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Jackson disappears into his role, completely convincing, but then he usually is. What a fine actor. He avoids pitfalls like making Champ a maudlin tearjerker, looking for pity. He's realistic, even philosophical, about his life and what happened to him.
It's the complexity of Lurie's moral universe that makes it linger in the mind.
Charlotte Observer
About a guy who stood on the brink of greatness but, because of one flaw he could never overcome, had to settle for being pretty good before he faded away. Strange, then, that the movie works exactly the same way.
The Hollywood Reporter
Charged by a knock-out performance from Samuel L. Jackson, this compelling story of manly redemption will deliver a winning boxoffice combination of word of mouth and ultimately step outside the generic ring of sports lore.
Struggles to get off the ropes and never quite establishes its rhythm. The film takes place in eternal moral twilight, dark enough to make faces look photogenically poignant, light enough to see the white lies.
Chicago Tribune
The film is easy to take, though it must be said: It's almost 100 percent blather.
Lurie's film never fully reconciles the story about newsroom ethics with the sentimental drama about bad dads and bereft sons.
This picture reminded me of one of the things I like best about "All the President's Men": It doesn't give a good godd--- about Woodward and Bernstein's personal lives.
The movie itself -- which deals (not very interestingly) with the issue of journalistic integrity and (very predictably) with father-son relationships -- doesn't pack much of a wallop.
The film itself is a tedious melodrama whose sole saving grace is the performance of Samuel L. Jackson as Tommy Kincaid.
The gooey sanctity of the bond between fathers and sons all but nullify Jackson's zesty performance.

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