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  • The restorer and single mother Grace is working in an ancient church and she finds a hidden crypt with a voodoo book of resurrection. However, Father Cornelius asks her to go home and forget her findings. Her son Nathan is a sensitive and shy teenager bullied by Samson at school. He has a crush on his friend Jessica, but he does not declare to her. His best friends Diggs and Henry schedule a date of Jessica with Nathan. However her father grounds her in her bedroom and when Nathan calls Jessica, her father tells that she has dated a good looking guy in a car. Jessica flees through the window, but Nathan and Jessica fail to meet each other. Jessica takes a ride in Kenneth's car and Nathan believes that she is dating the schoolmate. He goes home, drinks whiskey and puts a rope around his neck. When Grace comes home, she opens Nathan's bedroom door and accidentally she hangs her son. Grace resurrects Nathan, but soon she finds that something did not work out when her son bites Samson and his schoolmates start eating each other.

  • A boy declares his love for his girlfriend, only to die the same night. He is brought back to life by his mother as a flesh-craving zombie, who sires more teen undead while trying to control his, er, appetite for his beloved.


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  • The film begins with Nathan's mother finding a voodoo ritual book in the church.

    Nathan, a school boy, is talking to his friends Diggs and Henry about girls in their year who they like. Nathan had been friends with Jessica for a while and planned to ask her out, but as approaching her she gets into Kenneth's car. In distress, he returns home, drinks alcohol and prepares to hang himself. At the last minute he hesitates and pulls at the noose, only for his mother to walk into his room, knock him off the chair and turn his music down. Turning around, she notices him hanging there, dead. She then uses the voodoo "reanimation" book to bring Nathan back to life.

    The Priest warns the mother that a book has gone missing from the church, and that if used it can create flesh eating people. On awakening, Nathan seems fine, and seems to be hungry but human. He goes to school, unbeknown to his mother bringing him back to life, or his suicide attempt. Nathan overhears a conversation between Samson, Shane and Kenneth about Jessica, and what a whore she is. Nathan then calls Jessica a slut and says "you're just like all the other girls". Jessica hits him and walks off. Later on at the school disco Cheryl , Samsons girlfriend, takes an interest in Nathan, and so Samson antagonises Nathan. Nathan bites Samson, creating the first of the infected.

    Nathan wakes up in the morning, and complains that all the food in the fridge is "off". His mother then realises what Nathan has become, and he leaves in search of Samson. He finds a bloody trail at the scene of the biting, and follows it to find a lifeless womans corpse. He runs to the police station, and attempts to tell the police but they laugh and send him away. Meanwhile, Henry and Diggs are waiting for Nathan so they can pick a film from a video store. The decide to go ahead without him, and when reaching the counter see the boy who's meant to be at the counter eating another man. They then scream and run out.

    Hiding behind some bins, they see more infected chasing a women. They hide, and one comes back, looks around and leaves again. Noticing this is not just a one-insane-person situation, they look up, seeing a dead body hanging over them. They scream and run again.

    Nathan is realizing that his veins are turning black, as he can see them going up his neck. He returns home, to find his mother has locked him out, saying she will " fix this". He sits in the garage. Henry and Diggs get into their car, see the infected and duck. The infected head towards Jessica's house, and they call her and tell her to hide. They then drive to Nathans house, and Nathan drags them into the garage. They see Nathans face and gasp, noticing that he must be infected as well, though he seems sane, if hungry.

    Cut-scene of the Priest biting someone... Jessica wards off a few infected, and hides in the barn. Nathan and crew arrive,and Nathan runs into the barn. Meanwhile Cheryl has escape a few infected from a bar and runs through a graveyard, letting an infected Charlotte bite Glenda. She steals a teachers motorcycle and is chased all the way to Jessicas house. Cheryl, Henry and Diggs hide in a closet from the infected.Nathan explains a few things to Jessica, and Cheryl, Henry and Diggs climb out of the closet.

    Nathans mother goes back to the church to return the book, and gets attacked by the priest. She grabs a snake that was slithering around since the start and lets it bite him. The Priest is returned to normal. Now the mother knows the solution.

    Jessica cuts up a load of the infected (except for Shane and Samson) with presumably her father's tractor, cutting and ripping them to shreds. They all run back into the barn.The two remaining zombies hands break throw the door and grab Cheryl, Cheryl attempts to escape but the grip is to strong,they bust throw completely and pull Cheryl on the ground, were she is eaten by Shane and Samson, and the others continue to climb up the ladder into the attic. Nathan is on the brink of changing, and his mother drives in, throws the snake at him and gets back in the car. Nathan lunges for the snake, but it falls down and Samson kicks it away. Cheryl, now infected, Shane and Samson hit and smash the car. Nathan jumps down onto Samson as his mother runs away,Nathon rips Samsons head off, but by now Nathan is one of the fully-infected. He climbs back up to Jessica, Henry and Diggs. Jessica sets a bale of hay on fire, and gives it to Nathan,who in a second after being given the bale is bitten by the snake. He throws the bale down onto the two zombies and gets dragged down with it, where a huge flame appears. Jessica, Henry and Diggs walk away.

    Nathan is hooked by his hood away from the fire, and survives. He gets the abandoned motorcycle and drives after Jessica and his two friends. They catch up, and Nathan says the words he's been dying to say all along : " I have something to say to you..." Jessica and Nathan kiss and its happily ever after.

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