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David Gerrold: What Were You Doing, Nerd Year’s Eve?

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David Gerrold, the writer best known for his script for the Star Trek episode “The Trouble With Tribbles”, for creating the Sleestak race on the TV series Land of the Lost, and for his novelette “The Martian Child”, which won both Hugo and Nebula awards and was adapted into a 2007 film, contributes a guest column about the trainwreck that was Marvelous Nerd Year’s Eve. For more, read the coverage at The Beat.

I was an invited guest at the “Marvelous Nerd Year’s Eve” Comic-Con held in Dallas over New Year’s weekend.

Apparently, it was a disaster of biblical proportions. Not just dogs and cats living together, but suing each other for palimony and custody of the kittens.

The convention organizers over-promised, under-budgeted, over-extended, under-performed, and committed what I consider acts of “criminal incompetence.”

Why do I use the adjective “criminal?”

Because people were hurt. Not just by the incompetence,
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[Comic Execution] 8/8 – Mars Attacks, Big Trouble In Little China, The Shadow

Pulp Comics!! God, I can’t believe I’m turning into that guy. The sad thing is that I am the proud owner of a trenchcoat that looks exactly like it came out of a detective novel. No, not a creepy Hot Topic black leather duster, I’m talking the real thing, as vintage as you can get without dropping a few grand. Definitely holding on to it in case trenchcoats come back in style. Or the apocalypse happens. Whichever comes first.

Also, I just noticed that, for the second time, I’m reviewing all #3 issues. I think it’s a good omen.

The Shadow: Midnight In Moscow #3

Writer: Howard Chaykin

Artist: Howard Chaykin

Colorist: Jesus Aburto

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Price: $4 (Digital)

I’m pretty excited about a new announcement involving The Shadow. Interestingly, this new title is going down at Dark Horse Comics, rather than at Dynamite, the
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10 Big Films From 2013 You’ve Probably Already Forgotten About

20th Century Fox

Every year in Hollywood, we hear the same story. Movie X becomes a giant box office smash, Movie Y winds up becoming a major flop. Regardless of whether or not the movie was a flop or a mega-hit, they all have one thing in common: they get talked about at the end of the year, for better or worse.

And then, there are the other movies. The forgotten ones. Think about it. They’re either sitting in the cold of some Redbox machine, trapped inside a dark Netflix warehouse, or they’re in the weird DVD section of a local drug store. Why does the drug store have a DVD section? They only sell five movies. Who are buying these movies? If you feel awkward when you’re buying a pack of condoms at a drug store, you can’t imagine the look on the cashier’s
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2013 Toronto Festival: 90 New Titles Added Including New Miyazaki, Turturro, Durkin, Gibney, MacDonald and Wheatley

The titles just keep coming as we are now just over three weeks away from the start of the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival and they have gone and added 90 new feature length titles to the program and it's not as if they are titles you haven't heard of. New to the Galas selection is Guillaume Canet's Blood Ties which premiered at Cannes earlier this year (read my review here) and Words and Pictures starring Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche. In the Special Presentations selection you find the bulk of the more noted titles including Alex Gibney's new documentary The Armstrong Lie about cyclist Lance Armstrong, Johnnie To's Blind Detective which also premiered at Cannes, James Franco's Child of God based on the Cormac McCarthy novel, John Turturro's Fading Gigolo which features Woody Allen in one of the roles, Kevin Macdonald's How I Live Now
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John Cusack: from hearththrob to psychopath

Few actors draw us back like John Cusack – we can't get enough of that humble, sincere, over-articulate character he plays so well. So, Carole Cadwalladr asks the star of Say Anything and High Fidelity, why all the psychopaths?

Yesterday he was in Australia. Or was it tomorrow? John Cusack is confused. He's just returned from the Gold Coast, where he was filming his latest movie – Hard Drive, a heist thriller – and there's a brief interlude before he heads off again. Somewhere in between he saw the so-called "super moon", last week's fuller-than-normal full moon, but where?

"I was flying all day, so I saw it the second day," he says. "I was in the future, then I had to fly back to the past because I was a day ahead. It was day in Australia and then I flew all the way back, and it was daylight the entire time
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Digital Fury: DVD Essentials for October

A Planet Fury-approved selection of notable genre releases for October.

