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The girl could not even remember her mother, who had died when she, her only daughter, was still a child. The girl's only near relative was her step-father, the deacon, who prided himself on "doing his duty" by the girl. He was a highly religious man. When the girl's young fancy was attracted by the attentions of a vulgar drummer, he indignantly made her a prisoner in her room, and without explaining that it was the character of the man he objected to, he simply told the girl she would have to be punished. Feeling that she had been treated like a child, the girl became indignant and ran away. At the railway station, she met, by accident, the fascinating drummer, who, his sales completed, was leaving town on the night train. Learning the girl had no definite destination, he offered to act as her friend and guide. The trusting country girl gratefully accepted his assistance. A year later, a shabby outcast, whose wasted features bore slight resemblance to those of the country girl who ...

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