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Reviews & Ratings for
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94 out of 180 people found the following review useful:


Author: nitrocigarette from United States
12 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was enticed by these trailers and posters, promising what looked like extremely realistic combat and a historically accurate storyline. Upon entering the movie, however, I was terrified with what I saw. First off, the colors were all wrong. Although there were no cameras in the time of Sparta, I highly doubt that life looked so saturated and bronze. Also, I don't think all of the men could have been so unbelievable ripped, in times before inventions like the Bowflex. The scene depicting the child fighting the wolf, also highly unbelievable. How could a 7 year old look so old?!? And survive in the snow for a long time in just a diaper. Plus, I don't think that wolves' eyes actually can glow...

My next beef was when Leonidas kicked the messenger into the whole. Holes, no matter how deep they may be, have an end. These messengers appeared to fall for an eternity...what must have been miles deep. BS. by now I was getting extremely heated at the inaccuracy of this movie, but this was only the beginning.

The combat was so unbelievable! The warriors moved in and out of slow motion, almost at will. They killed thousands of ninjas. Did Persia take over Japan? I Don't THINK SO! also, what the hell was the guy with the saws for arms. you cant do that.

Over all, I was severely disappointed. I've heard that this movie was based on a comic book, which was based on a movie from the 60s, which was based on a tale told for thousands of years by word of mouth, but that is no excuse for the details of the movie to arrive so... Inaccurate 0/10.


just fighting (UNREALISTICALLY I MIGHT ADD) no historical accuracy! I demand all movies based on things that happened in the past to not sway from the actual event at all, or people might actually believe that Spartans are capable of controlling time.

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7 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

It grows on you

Author: ronnay_barkay from Ireland
22 November 2008

From the time he could stand, he was baptized in a fire of Combat...

From the time you start watching this movie you know you're in for a thrill. The storyline of isn't that complicated. Three hundred spartan soldiers go up against the might of the Persian empire. The dialog is simplistic and cool. Visually 300 is stunning. It will not only stand the test of time but it will get better with time. It is an instant classic and has all the ingredients a great movie needs.

Politics? Who cares? This is a movie that gets your adrenaline going. I know this sounds sexist but if you're a real man you'll love this movie. It has the "true" macho quality that few movies manage to achieve. There are lines from it that pop into your head in everyday life when you see or hear certain things. Like "The Matrix", it creeps into your mind and lives there. It touches on the basic, primal human values and emotions but there is absolutely no sentimentality here. As the line goes: "Theres no room for softness. Not in Sparta. Only the hard and strong may call themselves Spartans. Only the hard. Only the strong."

Go see this movie

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43 out of 79 people found the following review useful:

Mystery Science Theater 3000 material baby.

Author: theopener80 from United States
19 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is further proof that a resurrection of MST3K is in definite need. Actually, I'd buy this movie if it had a MST3K commentary option. Really, it's that bad.

Warning: Possible spoilers.

First, let me say that I absolutely loved Frank Miller's Sin City. Robert Rodriguez definitely knows how to work with Frank's material.

Unfortunately, this director did not.

The technical aspects of the movie were simply amazing. However, that's pretty much the only reason to see this movie.

Plot: Spartans go to war. Four words, and yet I managed to describe every intricate plot detail and character development of the movie. This is not a good sign.

Also, when about 60% of your movie is narrated by a storyteller... it's almost always a sign of weak storytelling (with a few exceptions like Sin City, ironically). The narrator is constantly telling us what is going on, so the script either assumed it's audience have no more education than a third grader, are really high (a possibility with this movie), forgot that film is a visual medium (although this seems unlikely considering the beautiful shots), or simply had a poor script (I would go with the latter).

The score sounds like it was put together by Trent Reznor. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn't work for this movie. A traditional orchestra score with a lot of drums could have worked better.

The costumes looked like they popped out of a gay leather bar, usually consisting of leather briefs and a red cape or a leather harness and leather briefs (seriously). While I'm the first to admit that they all looked quite pretty like that, it didn't exactly add to the drama of the story.

