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Spacetastic Fun for All Your TV-time Adventures!
fantasmic19714 January 2006
In the tradition of Elvira, Svengoolie, The Ghoul and others, comes a new Horror Host that's got movies to share. Not bad movies, just misunderstood. I am speaking, of course, of Sacramento's own Mr. Lobo.

Put simply, this guy's got talent. Not only does he know how to work a TV audience, but he's got laughs mixed with insight that holds through for a full 2hr television program.

For each show, the movie sets the theme. Then, the show is wrapped around the movie. I mean, the show actually follows as if Mr. Lobo himself, who is hosting the movie, is actually experiencing the movie right along with you. Creatures and characters come to life and visit him in the world that each movie creates every week. Situatuons and events invite the audience to "play along" by constructing various whosits or whatsis so that you, the viewer, may better experience that experience which is Cinema Insomnia.

This show is a one of a kind gem / has something for everyone / fun for the entire family.

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CINEMA INSOMNIA hits the spot
monsterjosh23 March 2008
Mr. Lobo fills the void left with the departure of Bob Wilkins and John Stanley from the late- night Bay Area CREATURE FEATURES show of the 1970s. Lots of time and talent go into the production, and it shows--Mr. Lobo's brand of humor is (almost) always a gas. Since the show is (almost) always commercial-free it can be a challenge to get in a bathroom break; we appreciate his generous inclusion of plenty of old movie trailers of many much-loved B-films during intermission time.

Thank you, Mr. Lobo, for continuing to carry the torch, and Kudos to PBS television in San Jose for carrying the show on Saturday nights!

-Scary Larry
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The Worlds Greatest Horror Host Since Dr. Paul Bearer
Tressa Graves22 July 2004
Mr. lobo is a Horror man who will make you laugh and scare you so bad you will need a good changing of underpants !! He will soon become a legend as not only Horror Host but writer. When you speak of talent there is one name that comes to mind, Mr. Lobo and I think he's also cute! I grew up watching Creature Feature and thought there would never be another Horror Host to watch but I was wrong, out of the blue Mr. Lobo was created. His movie will take you on a roller coaster ride of pure pleasure, it's a film that has to be watched over and over again.

On a personal matter Mr. Lobo is one of the most generous and funny men I have ever had a pleasure to work with. I give Cinema Insomnia a perfect 4 bananas. Keep up the good and everybody out there pass the work that LOBO is on the prowl, watch out Florida now you have two of us! Love ya Mr.Lobo Your Friend and life long supporter Tressa Graves Horror Novelist
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Mr. Lobo   on   Cinema Insomnia
tor_h_tor30 June 2004
Mr. Lobo, as the television horror host of Cinema Insomnia is, by far, the MOST entertaining macabre movie MC I did ever see. Mr. Lobo's comedically spooky skits are incredibly sophisticated, yet, retain a childlike ingenuousness that the entire spectrum of fans, of this jolly ghoulish genre, will most assuredly find to be fun-filled viewing.

Monster/Mystery/Horror/Comedy fans, from the Manhattan penthouses to the Mad Hatter's tent house (and all betwixt and between) will develop great fondness for Cinema Insomnia's too cool and kooky characters.

Mr. Lobo's Cinema Insomnia presents many 'Cult movie' classics and is, in and of itself, a classy classic program that can be viewed over and over again, much the same as The Twilight Zone or Star Trek.

If you're in the know     then you've got to go     and turn on the show     with Mr. Lobo .
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This isn't MST 3K
CI_riv5 March 2009
Cinema Insomnia has nothing to do with MST 3K. If it's low-rent, that is part of its charm.

Mr Lobo is one of the funniest and sweetest horror hosts there ever was. He is a thoughtful and kind interviewer, he is tireless in his dedication to bringing some actually quite hilarious movies back, and he is a generous man to his many fans.

I love MST 3K, and I also love CI. Most amerikan TV is garbage, but not Cinema Insomnia. The movies are so misunderstood, but there are great old-time commercials and theatre intermission stuff that brings back some really fond memories for me, and the old Scopitone videos are great, especially "Trapped in a Web of Love".

