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Frighteningly effective psychological Korean horror tale set in Vietnam War
Joe26 May 2006
War films are usually ten a penny, with similar plots or ideas, but R-Point bucks the trend. The film centres round a mission by a Korean unit during the Vietnam who find themselves haunted by forces they don't know, and progressively end up going mad and self-destructing.

The film blends together what the many things that have been great about Korean cinema. Sharp intelligent written story, beautiful settings and perfect acting are the crux of the movie. The setting could hardly have been any better done, whilst the tone of the movie is well paced to avoid this following into the same trap that many a horror film follow. An original film in many ways, but really it is taking various genres and blending them in them together finely.

I don't want to say too much else I will give too much away, but this is a film to watch, and is the best horror movie I have seen for a while. Shows again why Korean cinema is the best anywhere in the world at the moment. Top notch!
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A new genre of horror film
Musashi Zatoichi19 October 2004
1972, what happened there?

'R-Point' - refers to a once strategically important region in an island 150 km south of HO Chi Minh city. French soldiers were fascinated by the beauty of the island, upon which a leisure facility and a military hospital were built. But the area has a secret past, a haunting curse untold for 30 years.

1st Vietnamese War -1949- 12 French soldiers who were in battle with communist guerrillas went mysteriously missing. A total of 650 people have been reported missing there without any explanation.

2nd Vietnamese War -1972- 9 Korean soldiers went missing in the area. There are accounts of unexplainable radio transmissions sent by the group for 6 months requesting to be rescued.

Are these freak occurrences real or not? The fact is that a gravestone which says 'No return' still stands, marking the entrance of the area. In addition, to this day, there are reported sightings by local people of the girl who was slaughtered mercilessly a long time ago.

The premise of this film is based on a story that has been passed on by oral tradition. Both French and Korean soldiers have gone missing in the area known as R-Point. In 1972, when American forces were being withdrawn from Vietnam, Korean troops eager to go home, dreaming of returning to their family and friends baring American made gifts and earned money from their service, were unexpectedly sent to R-Point on a mission which would prove fatal. Although their desire to return home was everything to them, once they entered the haunted jungles of R-Point, all hopes of coming back alive were lost. It was the living dead in the jungle that would not let them go. To this day, the cursed spirits of dead Korean soldiers roam R-Point, continuing to search for a way out.
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scary but never o-t-t
Mike Keating19 August 2007
Six months prior to the beginning of the film, a group of recon soldiers are sent to "R-Point", a strategically significant island south of Saigon. Radio contact is lost, and they're presumed dead, until six months later ("present day" in the film's sense) radio transmissions are received claiming that the soldiers are alive and in grave danger. A squad of 9 soldiers, led by hardened veteran Lt. Choi, are dispatched to find them and bring them home.

What follows isn't an action-heavy horror movie, but a more tense, atmospheric exploration of the lines between the supernatural and reality. Surrounded by miles of jungle and rumours of ghosts, the soldiers begin to crack under the pressures of their situation and begin to turn on one another. It's difficult to describe what they encounter without making it sound trite or clichéd (R-Point is neither), but the physical pressures of the jungle combined with the psychological pressures of the legends of R-Point are captured brilliantly both by the camera-work and the actors portraying their private descents into madness.

Atmospheric and full of suspense, R-Point is tense, very creepy, and definitely worth watching. It never goes over the top and remains tight and controlled. Horror movies and war movies cross over well, it seems. After is, war is hell, and in R-Point, each soldier certainly goes through that.
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A Interesting Vietnam War Horror Movie
vghb95a3 December 2004
A very unique point-of-view of Vietnam war from the Korean coalition soldiers, with a side of supernatural also. If you like movies such as, "Session 9", "Deathwatch", and "Below" you will like this one, although you will have to read subtitle.

The plot of this movie is very similar to the movie like "Deathwatch".

