Becoming Jane (2007) Poster


Plot Keywords

jane austen love
country estate lady
lawyer judge
estate writer
english country dance deaf and dumb
mute uncle niece relationship
contessa reading
unconsciousness knocked out
library forest
death of fiancé fiance fiancee relationship
castle drinking
drink fight
older woman younger man relationship potato
swimming hunting
hunter rector
prostitute balcony
seashore beach
cousin cousin relationship rain
mirror court
aunt nephew relationship uncle nephew relationship
brother sister relationship brother brother relationship
falling asleep horse riding
horse stiltwalker
juggler farm
livestock rifle
gun pastor
pig dog
vicar husband wife relationship
family relationships writing
wedding marriage
irish dancer
mother daughter relationship father daughter relationship
women's liberation women's rights
flash forward montage
song singing
singer opera singer
marriage proposal gambling
fire eater horse and carriage
woods letter
celebration public reading
novelist book
cricket the game dance
anger maid
courtroom boxing match
wealth church
upper class sermon
pianist voice over narration
rural setting empire fashion
kiss public humiliation
male rear nudity bare butt
male nudity party
love declaration public nudity
skinny dipping embarrassment
london england voyeurism
nudity unrequited love
sign language poverty
piano parish
heartbreak georgian
georgian romance england
elopement death
dancing candle
boxing star crossed lovers
sister sister relationship minister
independence class differences
betrayal artist
country life author
1790s character name in title

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