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Interesting historical documentary of Dalekmania during the 1960's.
Cinema_Fan24 May 2006
Dalekmania, filmed in 1995, is a wonderful 57-minute exposé of the birth and the longevity of the most feared Sci-Fi creations to have landed within our imaginations. Filmed around the concept of two young children going to see a Dr. Who movie, during the sixties, all in 1960's costume. This is a historical time travelling documentary on the Daleks that ventured onto the big screens during those hedonistic years of colour and new horizons of the 1960's.

Starting with a dedication to the memories of Peter Cushing (1913 – 1994) and Roy Castle (1932 – 1994), we see the young Dr. Who fans being dropped of by their mother at the local cinema, after paying their 3/- to the Commissionaire. Michael Wisher, as the Commissionaire, who himself played in ten Dr.Who episodes during the 1970's, even playing the evil Dalek leader Davros, in the 1975 shows Genesis of the Daleks.

Showing the original UK trailers of both Dalek movies, including rare clips of the Italian, French and the USA cinema trailers, this is a neat and plentiful package, with many flashbacks and fond memories for all concerned.

The first person to introduce themselves is Roberta Tovey (1953 -), who played the young Susan in the two Dr.Who movies of 1965 and 1966. With major contributions from the likes of Marcus Hearn, magazine editor for Bizarre & Hammer Horror, Gary Gillatt editor of Doctor Who Magazine, and the man himself, the creator of the Daleks, the late Terry Nation (1930 – 1997). Then we have Barrie Ingham (1934 -) and the attractive Yvonne Antrobus who played Alydon and Dyoni, respectively, in the first movie, adding their historical memories together.

With wonderful nostalgic black and white newspaper cuttings of the London Première of Dr. Who and the Daleks, and the national reports of the Dalek phenomenon, to "Beatle John Lennon meets Dalek" newspaper clippings and photos.

As the Dalek phenomenon took momentum, the plan for the second Dr. Who and the Dalek movie was in full swing, before the first had even been finished.

For the second showing, we meet Jill Curzon, as Louise in Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 A.D., and stuntman and Co-ordinator Eddie Powell (1927 – 2000). Who both give an interesting view on the life of the stuntman and one particular scene in Invasion Earth, who also worked on greats as The Guns of Navarone 1961, to many, many James Bond movies and 1979s Sci-Fi classic Alien, playing the Alien creature itself.

With each individual giving their own unique insight into the two Dalek movies, such as creation, Production, casting, behind the scenes and personal opinions, Dalekmania is truly for the fan of both Dr. Who and the dreaded Dalek.
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A well made, interesting, and very watchable informative film
oscar-3521 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
*Spoiler/plot- Dalekmania, 1995. Film clips and interviews with the people involved in the Doctor Who 1960's feature films and the exploration of the collectible market growing out of the film's social impact and commercial success.

*Special Stars- Cast and crew of the two Doctor Who feature films from the early 60's.

*Theme- The movie business is showbiz and commerce.

*Trivia/location/goofs- British, documentary. Clips and interviews are included.

*Emotion- A well made, interesting, and very watchable informative film about this topic. Fun to see the actors and crew members put into context the production decisions to get these film's into the public consciousness. The film also tracks the legacy of the Doctor Who TV and film notoriety through the years since it is the longest running TV show in history and is continuing today on BBC America.
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