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Great WWE pay-per-view

Author: rvd_500 from staffanstorp
6 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

SummerSlam was a pay-per-view that excitement and questions to both RAW & Smackdown

Match 1: Spike & Dudley Boyz vs. Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman & Paul London Mysterio, Kidman & London look good as usual. London is with Shelton Benjamin & RVD on of the best athletes in the WWE. Kidman is great too. The cruiser weight action light up this match. By the way if the Dudleys would lose Spike would lose his cruiser weight title to whoever picked up the pin. But nobody did. First, after Kidman B-K Bombed Spike, Bubba broke up the pin. Then, when Mysterio hit the 619 & Kidman the Shooting Star Press (the coolest move today), D-Von pulled Mysterio out of the ring. Dudleys win after an illegal 3-D.

Rating: 4/5

Match 2: Matt Hardy vs. Kane. Til' Death Do Us Part Match.

What happened was that Lita was pregnant. And the child wasn't Matt's. It was Kane's... This leads into a match between Matt & Kane, and the winner would marry Lita the next night on RAW. Matt totally dominates the entire match, and after a Twist Of Fate, Kane gets his foot on the bottom rope. Kane then hits a choke slam from the top rope. Incredible choke slam.

Rating: 3/5

Match 3: Booker T vs. John Cena.

This was the first out of five matches to decide who would be the United States Champion. When Booker turned heel, i knew it wasn't going to work out. And it didn't. He turned heel because he didn't like Smackdown. What the!? Cena picks up the first win in the series.

Rating: 1/5

Match 4: Edge vs. Chris Jericho vs. Batista. Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat.

The Toronto crowd is weird. I mean, they boo Edge in his own hometown! Anyway, this was like any other Triple Threat Match. Two wrestlers in the ring, while th other one recovers on the outside. A dropkick from Edge takes five years to get up from! Edge retains.

Rating: 2/5

Match 5: Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero.

A match featuring both Kurt Angle & Eddie Guerrero has to be great. The match at Wrestlemania XIX was great. The LumberJack Match three weeks after SummerSlam was great. But Angle is a little slower after his neck surgery. Both can do better, but this is great.

Rating: 3/5

Match 6: Triple H vs. Eugene.

Finally, Triple H isn't in the main event! The Toronto crowd once again makes no sense. They actually boo Eugene and cheer for Triple H! Wow, it really is Bizarro World. Anyway, Eugene hits Triple's Pedigree, but Flair puts his foot on the bottom rope. Triple gives Eugene his first ever pin fall loss in the WWE.

Rating: 1/5

Match 7: Diva dodge ball.

Get a life! What is this! This isn't wrestling! dodge ball isn't wrestling! I'm sorry, i just can't give this a good rating.

Rating: 0/5

Match 8: Undertaker vs. John Bradshaw Layfield. WWE Championship.

I like Undertaker and not JBL. But JBL is simply better in this match. He is smarter than the Undertaker, and wrestles better than him the entire match. This match was rather slow, and just like every other JBL match the ref gets knocked out and Orlando Jordan interferes. JBL nails Undertaker with the belt, but Jordan puts the KO:d referees hands down too slow. Taker gets disqualified after the ref saw him hit JBL with the belt. Taker then destroys JBL.

Rating: 3/5

Match 9: Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton. World Heavyweight Championship.

Chris Benoit is great. Orton is not. But this match is in the top three matches of 2004. Can't really say so much about this match, just great. Orton wins without Evolution interference. Evolution then destroys Orton after his rematch with Benoit the next night on RAW.

Rating: 5/5

Good: The main event and the opener were great.

Bad: The Diva dodge ball was so unnecessary/Triple H vs. Eugene/Booker's heel turn

SummerSlam Rating: 4/5

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Orton makes history.