It is about a group of Korean soldiers sent on a mission to an island with some very bad juju going on. They are there to search for another group of Korean soldiers who have gone missing earlier. Between the Viet Cons, the ghosts, and the phantom American and Korean soldiers, They must keep their sanity if the soldiers want to return alive.

This movie is beautifully shot on location in Vietnam and Cambodia and also includes a building that will reminds you of the hospital in "Session 9". The ensemble cast is very good for their roles. But I do have problem with the filmmaker portrayal of the soldiers during Vietnam war. I truly think a military adviser during the making of this film will make the soldiers more like soldiers and less like boy scouts out on a field trip.
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A genuinely creepy movie....
clouddead-114 April 2007
The plot of R Point revolves around a Korean platoon operating near the end of the Vietnam war. They are sent out to investigate the disappearance of some allied soldiers in/near a ruined fort in Vietnam. Upon arrival it is obvious that the location to which they have been sent is somehow menacing and that the area might be haunted.

This is by no means a Hollywood style, all out horror flick, and for myself this was its strength: The film starts in a fairly relaxed way, but subtly becomes more and more eerie as it progresses. There is no 'turning point' as such in the story, where things go from bad to worse. Instead we have a sense of growing menace and foreboding. The subtlety with which this is achieved is excellent.

The characters are well developed and have distinct personalities of their own rather than behaving like generic 'movie soldiers'. This helps add to the realism as collectively the platoon starts off just fine but gradually descends into a nightmare.

Whilst not especially gory, R point is a genuinely scary flick. There are a number of strange plot twists which keep the viewer wondering exactly where this whole thing is headed. The camera work is also good and the location has been chosen well. The area in which the story unfolds is dark, deserted, seemingly miles from civilisation and has an air of isolation and evil hanging over it.

All in all this goes down as one of my favourite horror films, a sort of blend of Apocalypse Now and Ring with an originality of its own. The film is intelligent, haunting and the characters believable. All in all, definitely worth watching =)
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Creepy as hell.
HumanoidOfFlesh1 March 2007
Vietnam,1972.A troop of South Korean soldiers are urged by a mysterious radio signal to locate a missing patrol unit in the location called R-Point.Finding far more to fear than snipers,these carefully conceived characters,each with his own involving emotional history,discover that the miseries of war aren't confined to the physical territories of the jungle-they also resonate throughout the dark depths of the unknown."R-Point" totally creeped me out.It features some truly scary moments that will linger in the memory of viewer for a long period of time."R-Point" scores most of its points in the last half hour,when the situation escalates into full-blown bloody madness and the final desperate stand-off is a perfect end to the film.Highly recommended.9 out of 10.
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The Next Big Hollywood Remake
Joe Barnes5 July 2005
Low on gore, few special effects and not a single large breasted girl running through a forest. Like many of the best horrors the fear in R-Point comes from what you don't see.

It's a simple premise for a film: a ghostly horror set in the dying days of the Vietnam War. It twists and pant-filling turns are so effective you think surely Hollywood couldn't resist remaking it with a giant budget. And of course they couldn't. Zhang Yimou the director of Hero is already in the process of making an English language version.

A Korean platoon are dispatched to a remote island to investigate the disappearance of nine soldiers, who despite being presumed dead have begun radioing back blood curdling messages to HQ. As usual with these type of things it's not long before a spooky girl with long dark hair turns up on the scene.