Finally, the kicker was the last ten minutes of the movie, which really destroyed the message of the film. Let's just say the last shot of the king ruined the message of the film entirely.

Several parts of the movie which are meant to be dramatic come across quite comical. (Possible Spoiler ahead) A hunchback follows the troops for part of the movie in shadow. The shots of him following looked so much like Gollum that you couldn't help laugh, and that's just for starters. I could go on forever describing how bad this movie truly was, but I have other things to do.

Suffice it to say, what a poor movie to adapt right after Frank Miller's "Sin City."

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292 out of 577 people found the following review useful:

Standing ovation at the Berlinale Film Festival

Author: overburned from Germany
16 February 2007

I was one of the 1700 lucky viewers to get a ticket to the world premiere of 300. Zack Snyder has done a great job adapting the work of Frank Miller to the movie format! I've never experienced a screening that had to be interrupted because of spontaneous applause by the crowd! The special effects are quite good. The colors are hard to describe. Don't expect the b/w colored style as in Sin City. The colors are soft / Grey / well antique. As a viewer you have the impression of being in the middle of the battles. Well it's maybe not a truthful interpretation of the historical facts, and the same applies to the interpretation of Frank Millers novel. But the story worked for me. Lena Headey (as Queen Gorgo) was in my opinion the best actor/actress in this movie, she really fits 100%.

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794 out of 1581 people found the following review useful:

Stupendous movie making!! A masterpiece!!!

Author: resq446 from United States
12 February 2007

'300' is a totally riveting masterpiece of film making. Zack Snyder, inspired by the graphic novel, has brought a 2487 year-old news story to life with people you really care about who are faced with choices between compromise and war that are all too familiar today.

The breath-taking CGI images are flawlessly integrated with the live action. All the actors are excellent in their roles, and Butler IS Leonidas.

The sound design is excellent. The score was recorded by the London Phil with a full chorus and is beautiful to listen to, but is very reminiscent of 'Gladiator' which detracts from the otherwise total originality of the film.

This movie integrates the potentials of film-making and story-telling in a wonderful new way that is the best of both entertainment and artistic achievement.

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10 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

Probably the stupidest film I have ever seen

Author: experience_maker
15 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Have some raw meat; booze until your body revolts, and then beat up someone weaker than you. That should get you in the mood necessary to take in this primitive story of primeval manhood. You may even watch it on a day that has really stressed you out, because you sure as Sparta will not need your brain for "300". Its motto is "Only the strong survive" – and only the intellectually challenged can actually enjoy watching it.

May the Heavenly powers strike me down if this is not one of the most ridiculous films I have ever seen, possessing some of the worst dialogs of all time, embarrassing acting throughout and a plot you can sum up within three seconds without having to leave out any important elements – "300" really is that one-dimensional.

The plot?

Basically, three-hundred members of a master race from planet Sixpack take on zillions of degenerated creatures who are supposed to represent ancient Persians but look more like Orcs that did not qualify for use in Lord of the Rings. The "300" crew even recycled a slimmed-down cave troll who deservedly gets beheaded by brave king Leonidas. Unfortunately, most of the other protagonists stay alive until the bitter end.

This may come as a surprise, since the battle scenes between the superior Spartans and the "Persian monster men" are so blood-soaked, they often look like leftovers from a director's cut of The Battle of Helm's Deep: The KPF (kills per frame) numbers are off the charts. In fact, it seems like thousands of "Persians" instantly drop dead as soon as king Leonidas puts on his helmet.

Of course, every action movie hero needs an adversary, which is why the "Asian endless hordes" (this is not a Nazi slogan but an actual quotation from the film!) are led by legendary king Xerxes, who for some bizarre reason is presented as an eight-foot version of Boy George who got all dressed up in jewels, ready to be bathed in butter milk.


The rest is gruesome action, featuring some slow-motion special effects which must have sneaked straight out of John Woo's worst nightmares. Still, the computer effects are the only aspect of this film that hint at some kind of effort having been invested into the project, and they made sure that "300" got a little bit more than the minimum score from this judge.