Author: Ethan_Martin from United States
15 April 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First Match: The Dudley Boyz vs Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, and Paul London. Rule of thumb, starting a PPV with a Mysterio match is a guaranteed winner. I miss Billy Kidman so much, he has the best Shooting Star Press in the history of wrestling. I love The Dudleyz as heels because I find their trash talk hilarious. A good match to start the show. Rating: 3.5/5

Second Match: Kane vs Matt Hardy, "Till Death Do Us Part" match where the winner will marry Lita. Oh boy, it's one of those "People as Property" matches. While I liked their match at Vengeance the month before this, this match was so one-sided it wasn't even funny. Kane beats Hardy so quickly and the story was just "Who cares?" levels of ridiculous by this point that the crowd was almost non-existent. The match is watchable though, mostly due to it being only 6 minutes. Rating: 3/5

Third Match: John Cena vs Booker T, Match #1 in a Best-of-Five Series for the WWE US Championship. Oh White Rapper John Cena, it's hilarious to watch these old matches knowing how far you've come. This match exists. It's over in 6 minutes, there's not a lot of action, and it's the first match of a series which isn't all that suspenseful. Like the previous match though, it is watchable, but mostly due to it being so short. Rating: 3/5

Fourth Match: Edge vs Batista vs Chris Jericho, Triple Threat match for the Intercontinental Championship. This is where the crowd starts to hijack the show. Also there's a guy with an "Edge Sucks" sign, only it's spelled "Edje",and the "J" is backwards. Despite the short match time, and the weird crowd, the match manages to be pretty good. Certainly not the best triple threat match, but a good one. Rating: 3.5/5

Fifth Match: Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero. The sequel to their Wrestlemania classic. While not as good as their Wrestlemania match, it does tell a great story. Another "Reality Check" match for not only Guerrero fans, but Guerrero himself. No matter what Eddie does, he gets out-wrestled by Angle and can't outsmart him like he did previously. A great match in terms of story-telling and selling an onslaught of submission holds. Rating: 4/5

Sixth Match: HHH vs Eugene. This match felt a lot longer than 14 minutes, in a bad way. Eugene gets way too much offense, and Hunter has to be on the receiving end of some stupid moves, thus making himself look very stupid. And yes, while HHH does win, it's mostly due to a distraction and unfortunately he didn't live up to his promise of ending Eugene's career. Rating: 2.5/5

Seventh Match: JBL vs The Undertaker, WWE Championship. I miss that old belt design so bad. This is also where the crowd goes completely off the rails and barely cares about what's going on in the match. But whatever, the match is a decent brawl, even with Orlando Jordan (remember him?) interfering too much for my liking. The ending of the match is lame, but Bradshaw gets the tar beaten out of him by Taker after the match, which helps. Also Bradshaw has the sickest clothesline in the history of ever. I wonder if he's ever broken someone's neck with it? Rating: 3.5/5

Eighth Match: Chris Benoit vs Randy Orton, World Heavyweight Championship. Holy cow this match is awesome. It's such a surreal moment to see Orton, who prior to this was billed as a heel, wrestle Benoit one-on-one without any help from his buddies in Evolution. The wrestling is fantastic, Benoit is on fire, Orton beats Benoit clean, and makes history by becoming the youngest person to ever win the World Heavyweight Championship; a record that was never beaten. Benoit could not have lost the title in a better match, to a more deserving opponent. And the handshake after the match is an absolute class act by one of the greats. Rating: 5/5

Final Rating: 7 out of 10. Even though WWE will never again say who Orton beat to make history, the show is still really good, even if only for that match. Just skip Eugene's match, and you have a great show.

R.I.P. Chris Benoit


R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero

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Had some weak matches, but turned out Excellent

Author: jts0405 from United States
11 January 2009

Match 1: The Dudley Boyz vs Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman & Paul London - A well needed opener for this show. A great chemistry of power from Bubba Ray and D-Von along with a great display of high flying from Spike Dudley, Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman and Paul London. The cruiserweights took the fight to the Dudleys with their speed. It didn't pay off, because after all of it the Dudley Boyz took the win.