Think Blair Witch put in a blender with The Ring and Full Metal Jacket.
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Good job!
hauntedbear5 December 2006
With the right setting, perfect camera angles and some excellent acting you don't need a lot of special effect, blood or lame monster/murderer around corner scenes to make a real good horror film. You wont jump out of your chair to much but throughout the film you always feel that indescribable feeling that only a really good horror movie can communicate. The very first scene sets the mood and they keep it up all the way to the end. The story might not be very unique but really its all a matter of presentation. And this film has really presented it in a very rare and intriguing way. If you want a film you can just watch, scream to and forget the next day this might not be for you. But if you like me really enjoy those films that really gets to you then what are you waiting for?
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Korean version of Apocalypse Now
junghoonlee2131 August 2004
The motif of this movie is similar to that of "apocalypse now". Like this classic movies about Vietnam, R point described the horror which the soldiers confronted at the battle field. Although this movie adopted many things from 'apocalypse now', it shows another type of the horror- in the oriental meaning- "punitive justice". no one would return home if he committed bloody thing. What the soldiers felt as original sin is what they committed in Vietnam. And the curse was cast on them as Chinese troop, french troop, and US troop (they were all the invaders to Vietnam) were "punished".

The director said that he wanted to make this movie as antiwar movie. I think that he oscillated between "horror movie" and "antiwar movie". The plot is monotonous and solders' mental state and personal history were so much omitted that it hard to understand without further information. However, I think that his attempt is relatively successful. I thought much about the deployment of Korean troop to Iraq, after I saw this movie.
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An Original, Scary and Ambiguous Journey to Hell of the Innermost Fear
Claudio Carvalho30 September 2007
On 07 January 2007, the South Korean base in Nah-Trang, Vietnam, receives a radio transmission from a missing platoon presumed dead. The high-command assigns the veteran and decorated Lieutenant Choi Tae-in (Woo-seong Kam) to lead a squad with eight other soldiers and rescue the missing soldiers from the R-Point. When they arrive in the location, they have a shooting and defeat a Vietnamese woman with a machine gun in a trench. Later, they find a tombstone telling that one hundred years ago, Chinese killed Vietnamese, dropped them in a lake and built a temple over the place, being a sacred location to the Vietnamese. While chasing the missing soldiers, weird things happen with the rescue team.

"R-Point" is an original, scary and ambiguous journey to hell of the innermost fear of a group of soldiers. This horror movie explores the supernatural, but its ambiguity allows the logical interpretation that nothing happened but the madness process of a group of stressed soldiers, alone in a creepy and sacred location, affected by the dark atmosphere of the spot and killing each other. An Asian horror movie is my favorite genre due to this type of intelligent screenplay that leaves the interpretation open to the viewers. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Fantasmas da Guerra" ("Ghosts of War")
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a creepy movie that will chill you to the bone
TheOnlyJorge20 November 2007
r-point is a cursed place on a battlefield where something terrible happened over thirty years ago. now a group of soldiers have found this place and are going to stay there while hiding from enemies.

what these soldiers do not know is that this place is haunted by spirits of the past's dead. soon strange things begin happening and the men are not sure what they should do. many do not believe in spirits but what is happening cannot be explained any other way.

r-point is a very scary movie in a non traditional way. it builds suspense and terror slowly by using the soldiers of the present and the ghosts in the past. the results are great, intense, and truly frightening.

if you are a horror fan you need to check this one out, even if you do not like foreign movies. it is a great creepy film.
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Dark and Suspenseful
Muviegirl27 December 2005
I loved this film. The plot was exciting and fresh. I watch so many movies and can figure story lines out pretty fast...but not R Point. I was shocked by the twists and turns in this movie. The ending was not what I expected.

I was expecting a "blood and guts" war movie, but instead I got treated to a psychological thriller. I had to watch the movie twice just to see all of the ghost references and see who was real and who wasn't! I liked the horror within the war theme of R point. I completely recommend this movie to anyone looking for a scary/suspenseful mind-trip!
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Nice horror film from Korea
udar5527 August 2005
This Korean horror film is set towards the end of the Vietnam conflict. I was really impressed by this. The basic plot is that a platoon of Korean soldiers went missing at R-Point, a former French plantation in Vietnam. A new group of soldiers is sent to investigate the disappearance after a radio message is received from the missing squad claiming they are still alive. There are two amazingly creepy scenes in it and, although it owes a lot to John Carpenter's THE THING when it gets down to a few guys left, it keeps up the intensity. The film is also impressive because it is an Asian horror film that made it to Korean theaters and no one has purchased the US remake rights.
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Eery and enjoyable
jade-mail6 August 2006
I enjoyed this movie. Confusion and uncertainty exist in war, so I felt it gave a taste to the viewer of what the troops were going through. If anything, it added to the nightmarish quality. Strange place, scared sh*tless, etc.