Apart from that, "300" cannot be saved; it really is that bad. So as king Leonidas dies on the battlefield, his body impaled by Persian arrows and bent in a blasphemous position (all that was missing was a wooden crucifix underneath him), he leaves us with a most memorable quote:

"My queen. My wife. My love"

My God.

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14 out of 22 people found the following review useful:


Author: Steve b ( from Ct
2 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The first thing I thought after watching this film was "man I sure would have liked the 300 a lot more if I was 18 years old".

A thought that pretty much sums up the core of the problems with the 300. The film was clearly written for a much younger audience.

The 300 while at times visually pleasing consistently lacked a certain depth in character development and dramatic air. Even the action sequences while being fast paced were glorified to the point of being cliché. Thus making an aspect of the film that had the greatest potential, fall short of mind blowing. 300 failed to deliver the emotional punch the trailer so boldly promised.

Also this film suffered from "Gladiator" envy. If you pay attention you'll see how desperately the 300 tries to imitate that movie. Especially in regards to the soundtrack. It's like they just sampled bits from the Gladiator score. While in some cases paying homage to a film in this way can yield satisfying results, in the 300 it only serves to embarrass the more observant spectator.

The mainly CGI environments, while a fairly juicy source of eye candy also lacked in their own way, emotion and depth. While beautiful to look at, the scenery was so obviously CGI it was hard not to notice and became a nuisance after a short while.This was even more apparent if you paid attention to the lighting on the actors. On more than one occasion it was very hard not to notice they were being lit by studio lights rather than the sunrise. Also, at certain times when the actors voices were booming you could hear the echo of a sound-stage rather than the echo off a cliff face. I'm sure also that having little to work with in the way of grand scenery and visceral stimuli hurt the actor's performances somewhat. How much emotion can one stir up staring at a fake rock and green screens every day of shooting?

This is not to say the 300 was entirely unsatisfying. It delivers enough thrills to merit at least seeing once. There are several somewhat memorable moments, including a grim but beautiful overhead shot of fallen Spartans that looks like an exquisite mosaic.

You won't walk away from 300 wiser but some of you, especially younger audiences will walk away from a noble yet somewhat sophomoric attempt at epic film making.

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27 out of 48 people found the following review useful:

A great idea wrought shamefully on the silver screen

Author: Isaac from United States
27 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love epic style movies. I loved Gladiator, Clash of the Titans (as a kid) and any movie that makes history come alive. I love sports movies that have to do with comebacks, overcoming tough odds, and the like. I also have a thing for violence.

Those three factors alone made me think 300 would be one of my favorite movies. Little did I know it was possible to make an epic historical movie about fighting impossible odds with extreme violence that I would hate.

Well done, Warner Brothers.

I'll make this easy for people who want a list pros and cons, starting with the latter because it outnumbers its more optimistic forbear so heavily:


1) The dialog is agonizingly juvenile and cliché. During a dramatic entering into the fray, the leader of the Spartans' reinforcements shouts "Lets show the Spartans what we can do!" Lines in perfect moments to drum up the drama of a scene fall flat like that over and over again until you're basically expecting it by halfway through. After the queen's impassioned speech to the senate, I found myself thinking "you've gotta be sh!^^ing me." It resonated with all the power of a fifth grader reading a George W. Bush speech off a blurry cue card. I understand that the five lines in the movie (the ones not stolen from an odd combination of recent movies and elementary school history assignments) were reported to have been spoken at the battle itself. If the entire rest of the movie weren't just as awkward and simplistic, they may have worked.

2) Points of the plot that didn't even require mention were either mentioned explicitly or repeated ad nausea. The narrator seemed very interested in reminding you that there were only 300 Spartans throughout the film. It was also made well known that the Spartans wouldn't surrender and would keep fighting, over and over again. It was as if the screenwriter were drunk and forgot he'd mentioned those points, and didn't bother to check the script before taking it to press.

3) Casting made some huge mistakes. Dilios, played by a then 40 year old David Wenham, had the faked voice of a grizzled chain smoker twice his age, seemingly to make him sound more imposing than he looked and to correspond with the narrator's voice after the fact. Considering that everybody else on the battlefield looked and sounded correct for the part, the fourth-billed actor in the film came off like Burgess Meredith with ripped abs. Needless to say, this was confusing and unnerving.