Match 2: Kane vs Matt Hardy - Not a bad match. This was to determine who was marrying Lita. Matt Hardy was fighting off Kane with all he really had left over from their Vengeance encounter. Kane dominates with his power moves, while Hardy uses his showman like persona to carry some competition out of the powerhouse Kane. In the end Kane lands a chokeslam for the win and he ends up marrying Lita later that year.

Match 3: John Cena vs Booker T - This was the first match in a Best of 5 series for the vacant United States title. Not really a bad match from these two, but more of a mediocre match instead. They carry a somewhat OK match that lasts a little over five minutes. Cena hits an FU for the win and he advances over Booker in the series.

Match 4: Edge (c) vs Chris Jericho vs Batista in a Triple Threat match for the Intercontinental Championship - Batista has been billed as a huge powerhouse since joining Evolution, at this point he really wasn't known for his wrestling skills or in ring ability. He looked pretty horrible in this particular match. Once we got to Edge and Jericho just fighting each other it got a little more interesting. Pedictably we see Edge retain in the end. Mediocre match once again.

Match 5: Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero - Top notch match once again from these two. They both had some impressive battles in 2004. Angle continuously works on Eddie's ankle, which gives him the edge in the end. Guerrero uses his usual tactics in the ring and it makes for a pretty great match. In the end Angle makes Guerrero tap out to his signature ankle lock.

Match 6: Eugene vs Triple H - Fairly lousy match from these two. Triple H takes on Eugene because he cost him his chance to regain the World Championship from Chris Benoit at the previous Vengeance event. The longer the match went it looked more and more lackluster. Triple H wasn't even able to beat Eugene on his own, he needed to help of Ric Flair to beat this guy. Triple H should try winning matches on his own for a change instead of relying on Flair all the time. In the end he lands a pedigree on Eugene for the win.

Match 7: Team Dream vs Team Diva in Diva Dodgeball - Uh interesting stuff at best. The Team Dream wins.

Match 8: JBL (c) vs Undertaker for the WWE Championship - JBL proves why he is such a horrible wrestler once again. The only reason this match is considerably average is do to the Undertaker carrying JBL and his terrible wrestling skills. Undertaker reveals a whole lot about JBL and his bad wrestling skills in this match. It was a pretty lousy WWE title match on this big of an event. The ending isn't clear cut, but it is also very entertaining to see JBL get put through his limo.

Match 9: Chris Benoit (c) vs Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship - Benoit was in the same spot that his challenger was in, only at Wrestlemania XX. The match was better than the WWE Championship encounter before it. Orton shines bright in this one, showing a ton of promise as a main eventer. Benoit proves that he was a great Champion for as long as he held it, taking the fight to his young challenger. In the end Orton lands an RKO to claim the gold and be noted as the youngest World Champon in history. Too bad he didn't hold it that long.

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The best Summerslam I have ever watched