Very creepy, lots of tension, great location. I agree with earlier posts, it was reminiscent of The Shining (evil location induces madness and murder).

It won't appeal to everyone (as we all have different tastes) but I find this type of thoughtful horror far more terrifying and disturbing than the usual 'obvious' Hollywood horror - mainly because it invites you to use your imagination (a scary unlimited place!) instead of spelling it all out and tying up the loose ends.
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The best Asian horror movie since Tale of Two Sisters
yhoque827 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I just picked up R-point outta the blue one night when I didn't have much to do. By the end of the movie, I was sh*t scared, and for the next two nights, I went to bed with the light on. Even then, it wasn't easy to sleep. R-point had that kind of an effect on me. It's kind of hard to pinpoint what exactly makes R-point such a creepy film. It doesn't have an abundance of gore. It isn't chock full of special effects, neither does it use cheap shock tactics. However, right from the intro R-point has a quiet sense of dread which slowly but steadily grows over the next one and a half hours, until right before the end when all hell breaks loose. The atmosphere of the movie is superb, as is the acting. Although the soldiers are rarely given much character development, their growing sense of tension and paranoia is superbly paced by the director, and even without the character development, you end up caring for more than one of the soldiers. There is more than one genuinely creepy moment in the movie, with the one standout being when one of the soldiers gets separated from his platoon, but then thinks he sees them right in front of him, moving cautiously forward...he follows them, but we can tell that something is wrong with this platoon of soldiers, that it's not his group...we wait in tension as the soldier makes his way near the group as they move forward in slow motion, and right as he's almost catching up with them, the group of soldiers slowly seem drop down on the long grass...and then they disappear. I know words don't do this scene justice at all...but it was one of the creepiest scenes I've ever seen in a horror movie, right up there with Sadako climbing out of the television set in Ringu. In conclusion, if you're into thoughtful, atmospheric horror movies like Ringu and A Tale of Two Sisters, this should be right up your alley. I know a lot of people in IMDb seemed to have complained that they didn't understand the movie, but I thought it wasn't that hard to understand at all. All in all, R-point is a great movie. Score another point for the Korean movie industry, which keeps churning out excellent movies like Oldboy, Tale of Two Sisters, Failan (which is not a horror movie, but is beautiful nonetheless) and now R-point. HIGHLY recommended.
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Bobhand28 December 2005
I just finished watching this movie and could not wait to let everyone know how much I really enjoyed this film. First, just a confession about the genre... I love Asian films. I do not think they can be compared to American movies. They have their own place in theaters and must be appreciated in a different light. I love the darkness and the very different prospective the filmmakers choose to tell their tale. It seems that R Point has all the makings of a great film...a great plot, solid acting and artful direction.

Set in Vietnam in 1972, a platoon of Korean soldiers are sent to find the whereabouts of missing soldiers only to find themselves haunted and hunted by dead soldiers' ghosts. I DID get grainy/edgy feelings of Apocolpse Now and scary/eerie feelings of The Ring. The acting and directing were strong. This movie is a must see!!!!
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Do not believe the hype this is not a Korean or supernatural Apocalypse Now
dbborroughs6 February 2005
This is being sold as a Korean version of Apocalypse Now. Its not. Other than the plot device of investigating mysterious radio signals there is no similarities at all. Do not believe the hype.