Cinderella (1950) Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment Blu-ray and DVD Available Now

The Walt Disney classic finally makes it high definition debut. Though it was made over half a century ago, Cinderella remains a timeless work of animation. Part of its lasting appeal can be attributed to the amazing concept art of Mary Blair, whose gorgeous backgrounds and unique color palettes help to define its iconic visual style. Though she was only credited with color and styling, her influence in the look and feel of the finished product cannot be denied. Another aspect that is often overlooked is the lovely vocal contribution by actress Ilene Woods. She brings a measured confidence to the beloved heroine and her singing voice is as gorgeous as the animation.

Special Features:

Tangled Ever After Animated Short

• Behind the Magic: A New Disney Princess Fantasyland
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Bent-Con 2012 Guest List Revealed!

Christopher Rice, Jane Espenson, David Gerrold, Phil Jimenez, and Wendy Pini lead a stellar lineup of guests and speakers to Bent-Con 2012, the pop-culture con for gay fans of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Comics, Games, Movies, and Books!

Now in its third year, Bent-Con promotes, encourages, celebrates and appreciates Lgbt and Lgbt-friendly contributions to the comic-book, gaming, Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror mediums of artists, writers, creators, publishers, directors, actors, producers and fans, be they works targeted directly to Lgbt audiences or the larger realm of underground and mainstream pop-culture as a whole.

(But it’s just easier to think of it like a Comic-Con, only gayer!)

Headlining guests include:

Christopher Rice: Already the author of four Nyt best-selling novels, Christopher has been an openly queer author since the publication of his first novel, A Density of Souls. Christopher will be reflecting on his already impressive career, as well as previewing his new novel,
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B-Sides: Sex Is Not the Problem But This Song Certainly Is

This weekend Rock of Ages terrorizes theaters with 1980’s rock musical overload. This seems like as good a time as any to horrify you with a musical number from a Reagan era sci-fi rock musical. Sex is the least of Voyage of the Rock Aliens' problems.

How does one go from directing Clint Eastwood as “Dirty Harry” in The Enforcer and Chuck f’ing Norris in Forced Vengeance to directing Pia Zadora, Jermaine Jackson, Craig Sheffer, and Michael Berryman in something called Voyage of the Rock Aliens?

Pia Zadora began her acting career playing a green-skinned Martian child in the 1964 holiday bad movie classic Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Who would have ever imagined that would be the pinnacle of her career?

Twenty years later, an all grown up Pia Zadora starred in an even worse out-of-this-world musical comedy titled Voyage of the Rock Aliens directed by James Fargo
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Millennium Films Acquires ‘My Owner’s Wedding’

Exclusive: Millennium Films has acquired My Owner’s Wedding, a Robert Cary and Jonathan Tolins script, and the producer-distributor is in early talks with Jessica Biel to play one of the leads. My Owner’s Wedding is a romantic comedy about two eligible young women, the man both of them want, and his dog. The latter will go to any length to make sure his owner ends up with the right girl. Cary directed and co-wrote Anything But Love and directed Ira & Abby and Save Me. Tolins co-wrote New Line’s Martian Child and Twilight Of The Golds, based on his Broadway play. He also wrote multiple episodes of Queer As Folk and has written for the Academy Awards and the Tonys. Cary and Tolins will produce with Mark Gill. Avi Lerner, Trevor Short, Boaz Davidson, John Thompson and Alan Gasmer will be executive producers. Millennium heads to Cannes with The Expendables 2,
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Jim Wynorski Updates Giant Gila Monster Remake, Announces Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Remake

If the big studios can be all about remaking classics, then why can’t b-movie makers remake classic bad movies? That seems to be Jim Wynorski’s newest niche. The Chopping Mall director has already wrapped a remake of the 1959 creature feature The Giant Gila Monster, and now he’s revealed plans to remake something even more dubious: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

We’ve previously told you about Wynorski’s Giant Gila Monster remake – now simply titled Gila! - that he cooked up with Hellbound: Hellraiser II helmer Tony Randel. Now the fine folks at Undead Backbrain got hold of the first artwork and some production stills for this shot in color but still set in the 1950’s updating of one of the cheesiest movies of all time.