Author: kliko400 from Australia
8 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was definitely the best Summerslam I have ever watched FIRST MATCH- DUDLEY BOYS & SPIKE DUDLEY VS. PAUL London, BILLY KIDMAN & REY MYSTERIO IN A 6 MAN TAG TEAM MATCH Great action & a fine opener as well. Both these teams put on a great 6-man wrestling match. Dudley Boys & Spike Dudley get the win after the Dufley Boys nail a 3-D on Billy Kidman for the victory. 5/10 SECOND MATCH- KANE VS. MATT HARDY IN A TILL DEATH DO US A PART MATCH Believe it or not this match was really good, definitely better than there boring match at Vengeance. Kane wins after a Super-Chokeslam off the top rope on Matt Hardy to win & Lita now has to be his wife {LOL}. 5/10 THIRD MATCH- JOHN CENA VS. BOOKER T IN MATCH 1 OF THE BEST OF 5 SERIES FOR THE WWE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHP This was a very good match, great wrestling action from both of these guys. John Cena wins Match 1 Of The Best Of 5 Series for the United States Title after an F-U on Booker T. 6/10 FOURTH MATCH- EDGE VS. CHRIS JERICHO VS. BATISTA IN A TRIPLE-THREAT MATCH FOR THE WWE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP Not bad, not bad. Off course Chris Jericho & Edge are the ones who made this match good. Batista was just getting beaten up by these guys. Edge retains his IC Title after nailing a Spear on Jericho. 5/10 FIFTH MATCH- KURT ANGLE W/ LUTHER REIGNS VS. EDDIE GUERRERO You can always expect a good match from these guys especially after their match at Wrestlemania XX. Although their match at Wrestlemania XX was better this was still a good match which Kurt Angle won after making Eddie tap out to the Ankle Lock. 5/10 SIXTH MATCH- TRIPLE H W/ RIC FLAIR VS. EUGENE When I watched this match I was really surprised that it was a great match. Of course not the best but really good. Eugene put up a great fight but after getting distracted by Ric Flair & Willam Regal brawling at ringside, he turns around only for HHH to nail the Pedigree on him for the win. 5/10 SEVENTH MATCH- JBL W/ ORLANDO JORDAN VS. UNDERTAKER FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP Wow this match was really good as well. Great effort from both JBL & Undertaker. JBL retains his title after Undertaker got disqualified by the referee for hitting JBL with his own WWE Belt. After the match Undertaker goes berserk & nails a Last Ride on JBL through his limo {Awesome}. 5/10 EIGHT MATCH- DIVA DODGEBALL It's the Raw Search Divas vs. Raw Superstar Divas. Not bad but it's cool to see the Divas getting some fun in the Summerslam PPV event as well. Raw Search Divas get the win. After the game a brawl between Victoria & Trish ensures which leads to all Divas trying to break up the fight. 3/10 NINTH MATCH- RANDY ORTON VS. CHRIS BENOIT FOR THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP This was also a good mainevent match. Great take down & submission holds by both men. In the end Orton nails a RKO out of nowhere to pin Benoit & become the youngest World Champion in the history of the WWE. 6/10 This was the best Summerslam PPV event I have ever watched. It definitely is the third best Smackdown & Raw joint PPV of the year {The other best two are Royal Rumble & Wrestlemania XX}.

Overall: I'll give it a 8/10 & a B+

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Summerslam 2005 was better

Author: movieman_kev from United States
14 September 2005

Match 1) Spike Dudley and the Dudleys Vs. Rey Mysterio, Paul London and Kidman. I found this match pretty long and boring. Not really giving two s#!+s about any of the wrestlers (excluding Mysterio of course) didn't help matters. As bland and boring as it was, it wasn't the worst of this pay per view. The Dudleys won but does anyone care? 3/10. They plays clips from Monday night Raw on how the next match/ love feud came about. Match 2) Matt Hardy Vs. Kane for Lita's pregnant hand in marriage with Kane's baby. Kane ceased being cool when he lost his mask and the dropped the hideously scarred face plot line, so I really wasn't looking forward to this match that much. Kane wins after an amazing choke slam, the only notable thing of the match. This causes Lita to run away 3/10. John Cena interrupts an interview with Randy Orton. Man I hate Cena. Match 3) Booker T Vs. wigger John Cena. After a lousy match, Cena wins 2/10.Theo Long and Eric Bischoff talk. Match 4) Batista Vs. Chris Jericho Vs. Edge in a Triple Theat Matchin a good match, then again it might have only looked good because of the lameness that came bore. 4/10. A promo for "Hard Knocks: the Chris Benoit Story" is shown. Match 5) Eddie Guerro Vs. Kurt Angle Good Ole' Kurt rarely disappoints in his matches and this one was no exception. Both are very capable technical wrestlers and it shows. Angle wins in one of the few bright spots of this PPV. 8/10. Clips of the events leading up to the next event are shown Match 6) Triple H beats Eugene in an alright match. Not really a Eugene fan. 5/10. Match 7) Diva Dodgeball. God the horror, the horror. Worse then a women's match (if such a thing is even possible) Simply horrid 0/10. Match 8) Undertaker Vs. JBL, after a good lengthy match JBL wins via disqualification, but Undertaker isn't done pummeling JBL yet. 8.5/10. Paramedics tend to JBL and cart him away. Commercial for Wrestlemania 21. Match 9) Randy Orton Vs. Chris Beniot. I like Orton's Motorhead theme song. Orton wins in a pretty tight match, becoming the World Champion. not the best match, but in the top 3 of the night 8/10