The plot concerns a group of soldiers sent to R-Point to investigate a group radio signals from a group of supposedly dead men. Once they cross the line into the area all sorts of strange things begin to happen and they slowly begin to dwindle in number. Yes, you've probably seen it before in other films, you know the drill a group of men cut off in a strange place where they are hunted by a seemingly supernatural force. Recent films such as the Bunker, or Deathwatch cover similar territory to varying degrees of success.

For most of the running time R-Point works, as a good but not great thriller. There is a slowly building sense of dread as it goes on that thankfully never becomes overwhelming. It's not perfect as most of the men blend together and you really have no idea who is who. The real problem is that around an hour or so in the film starts to not make sense. Events become disjointed and there are some turns that seems out of left field. Granted this is a film that asks you to pay attention as little things early on show up later or give clues to whats going on, so if you look away you may feel lost. I did look away and did feel lost.

I also have reservations about the reasons for events toward the end, they don't seem natural, I suspect this is due to the director attempting to add more weight to the story than a straight horror film could carry. I think the attempts at allegory weaken the film and prevent it from being either a horror film or allegory.

Still I do recommend the film for those people who want to see something creepy but not too scary, and who don't mind it doesn't completely work to the end.
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Another great horror from the Koreans
R-Point is essentially a small horror film that pays homage to such Japanese horrors as The Grudge or The Ring, but then also to classics such as Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket, and is a film I rate highly as an enjoyable and effective wartime ghost story.

A disgraced Lieutenant, a stone cold Sergeant and a literal Dirty Dozen of the South Korean army's VD infected. You can tell that the brass doesn't care whether these men come back or not. They're expendable and the mission is damned from the start anyway. The only reason they're there is the incentive that if they complete the mission, they get to go home.

Their mission is to enter R-Point, a strategic vantage point on an island between South Korea and Vietnam and find the missing men sent there and having disappeared after sending a very strange distress call back to HQ.

R-Point is a cheap little horror film that makes the very most of what it does have to offer, and that is atmosphere and suspense. The visuals are beautiful, the location is beautiful and even if the dialogue is a bit silly at times, the actors do a damn fine job considering I don't know any of them.

From start to finish, R-Point subtly builds tension and atmosphere and plays on the imagination using the power of suggestion, allowing for multiple agendas and outcomes to come of what happens throughout.

Conventionally it doesn't do anything new but admirably improves an old and exploited genre that has seen a small comeback with the likes of Deathwatch and Outpost, relying on human drama, intrigue and multiple strand narratives to keep the audience guessing as to how the end will happen rather than what the outcome will most typically be.

Untypically, its characters are all very different people with complex pasts and concerns in their lives. No one is typically maddened or emotionally disturbed by the war. In fact it is highly suggested that the toughest of the platoon's soldiers are liars who have barely even seen combat and are terrified by the prospect.

Having said all that, I feel that the climax is a bit of a let down, in the sense that so much tension built is spent on revealing the not so clever conclusion. It saves itself by being kind of creepy and I suppose by giving a nod to classic Asian ghost stories. But it seemed like it was going to be different and it gave no real surprises.

Still a fantastic film and very well made but don't hold your breath... if you can help it!
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Long-horned Beetle, do not abandon us.
Ben Larson18 March 2011
Su-chang Kong, who was also a writer on Tell Me Something, wrote and directed this Vietnam War film. Based upon what I have seen, he shows much promise as a director.

The film is supposedly based upon legend about the area. Soldiers - Korean, Vietnames, American, and French - enter the area and never return. Maybe they are paying for their sins.

A Korean unit is sent into the area after us. radio messages are received. Nothing is as it seems. How can the dead send radio messages Will the soldiers end up like all the rest? It is a film of terror and fear. No FX, little gore, and no nudity, It is a cerebral exercise in horror - the horror of war.
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Good creepy war movie
atinder22 February 2010
It's 1972. Six months ago on an island situated south of Ho Chi Minh City and known as R-Point, nine Korean soldiers went missing. A radio transmission requesting help is still heard every evening... Now a rescue party - nine soldiers, has nine days to rescue the missing.