Ex-Playboy Playmate Julie McCullough (2012: Ice Age), Terence Knox (Children of the Corn 2: The Final Sacrifice), Matt Austin (“Power Rangers S.P.D.
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Hot Rods & Droids: A George Lucas Profile (Part 4)

Trevor Hogg profiles the career of legendary filmmaker George Lucas in the fourth of a six part feature... read parts one, two and three.

For over a decade filmmaker George Lucas had been developing a project which was a gender reversal of the Biblical story about Moses being hidden as a baby in the bulrushes. When asked to describe Willow (1988), Lucas called it “an adventure fantasy that takes place a long time ago in a mythical land.” Cast as the title character who becomes the guardian and defender of the wayward baby from an evil sorceress was Warwick Davis who made a name for himself playing the Ewok known as Wicket. “I was on holiday in southwest England when I got a call from George to come to Elstree – one of the major British studios – and audition for the part,” remembers Davis. “Actually, I did four auditions altogether; three in England and one in America.
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10 Reasons To Love . . . The Cuse

So I’ve chosen to begin my new weekly segment ’10 Reasons to Love . . .‘ by highlighting an actor who means more to me than any other.

John Cusack or The Cuse. Possibly the coolest, kindest and most magnetic actor I’ve ever come across. For decades now he’s played roles in films as varied as Being John Malkovich, Con Air, Stand By Me, Serendipity, Max, and even The Thin Red Line. But none of these flicks really showcase the reason why I’ll go out of my way to track down every single film he stars in. Below is a list of 10 films, placed in order, that every self-respecting film fan should check out. If you’re already a Cuse convert then they will serve as a joyful reminder of his work and hopefully illuminate one or two projects that you may not have come across. If you are new
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Viva Pictures to Release ‘Manolete’ via VOD

A long delayed film release may finally let audience watch it by Video on Demand rather than the theaters. Deadline is reporting Gravitas Ventures struck a deal with Viva Pictures to finally release “A Matador’s Mistress,” or it is also called “Manolete.” The film is directed and written by Dutch director Menno Meyjes (“Martian Child,” “Capa”). It stars Adrien Brody (“The Pianist,” “King Kong”) and Penelope Cruz (“Volver,” “Vanilla Sky”). Here is the official synopsis: “’Manolete’ is set in the 1940s Spain and tells the story of matador Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez and his love affair with actress Lupe Sino, which continued until his death in the bullring in 1947 at 30.” According to Gravitas Ventures’ CEO Nolan A. Gallagher, the film will be released this June through cable, telco and online. “Film lovers will have the opportunity to appreciate the find performances of Adrien Brody and Penelope Cruz,” said Gallagher. “Video
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Update: Gersh Confirms Hohman Maybank Lieb Deal

  • Deadline
Update: The Gersh Agency has just confirmed Deadline's report that it has acquired Hohman, Maybank, Lieb and issued a press release that follows the original story break. Exclusive: The Gersh Agency is putting the finishing touches on a major deal that will give a real shot in the arm to its literary department. Gersh is acquiring Hohman, Maybank, Lieb, the well-respected boutique literary agency. Founders Bob Hohman, Bayard Maybank and Devra Lieb will become partners and will bolster a Gersh lit department that recently lost deal makers Sara Self and David Kopple. I'm told Hohman Maybank Lieb will bring such writers as Saving Private Ryan scribe Robert Rodat, Valentine's Day scribe Katherine Fugate, Finding Nemo scribe Dave Reynolds, Welcome to the Rileys scribe Ken Hixon, Cheaper By the Dozen scribe Sam Harper, The Great and Powerful Oz scribe Mitchell Kapner, Source Code's Ben Ripley, Londongrad's David Scarpa, Daddy Day Care's Geoff Rodkey,
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Take Three: Anjelica Huston

Craig here with a new Take Three

Today: Anjelica Huston

Anjelica Huston's played so many memorable roles that I wish I'd called this series Take Ten.

The Witches and The Dead are essential Huston: key performances in two wildly differing films; both minor gems of their genres. As, respectively, the Grand High Witch and mournful Gretta Conroy she couldn’t have been more different, and in both she showed immense versatility. Essential, too, are Enemies: A Love Story and Prizzi’s Honor: an Oscar nod for the former; a win for the latter. (Nathaniel wrote about Mae Rose Prizzi previously - and the Grand High Witch, too.)

