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26 Jul. 2005
Call of the Yeti
A weekend country retreat runs into trouble, when local Kodiak Joe convinces Howard he can find the elusive Yeti He requires Howard's help to gain Vince's affections as an exchange. The Yeti's hypnotic rituals threaten the entire group.
2 Aug. 2005
The Priest & the Beast
Naboo narrates the story of the band Rudi & Spider, the Bongo Brothers. They seek a 'new sound' by wandering in the desert. This strains their relationship, and end up in a small town terrorized by the Betamax, the tape monster.
9 Aug. 2005
Vince and Howard attempt to impress some goth girls by stealing and using Naboo's dark spells book. They raise one of the most horrid of demons, Nanatoo, and it's up to them to make things right before she ransacks the city.
16 Aug. 2005
Fountain of Youth
Howard, afraid of getting old, seeks the fountain of youth via Naboo's amulet and travels to Naboo's planet of Xooberon with Vince. The Hitcher & the Sandpaper monster intercede, causing the plan to spin out of control, and a rescue ensues.
23 Aug. 2005
The Legend of Old Gregg
On what was intended to be a relaxing trip to the country, Howard is taken captive by local terror and legend, cave-dwelling part-fish, part-man cross-dressing (the exact ratios are unclear) Old Gregg.
30 Aug. 2005
The Nightmare of Milky Joe
Abandoned on a tropical island, feuding Vince and Howard invent a series of improbable coconut-based friends, lovers, and confidants in a vain effort to maintain their sanity, which rapidly culminates in a Hitchcock-esque dramatic ending.

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