My Overall Grade:C-

DVD Extras: 11 Summerslam Promos; Behind the scenes of said promos; 3 clips from the Sunday Night Heat before the PPV; Evolution reacting to Orton's Victory; Eddie Guerrero consoling Benoit after his match; The Diva contestants being interviewed; and Trailers for the Gamecube game "Day of Reckoning", "Cheating Death, Stealing Life: the Eddie Guerrero Story", & "Vengence 2004"

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Summerslam 2004

Author: wrestlingsitewebmaster from England
16 July 2005

A good PPV.

Match 1 pitted The Dudley Boyz including Spike against Rey Mysterio, Paul London and Kidman in a very good opener. Next up John Cena battles Booker T in a poor contest. Cena wins but I don't care!

Next up one of the most pathetic angles ever takes place. The Diva Dodgeball competition! OK I know Trish had a broken hand but why not have Victoria vs Molly for the No 1 contender for Trish's title? Then Edge puts his Intercontinental Championship on the line as he faces Batista and Chris Jericho in a triple threat match. Somehow this doesn't live up to the billing. Next up Kane beats Matt Hardy in a good 'till death do us part match'. This means that Kane and Lita had to get married.

Next up John 'Bradshaw' Leyfield takes on The Undertaker in a boring match. This was obvious when the Canadian crowd started doing the Mexican Wave! One interesting note is a fan tried to ruin the limousine roof angle, where Taker chokeslammed JBL on the limousine. Security got him and threw him out of the building. This went ahead and the angle was poor.

Then Eugene takes on Triple H in a comedy match. Yes you read that correctly, Triple H was not in the main event! Triple H won of course. Next up Kurt Angle battles Eddie Guerrero in a very good contest.

Then we are treated to the main event, pitting Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit against Randy Orton. Orton won a very good contest with a RKO from nowhere.

Overall not bad!

Six man tag match -7.5/10 Y2J vs Edge vs Batty - 4/10 Cena vs Booker T - 5/10 HHH vs Eugene - 6/10 Kane vs Hardy - 7.5/10 Diva Dogdeball - 1/10 Angle vs Guerrero - 9/10 JBl vs Taker - 5/10 Orton vs Benoit - 8.5/10

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Great PPV(spoilers).

Author: goforthesilvergophers from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
21 August 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was definitely a great PPV with lots of good matches. Here is my review.

6-man tag. DUDLEYS vs Kidman, London, and Mysterio. A good way to kick things off. As usual the dudleys are seemingly lacking the flair they used to have but still a good match. Rather bland ending though. 7 out of 10.

Matt Hardy vs Kane, winner marries Lita. This match was just brutal. WWE really needs to give kane back his mask. 5 out of 10.

Cena vs Booker T. 1st out of best of five series. Why is this match on PPV?

Oh well. Still a good match that really made up for the last one. Booker seemed in my opinion, to be having some trouble doing his moves. 6 out of 10.

Edge vs Y2J vs Batista. Triple threat for IC title. Very weird how Edge was booed in his hometown. Not the best triple threat match, but still a good one. It seemed that there was never a scene where all three men were in the ring at once. 7 out of 10.

Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero. Awseome match. Very technical. Kurt seemed to be at the top of his game here and Eddie was not that far behind. Was not predicting Eddie tapping out though. I thought the angle slam would put him away. 9 out of 10.

HHH vs Eugine. This match would have been 10 times better if they made it a NO DQ match (I am not copying material, I just have the same thoughts). Eugine is not a good wrestler, he is just really entertaining. I laughed so hard when he did the stunner. Good match. 8 out of 10

Diva dodgeball. Good grief this was stupid. 1 out of 10.

Undertaker vs JBL WWE championship. I thought this match was going to suck but I was wrong. Undertaker was 100% on the top of his game. As usual JBL sucks. Disappointing ending with the DQ and all. However I did love it when JBL was put through the roof of his limo. 8 out of 10.

Chris Beniot vs Randy Orton. Match of the night. This match proved to me that Orton deserves the belt (although Beniot is my favorite wrestler). Unbelievable performance by both men. Surprised that Orton got the clean win. 10 out of 10.

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Pretty good pay per view

Author: Steve Donnachie from United States
28 May 2005

Summerslam has always been a pretty good card. This one had a few weak matches but overall it was a pretty good pay per view.

1. Paul London,Billy Kidmen,Rey Mysterio vs the Dudley Boyz and Spike Dudley. This match was a classic example of speed vs Power. It started out pretty boring at first but then when the match began to speed up then it got better. London and Kidman are a overrated team. Mystero is still good to watch. The Dudleys need to add more speed to there matches. They appeared to have put on a few pounds in this match and that wasn't a good thing. Spike proved to be a pretty weak heel. Not the best match on the Summerslam card but not the worst. 4/10 2.Kane vs Matt Hardy. Well this match was kind of slow at first and the fans seemed not to care much that Kane dominated this match. This would be the last WWE pay per view for Matt Hardy following the whole Lita/Edge affair. Hardy put on a good match and Kane seemed to be enjoying being the heel and not the face. I won't tell ya whats gonna happen in the end. I give this match 7/10.

3. John Cena vs Booker T. Not a bad match. COuld have been worse. Booker T proved he was the better wrestler in this match but the fans for some reason think Cenas gimmick is what makes him a good wrestler. WRONG. Cena may be good on the mic but take that away people wouldn't cheer the guy. Cena barely came out of this match alive. Still not the best match but not the worse. 6/10.

4. Edge vs Y2J vs Batista. Pretty good match. A lot of heat for Edge from the fans. His hometown fans. Anyways Batista looked really slow in this match. It got good when Edge and Y2J got it on. Pretty good match. 5/10.

5. Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero. Awesome match. Angle and Guerrero show fans the way a wrestling match should be. Less punching and kicking,more holds and fast paced speed. Angle proved why he is the better wrestler in the WWE today. I give this match a 9/10.

6. HHH vs Eugenne. OK match. But it got boring fast and predictable. Anoother HHH victory after getting help from Ric Flair. HHH needs to try to win a match for once by himself.

7. Undertaker vs JBL. Not a good match at all. This was the slowest match of all and JBL proved why he can't wrestle. Undertaker had to carry JBL through this match who looked to have also put on more weight. This match got slower at the end and the outcome of this match proved why the WWE writers are getting desperate. this match will never be as good as matches like Kurt Angle vs Chris Beniot Brock Lesner vs Undertaker. 1/10 8. Randy Orton vs Chris Beniot. Pretty good match. Fast paced. There were a few missed spots and it started what was the shortest world title reign ever of Randy Orton. Still it was nice to see a clean match where are no wrestlers interfering. Chris Beniot proved why he was a great champion. 9/10.