For Wes Anderson she played three independent women: two estranged wives in The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and a strange mother in The Darjeeling Limited. The Addams Family's Morticia parts are a double-bill of the joyfully macabre.
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The 10 Songs That Movies Need to Stop Using

  • Pajiba
Let's get this out of the way first: These aren't necessarily bad songs (except maybe for "All Star," though I sort of like it). In fact, some are well-loved classics by some of the most respected musical artists in history. A few of these are among my favorites.

But somewhere along the line, someone decided that, if their movie contained a certain scene (say, someone arriving in London) it just had to be accompanied by a certain song (in this case, "London Calling" by The Clash). They're almost always played during a montage or a scene with no dialogue, because it's just easier to use a well-known song to say what you want than it is to have to come up with anything original. Not that they aren't very effective when used in great movies, but by and large we're just kind of sick of them being used in films.
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Ask the Flying Monkey! Can/Should a Boy be a Disney Princess? Does "De-Gaying" Movies Work?

This week! We explore whether Disney lets little boys become Disney princesses – and if that's okay! We answer whether a guy should tell his 13-year-old brother to stop saying "That's so gay." And we ask: "Does de-gaying a movie ever work?"

Have a question about gay male entertainment? Contact me here (and be sure and include your city and state and/or country!)

Q: One of my cousins has a five-year-old grandson who is totally obsessed with Disney princesses and all things of a feminine nature. His parents are working on being accepting of him, but his grandmother, who has a gay son and a gay cousin (me), is totally accepting of him. Disney World has something called The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (gotta love that name), which is a salon that transforms little girls into the Disney princess of their choice. They also have something called The Pirates League, where
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The Last Song

The Last Song

Directed by: Julie Anne Robinson

Cast: Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear, Liam Hemsworth, Bobby Coleman

Running Time: 1 hr 45 mins

Rating: PG

Release Date: March 31, 2010

Plot: A rebellious teen (Cyrus) and her little brother (Coleman) spend the summer on the beach with their dad (Kinnear).

Who’S It For? I don’t think adults are really going to crave a Miley Cyrus drama, and the kids who want to see it are going to be disappointed by the tone and pace.

Expectations: They were low. I haven’t seen anything to make me like Cyrus. I will say this though, I didn’t think Dear John was that bad. I’m not saying it was good, but it wasn’t awful.

Read Nick Allen’s Top 7 Worst Singers Turned Actors

Scorecard (0-10)


Miley Cyrus as Ronnie Miller: Ronnie scowls. I think the reason she does this is because her parents got divorced.
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John Cusack: From So Cool To Sad Sack?

John Cusack: From So Cool To Sad Sack?
The idea hit me first when I was watching John Cusack in 2012. Yes, it was weird that the actor had lent himself to a role that required him to shout and fake-drive a lot against blue screen, but what was stranger was that even his barely sketched character seemed cribbed from his recent films: he played a limo driver, as he did in Identity, and an author, as in 1408 and Martian Child, who tried to bond with his estranged progeny by taking them on a trip, kinda like in The Contract and Grace Is Gone. But, sufficiently mindblown by 2012's spectacle and moments of giraffe emotion, I forgot about the seeming sameness. That was, until this week's Hot Tub Time Machine.
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Disaster Week Implodes! John Cusack, Ordinary Hero, Talks 2012—Part II

  • Starlog
John Cusack has been working in the indie scene these last couple of years, producing and starring in Grace Is Gone and War, Inc. and appearing in Martian Child, the 2007 film adaptation of former Starlog columnist David Gerrold’s novel. 2012 represents a leap into the big-budget world of popcorn action pictures, and Cusack begins the second part of this chat by talking about co-writer-producer-director Roland Emmerich’s ability to manage his actors and their needs as well as handling a production as huge as 2012.

“There aren’t too many directors in the world who can work on both of those levels—or who have the freedom to do that,” Cusack points out. “I can think of Steven Spielberg and some other people. Roland is so good at doing state-of-the-art special effects. As I was reading the script, I would say to myself, ‘I have no idea how you would even begin to shoot that.
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