While they are on the mission, they find shocking stuff and some see strange things like ghost in the places.

This is a really good horror movie, it had great atmosphere and really creepy moments, also liked fact the fact , that they showed ghost in daylight, you don;t see that often in horror movies.

I not sure, i don't think the subtitles where 100% rights, if they were, the word D***head was said a lot, which i did find unreal.

Acting from everyone was really good
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Ethereal, sometimes confusing, but with some genuine chills...
Aphex Nobody13 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I really enjoyed R-Point, actually. The Korean War really worked as a setting for a horror film and the locations were just the right side of spooky, even in full sunlight.

I won't go into too much detail, but there are some moments that did unnerve me a little. I don't spook easily, but when the lagging soldier takes the wrong fork in the trail and comes up behind 'his' platoon, I was far more chilled by the lack of anything really happening than some hackneyed 'boo' moment. Like Ringu, The Eye or several other Eastern horror films, R-Point relied more on creating an atmosphere than on gore or 'jumpy' bits.

Acting was very good, and each soldier was believable in their own right - no stupid caricatures here, as are found in many films that place a bunch of squaddies somewhere they don't want to be (often aping, yet never bettering the 'Predator' lineup).

The last section of the film was a little muddled, although there were plenty of things I did like there too. The Americans, for example (again, I won't spoil it).

Really, the only reason this film doesn't score an 8 or a 9 from me is the culture clash prevalent in many Far East films when watched by a Western viewer; some of the plotting/exposition made little sense to me, not having been immersed in the culture at any point in reality.

Well worth a watch, particularly if you like films with atmosphere and a healthy 'creep-factor'.
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Better Than Average Asian Ghost Film
EVOL6663 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a big fan of Asian ghost films. Most of them tend to be derivative of each other and/or dull, but R-POINT has a somewhat original story-line for a ghost film, and it works on most levels.

A group of soldiers have disappeared from the supposedly demilitarized Romeo-Point, and another group is sent in to find out what happened. The requisite "strange happenings" begin, and we watch as the new team is picked off by a strange force that possesses the men...

Not an entirely original concept, but the story behind R-POINT at least mostly shys away from the typical "scary-girl-with-long-black-hair" trappings that many Asian ghost films have fallen into since the success of RINGU and JU-ON. The story-line was relatively engaging in this one and held my interest. A relatively strong entry in a tired genre...7.5/10
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You can't kill the dead, but they can kill you.
Cinema_Fan7 May 2006
Written and directed by Su-chang Kong, his first at directorship, he has delivered a very atmospheric ghost story based around War, as more in the way of a good frightener than a fighting movie. R-Point delivers the goods in a slow, intentional and methodical way, to evolve the viewer in the character and his environment, and then shoot them down with terrifying results.

As with most good ghost stories, a musical score is what is also needed; this is done by the work of Pa-lan Dal. His interpretation of the unsettling atmosphere delivers a chilling tingle down the spine. Even to the point of winning the Grand Bell Award in 2005 for Best Sound Effects.

Based around the early 1970s, and using the Vietnam War as a backdrop, a nine-man team has been pulled together to locate missing comrades, missing on a remote island that uses the military name R-Point. They arrive with the intention that an enemy attack will be non-existent. Being a job that should only take nine days, nine days is all that most will have to remain alive.

The perils of War do not stop when all is dead and buried here, nor are they absent in a zone that was once a massacre site and now a Holly ground, all is not at rest, and the restless are once again being disturbed, and with both bloody and violent consequence.

The beautiful and extremely deadly and devious marshes, woods, caves and Cambodian landscapes are a Cinematographers dream; Hyeong-jing Seok has done a courageous job. This impressive arena not only alienates the Soldiers, but also draws us in to each nightmare scenario that unfolds as we see for ourselves that some can not, and will not, rest in peace.

"Man your radios, I think I can hear some…thing".
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