Good pay per view. Not the best but not the worst

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A good show with some bad matches

Author: Max Brand3 ( from Toronto
10 November 2004

I was very fortunate to watch Survivour Series this past Summer and this one PPV. It wasn't a bad show overall. There were some matches no one even cared for and they were matches that definitely was interest to some people. Toronto is a major hot bed for wrestling that's been around for over 50 years and it certainly had it's share of good stars worldwide coming there through the years. The WWE has certainly been a great support of the wrestling scene in Toronto and on this PPV the fans itself made that show even though we have the right to cheer or boo the kind of matches we like and don't like. The JBL & Undertaker match was the worst on the card and everyone in attendance didn't take interest in watching it and to show their protest they did the wave which the camera's didn't bother showing to the crowd. Many reports began complaining that the fans didn't care about the match but as I mentioned we the the fans have the right to boo or cheer on any match we like or don't like.

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A respectable PPV

Author: Gary Ballance from Dublin, Ireland
16 August 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spoilers WWE's second biggest pay-per-view of the calendar year is SummerSlam and it has been since the event began back in 1988. After WrestleMania, SummerSlam is the next big event of WWE's year. This is how they should have hyped this year's event, not, as they insisted on reminding us every two minutes, that it was WWE's version of the Summer Games. That's rubbish. There have been Olympic Games in 1988, 1992, 1996 and 2000 and WWE/WWF has never attempted to cash in. I was disappointed that they had to rely on this to hype the PPV.

That said, the 2004 SummerSlam event took place in Toronto, Canada in the Air Canada centre (referred to several times in the course of the night by Jerry Lawler and Tazz as "bizarro world", due to the intelligent fans' response to certain matches or situations.) An animated live crowd always bolsters a live PPV. Look what Brock/Goldberg would've been like without the fan heat. Anyway, on with the matches.

Match 1- The Dudleyz (Bubba, D-Von and Spike) vs Rey Mysterio, Paul London and Billy Kidman. This was the obvious choice for the opener and was an enjoyable and exciting match. Kidman and London are an excellent pair and it's great to finally have them as a fixture on Smackdown. Great also is the heel turn of Spike Dudley. He's a natural and is doing very well in his new role as leader of the Dudleys. This was a fine match with some great action- pity the crowd wasn't really into it. The Dudleys won with a 3D on Kidman.

Match 2- Kane vs Matt Hardy, v1.0. A much better encounter than their previous one at Vengeance, but that's not saying a lot. This feud is absolutely ludicrous and benefits no-one involved in it. This is the 2004 Al Wilson or Katie Vick. This is sensationalist Vince Russo-esque soap-opera booking and, as I said in my review of Vengeance, it stinks of Stephanie McMahon's involvement. The completely implausible stipulation was that Lita would marry the winner. Whatever. Decent enough match, it has to be said, with Matt getting a bit more offence this time round. Kane won with a Chokeslam from the second rope, which Matt sold very well. Please kill this feud.

Match 3- John Cena vs Booker T (1st in a Best of 5 Series for the US Title.) WWE really dropped the ball on this by making this the first in the series thus it had no suspense whatsoever and means little. There was nothing in this match to set it apart from previous encounters between these two. It was decent enough. Cena got a win out of nowhere with his FU. I hope they have a few different types of matches in the series- watching these two have 5 identical matches doesn't do it for me.

Match 4- Edge vs Chris Jericho vs Batista (Triple Threat for the WWE Intercontinental Title). The big surprise of the night was the reaction of the Toronto fans towards Edge (who is FROM Toronto.) Edge definitely got the most heel heat in this match- even more than Batista! The fans were completely behind Jericho. This was a typical WWE triple threat match with one guy "recovering" on the outside while the other two fight in the ring. (I would advise anyone who wants to see an actual three-way match to track down AJ Styles vs Paul London vs Low Ki from one of Ring of Honour's 2002 shows- excellent stuff.) Anyway, this was quite good, but not as good as the Edge/Jericho match from the previous Raw show. Edge picked up the win anti-climatically with the Spear, adding further to Jericho's PPV loss record. (He did the job here.)Hopefully Edge will turn heel soon as his bland face character is way past stale.

