known as the Trial of Regeneration, wherein she will be sacrificed to regenerate and save the world. The Desians could easily be mistaken for the Nazi Regime as cut scenes of their human prisoners being worked, whipped, kicked, and led off on conveyor belts to their deaths create a hatred for this race. So don't expect Namco to hold off on potentially controversial imagery. But if only the plot were this simple...

In the end, as RPGs do go, the world will be saved. But Tales of Symphonia will make you feel scorn, betrayal, shock, and countless other emotions until the final riveting ending sequence. While the game may draw on simple corny sayings (and also quip about them during the game)you will find yourself trying to get to the next section of the game much like trying to finish up a well-written book.

Because that what Tales of Symphonia does to you. It lets you do your badass moves and draws you into potentially the best plot and character development seen on an RPG yet.

Easily a 10 out of 10.

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Fun and loving!

Author: pro_artist from United States
20 December 2007

The gameplay is so fun and makes sure it won't leave disappointed even after you've played through the game once. It's really fun to perfect your attacks and combos. The magic spells look great and simple even if it's short termed. Most of the battles end quick so you don't have to wonder how long when the battles' gonna be over. It feels like you're rewarded for playing the game most of the time. but I think the beginning gets boring after the first play through. But in the later game, it gets fun once again.

The characters look great even though their clothing is a little odd. There are mixed opinions about the characters but they are likable to me. The story isn't exactly what you call original but I like the characters so much, I don't care if the story is bad or not. Although some characters don't have a big enough role.

This game has the best gameplay i've ever experienced so far and my first tales game ever.

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Best. RPG. Ever

Author: jon_lajoie from Australia
3 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've debated for some time about whether to post a comment on this game or not. Never being a big fan of the Final Fantasy RPG's, I found solace in more unconventional RPG's like Super Mario RPG, or extremely popular ones, like Pokemon, because back in the day, you would have to be living under a rock to not know who those critters were. Until one day, when a chance run into my city's Toys 'R' Us led me to the discovery of this game. I have to admit, I had never heard of this game until the day I bought it, but I was glad I did, because the result was an epic adventure filled with intrigue and mystery.

The game starts off with the premise of a young girl, named Colette Brunel, her friends Lloyd Irving and Genis Sage, who had been banished from the town of Iselia for breaking a peace treaty with our main antagonists, the Desians, Raine Sage, a professor at the Iselia school and The mysterious Kratos, a mercenary who saved Colette from the Desian s early in the game. Colette has been assigned the task of regenerating the world under the title of 'The Chosen One' Whereby she must act as a human sacrifice, by becoming an angel, more specifically, reborn as the Goddess Martel, who left the world with an edict: "You must wake me for if I should sleep, the world will be destroyed." In order save the world of Sylvarant from destruction....or so it would seem.

The game often forces the player to challenge their own beliefs, as the conversations and interactions with other players in the game deal with many issues, including acceptance of family, indifference, racism loneliness, crime and punishment, and the ideals of good and evil. This interactions make the game more exciting as many conversations are intelligent and maturely handled. (There are a few exceptions.)

The battle system is also quite unique, allowing players to move freely in a small field and choose which monsters to fight. The Special Moves look amazing (Indignation, Rising Phoenix), and some characters, through the unique unison attack system, are able to combine attacks for even more awesome moves (Prism Stars, Lightning Tiger Blade)

This is the kind of game that will get you back into playing video games; it reminded me why I used to love playing video games, and truth be told, I could go on for another 20 lines about how awesome this game is to me, but I'll finish this with the ending, which is so perfect, it makes me want to play it again...and again...and again. Top notch work from an underrated series of games.

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Amazing Game

Author: MK from Canada
30 April 2006

Namco hit the jackpot with this one. An amazing detailed storyline combined with an incredibly addictive (You'll WANT to fight monsters) battle system and some great RPG elements make this game a joy to play over and over again. 8 Playable characters give this game amazing re-play value, since you'll want to play as all your characters and learn all their individual techniques. You can even have a friend join in during battle fights, taking direct control over a character's movements. The hand-drawn anime cut-scenes are amazing. It really adds to the epic tale that this game is. The voice acting is also amazing. You can tell the actors really put an amazing effort into the game. It feels very realistic, from listening. I have wasted countless hours on this game, and it was worth it. My favorite game on the Gamecube by far.

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you are correct

Author: Icarus ( from Canada
10 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

See the main Comment on this bored is correct but they also leave out that on Tales of Symphonia there is a place called Asgard and it was known to be the place of the gods and there is a place called Niflheim which can only be entered through a black book in Sybak Library after you have obtains the Past, Present, and Future stones in Lord Mithos/Yggdrasill therefor they use not just Yggdrasill name but also the other two... I have yet to go down into the dungeon but I have heard only by rumors that it is the hardest place you will ever go through. there are many side quest that you can do I highly recommend that you do them because it does very much open your mind and help you understand the Characters background as so on my game Lloyd and Sheena are accually dating...Crazy i know but it was a miss hap but all the same its still cool...Also getting the Characters Castumes are fun to do too they include short missions some of them but its worth it Anywho Keep it Real

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Author: KTreeguardian from United States
25 February 2005

This game is truly amazing. Its not like a play-by-play story where you can predict everything that happens. You cant always know who is on your side and suddenly who is the worst villain. The battle-system is cool and you can have MANY options for fighting and learn new techniques. If you want, you can also set it to multi-player. Then you can play with your buddies. The bosses are awesome and have you wanting to fight more. Also, you can set the mode you want for game play if they are too easy or too tough for you. The storyline is dramatic and touching and has a humorous side of everything. You make the choices. The characters soon have you attached to them. Best RPG I ever played. Seriously, if you have a GC this is definitely considered an option. Take this!

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My controller melted to the shape of my hands

Author: kratos_aurion_ from Canton
12 September 2004

Like others have said, I was a little suspicious of this game at first. I saw the game cover and thought that Lloyd was a Vash the Stampede rip-off. Also from

other anime-based games I think I was rightly leery. But indeed, this game is AMAZING! There are the typical RPG clichés but there is nothing original these days anyhow. There are enough plot twists to make you refuse to put the

controller down and shut the system off. The characters are dynamic, graphics and sound are spectacular. If you're not convinced, rent it and you'll be


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A Great RPG that is enjoyable for everyone

Author: blubarre90 from New York
30 July 2004

At first...I had no intention of playing this game once I saw the graphics were anime..not FFX. I then noticed my brother playing it and I thought it looked pretty good...sooner or later...I was addicted.

The game has everything that is needed in a RPG...a good storyline, a battle system that is so much fun and so much more! You get attached to the characters and learn to love them. Not to mention this game is hilarious...the skits and the conversations between them are just too funny.

The game is about 80 hours long..if you do everything..including side quests and it is worth the money! I enjoyed playing this game and I would love to play it for another 10 times!

So what are you waiting for? GO OUT AND BUY THIS GAME!!!

It wont disappoint you like other RPGs..(FFX-2..)


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