Don't compare it to MST 3K. It's like comparing Star Trek and Star Wars.
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Mr. Lobo is Terrific!
billwinckler14 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I love horror movie hosts, and Mr. Lobo and his Cinema Insomnia syndicated TV program are just terrific! The show is full of high camp, and Lobo is just hilarious as a demented Rod Serling type! His comedy skits, clever jokes, campy vintage commercials and monster movie trailers are very entertaining. Lobo is funny without knocking the B-horror pictures he runs. . . which shows true talent and creativity! Watch and I'm sure you'll agree 100%. This is what fun, entertaining TV should be. . . . and actually was. . . years back before corporate pinhead mentalities took over! Mr. Lobo's assistant/co-host, the awesomely abundant Queen of Trash, is equally fantastic! Love her ample portions!
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Mr Lobo and Miss Mittens will prove that these aren't bad movies, they're just misunderstood, especially when viewed with their cockeyed sensibilities
dbborroughs19 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
One of the best hosted movie shows I've run across Mr Lobo, Miss Mittens and friends are proving that in most cases the movies they show aren't bad they are just misunderstood.

Mr Lobo, with able assist of his plant (and possible paramour) Miss Mittens screens various horror, scifi and fantasy films stopping every now and again to provide commentary and humor relating to each film. The setting each week frequently changes as Lobo may go to an island with racial strife, a space station, his producers house for a beach party, or travel across the universe to get the missing reels of the movie he is showing. Beginning on a commercial station the show was restructured for cable and DVD so that the old commercials, trailers and other goodies that inhabit the "intermission" of every show instead are sprinkled through out as well. There are some really neat treats hidden in these segments and its a joy to see trailers for things like Phantom of the Paradise or a Creepy Crawlers toy decades after the fact (I won't even start with some of the wacky music segments). Occasionally there is an interview with people like Elvira ,aka Cassandra Peterson or Bruce Campbell, not to mention footage from Mr Lobo's personal appearances

For the most part all of the host segments work, often reaching wildly comic cleverness. Only when the program screens a particularly awful movie (say Creature) does the film overwhelm the host material and make a poorer show. Of course there are the times when the host segments and the film come together and you end up with classic TV- the Star Crash and Prince of Space episodes spring to mind as the top of the shows I've seen.These two episodes are the ones that I'm showing to friends to turn them on to the show and everyone so far has become fans as a result.

I've been going through the DVD's that have been released of the show over the last week and I've been having a grand old time. To be certain there is downside in that its been almost too much of a good thing and because there is only a limited number of DVDs out the repetition of extras like the commercials can get dull, but for the most part this is great show that can stand on its own and doesn't need to be compared to any other hosted show of the past or present since when it's firing on all cylinders its at the top of the heap.

Worth searching out

(And remember to get your decoder rings since at the end of every show is a secret message for the fan club)
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Cinema Insomnia Presents: Gigantis The Fire Monster
kensforce1 July 2004
Gigantis the Fire Monster is finally available on DVD. Hosted by Mr. Lobo for the cable program Cinema Insomnia this disk recaptures the feel of old fashioned late night movie nostalgia. Many older readers will remember that this is how these films used to be seen in an era long before DVD, VHS, or for that fact Cable TV. Mr. Lobo does an excellent job adding comic relief between scenes and there are a lot of good trailers and classic adds added into the mix. Overall a great trip down memory lane for those of us who can remember and great campy fun for the younger generation.

The film itself is a testimony on how not to edit a motion picture. Warner Bros. did the worst job imaginable on this film. The dubbing is the worst of any Godzilla film. The voice actors get the names of the monsters confused many times. The same monster is called Gigantis in one scene and Angilasaurus in the next. The sound department even mixed up the monsters roars. Godzilla is seen through most the film with Angilas's roar coming out of his mouth. The film itself is in fairly pour condition but still very watchable. There are a couple of scenes that get so dark that it is hard to make things out. Despite the films condition this is still a film that has rarely been seen, mostly forgotten, so this is probably as good it will ever be. Toho itself doesn't own a screenable print.
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A low-rent MST3K
NavyOrion28 October 2008
Perhaps he's better on TV (is he on TV?) But on DVD, I found Dr. Lobo to be a little annoying after a while.

I had purchased a DVD of the sci-fi shlocker "Prince of Space" and it turned out to be the "Cinema Insomnia" edition. While the selection of cartoons, parody commercials, 60s-vintage theater intermission ads, and monster movie trailers were excellent, Lobo's own segments were a bit tedious and amateurish. Also, no matter how good the intervening segments are, they got way too long at times. Near the middle of the movie there was a fully 18-minute break from the film for these assorted "extras." In addition, the breaks were placed rather haphazardly, often in the middle of a scene in the feature, which made it difficult to get back into the plot after the long break. This could have easily been remedied by aligning the DVD chapters at the beginning of the feature segments, but these seemed to have been placed randomly.

There's a lot to be said for Cinema Insomnia, but their shtick definitely needs to be turned down a notch. In the future, when I shop for DVDs of bad sci-fi, I'll be making a point to AVOID the Cinema Insomnia versions.
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