Match 5- Kurt Angle vs Eddy Guerrero. Better than their WrestleMania match, in my opinion. A very enjoyable, psychological match with Angle using the Ankle Lock to wear down Guerrero throughout. The build-up to this match wasn't wonderful, but it was really enjoyable and it was good to see Kurt get a clean PPV win with the Ankle Lock.

Match 6- Triple H vs Eugene. The Canadians didn't take kindly to Eugene and booed him heavily during the course of the match! The match itself was quite poor. I hear Dinsmore is quite a good wrestler but this Eugene character is gonna kill any chance for him to get to show that. I don't agree with him using the finishing moves of other wrestlers- he needs to develop his own style. Triple H should've got a better opponent for this event. I suppose this is fate screwing him over for last year's appalling Elimination Chamber match! Flair and Regal got involved at the end (with Flair loudly cursing into the camera- very funny!) and HHH got the win with the Pedigree. This was rather typical of a feud that was more storyline-based than built around the promise of a potentially good match. (Interesting to see what HHH thinks of this feud: he wasn't wearing his white PPV boots!)

Match 7- John Bradshaw Layfield vs The Undertaker. (WWE Title match.) Better than I expected (keeping in mind I expected this to be utter crap, that's not much of a compliment.) The fans made this match interesting. During a boring resthold sequence, a Mexican wave was started; something I've never seen in my many years watching WWE! The fans also called for the Spanish table to be used, but nothing happened there. Taker got disqualified for hitting JBL with the belt then bloodied him and chokeslammed him through the roof of his limo! The animated crowd sang # Hey-ey-ey good-bye # as JBL was loaded onto the stretcher with Tazz lamenting their lack of compassion. With the amount of "worked" injuries WWE has subjected us to over the years, could you blame the fans for their skepticism?

Diva Dodgeball. Worse than the Kane/Matt/Lita angle on Raw is their mind-numbingly excruciating "Pop Idol" cash-in attempt the Diva Search, where a bunch of girls who can't act or wrestle have been put on our screens for the last X weeks in some of the worst television I have ever seen. In a series of 10 (yes, 10!) painfully unfunny segments, the "Divas" attempted to seduce former WWE "great" Kamala and sell us an ice cream cone. Dreadful stuff. What's the most shocking is that WWE are willing to give the winner a $250,000 contract- more than what the actual female wrestlers are earning. I'd love to know what exactly they're smoking up in Stamford! Anyway, some "genius" thought it would be a good idea to pit the female wrestlers (Trish, Molly, Gail, Jazz, Victoria, Stacy and Nidia) against the Diva Search girls (don't even ask me to remember their names) in a game of dodgeball (an obvious cash-in from the Ben Stiller movie). While I thought the idea was lame, the actual execution of it was a poorly-shot and miserably-timed affair, lasting maybe one minute or so in length. This crap discredits the Women's division entirely. Abysmal.

Match 8- Randy Orton vs Chris Benoit (World Heavyweight Title.) Now onto something good. This was a really enjoyable main event and was definitely one of Orton's best matches yet. Some great action here and an exciting finish as Orton nails Benoit with a beautiful RKO (full marks to Benoit for the selling) and pins him to become the youngest World Champ in history, thus making Lesnar's push redundant and erasing him from the history books! Time will tell as to whether this was too much too soon for the third generation star (he only dropped the IC Title last month) but I believe he should be given his chance in the main event spot as Orton's character has improved hugely this year. Fair play to Benoit for wrestling an excellent match as always. Pity his Title reign has to end.

Without a doubt this year's SS was better than last year's (which in my opinion was absolute poison apart from Angle vs Lesnar). WWE can be reasonably proud of this event and while there's still room for improvement, as the second most important PPV of the year this was a respectable showing.

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