4) The sex scene when the king and queen say their intimate "goodbye, I may never see you again" should have lasted about ten seconds. Instead it was stretched to more than a minute of near pornographic detail, including the king lovingly banging his wife doggy style. I don't know what message that was trying to convey, but it was pretty out of place. For some viewers that may be seen as a plus, but my sexually adventurous girlfriend and I looked at each other and mouthed "WTF?"

5) Most of the fight scenes were so poorly explained beforehand that they seemed only to extend the runtime of the movie. I understand that there were supposedly three days of fighting, which corresponds with the alleged true story of the battle, but the plot glossed over this, instead just blindly flashing between scenes.

6) The "effects" were pathetic facsimiles of those from real movies. Every scene was filmed in a green screen sound stage. No scene had more than 20 real actors in it, when there appeared to be tens of thousands. Every "giant" in the movie was a CGI modified regular sized person. This was painfully obvious when the seemingly 8' tall King Xerxes puts his hand on Leonidus' shoulder and it just kind of floats there.

7) Plot elements were either rushed or non-existent. Without any real reason the Spartans are already going off to war within the first ten minutes of the movie. The deepest a character gets is the five seconds of doubt the king has before his freaky session with the queen, or when one character cries after his son gets decapitated. Everybody else is one dimensional. Come movie's end, a full two hour investment later you still don't give a damn about any of them.

8) The music throughout the film was at times either inappropriate or ripped straight out of a U.S. Army commercial.

There's too much else to criticize about the film so I'll mention the positives.

Pros: 1) Lots of random hot naked chicks.

2) The fighting itself was pretty cool, and they attempted to stylize this with rapidly changing camera speeds, which you may or may not like. (I didn't).

3) Some cool fake CGI mythical creatures.

4) Finally a hunchback gets a co-star nod in an action film.

5) Gerard Butler's King Leonidas is a decently strong character.

6) Abs galore.

I gave it a 3 out of 10 merely because it was "faithful to the book", which apparently should never have been adapted to film. I don't really understand the draw of mature adults reading comic books, which they've defensively re-dubbed "graphic novels", but I guess if you do, you might like this movie despite it being so poorly rendered. I liked the X-Men series a lot, and look forward to the fourth one, but this movie sucked.

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5 out of 5 people found the following review useful:


Author: Saad Khan from Pakistan
11 June 2012

300 – CATCH IT (A) 300 is a trend setter which not only introduced a new technology but took the gore and violence to next level. I saw 300 when it was released in bits and pieces but now finally got the chance to watch the complete movie from start to finish. Well I've to say I was blown away it was indeed something spectacular and even after 6 years still no one has done anything like it. Even though Spartacus TV show does have managed to capture the essence in its budget. Gerard butler, Michael Fassbender, Lena Heady, Tom Wisdom, Dominic West and Rodrigo Santoro did a fantastic job. The main hero of the movie was defiantly Zack Zynder & graphic designers. They created a new world for us just like Star Wars, Jurassic Park or Avatar. Now I simply cannot wait for 300: Battle of Artemisia with Sullivan Stapleton, Evan Green and Rodrigo Santoro reprising as Xerxes.

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5 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

A Moving Epic!

Author: g-bodyl from United States
29 November 2008

I rally liked 300. I should have seen this film when it came out in theaters. Almost 2 years later that I finally got the chance to see it. There is no need to describe the plot unless you did not pay attention in your history class. It's about 300 Spartan soldiers led by King Leonidas taking on King Xerxes and his 100,000 soldiers. It is no mystery what happens to the Spartans. I liked this move very much. The style of filming is much different than I am used to seeing. The tone is dark and there is basically war scenes with little romance along the side. The story is moving because the 300 men died for their country, died to stop the Persians from invading Sparta and having their loved ones used as slaves. The acting is great. I don't expect much out of Gerard Butler but he did awesome in this movie. This film is very gory and blood is seen many times so if you don't like blood, beware. I rate this movie 10/10.

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