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Ashley Tisdale tried out for the role of Erin but lost it. Vanessa Hudgens auditioned for the role of Julie, but lost to Amanda Crew.
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The cast members on the roller-coaster had to ride the coaster 26 times on the same night in order to shoot the film's main premonition scene.
The home improvement store scene was mostly shot in an actual store. They were only allowed to film after the store was closed and had to leave the store the exact way they found it. While different parts of the scene were being filmed, other crew members were often putting objects back on the shelves. In addition, they had to turn objects around to hide brand names, bring in other brand names, and put things in the way to block names from appearing due to the store not wanting their name or products being associated with a "teen death movie".
The scene taking place in the tanning booth was a closed set. Only the camera operators were in the same room with Chelan Simmons and Crystal Lowe and black curtains were draped to keep onlookers out.
It took 20 takes for the hammer to fall on the forklift gearshift correctly in the home improvement store scene.
Helga Ungurait, the script supervisor, referred to Texas Battle as "the king of adding the word 'fuck'", for ad-libbing the word so much.
The ending was re-shot, reportedly because of unfavorable reactions at preview screenings. This also happened with the two previous films in the series.
Much of the on-ride footage was filmed on the "Corkscrew" at Playland, part of the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, Canada. The actual ride is much tamer and slower (only contains a double corkscrew inversion) compared to "Devil's Flight", which contains multiple vertical loops and multiple corkscrew sections. In order to achieve such a roller coaster, CGI was applied to the roller coaster set, which contained a hydraulic setup that mimic the actual roller coaster train.
Tony Todd, who played the mortician in the first two films, provides the voice of the devil above the entrance to the roller coaster. He also provides the speaker's voice saying, "This is the end of the line" in the subway towards the end of the movie.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Wendy Christensen) can't drive so a stand-in had to be used when she pulled out of the school car park.
Kris Lemche had to take forklift driving lessons for two days to learn how to drive one.
The "HICE Pale Ale" truck that blocks Wendy and Kevin in the drive-thru lane is identical to one seen leading up to the crash in Final Destination 2 (2003).
Like the previous films in the series, the post-disaster deaths are foreshadowed in the opening credits.
One of the first times that the director and DVD team collaborated from inception to DVD release. Film was shot with the DVD interactive features in mind so many scenes were filmed several times with varying outcomes.
After re-shooting the ending in Winter of 2005, production of this movie finally wrapped on 31 January 2006. The movie opened on 10 February 2006, only 10 days after the movie was finished.
In Japan, the film is renamed "Final Deadcoaster".
In the hardware store during the series of events the tag that catches on the chain has UNIT 081 written on it
While filming the scene in front of the Drive-Thru, a 900lb hydraulic cylinder that was being used to assist in the truck stunt broke free and went whistling across the set, knocking over both the "a" and "b" cameras. Not much damage was done to them, as they are tough German cameras.
References to presidential assassinations include the name of the town and high school (McKinley), and the names of the subway stations in the final scene (Booth, Oswald). Looking at the map, you can also see Ruby Drive, 63rd and Hidell stations. Oswald used the name "Alek J. Hidell" and was killed by Jack Ruby. Additionally, Abraham Lincoln's assassination is talked about in the film.
As in the first two movies in the series, the names of several characters are references to horror film makers. The characters "Wendy and Julie Christensen" are named after Benjamin Christensen, director of Häxan (1922); the character "Erin Ulmer" is named after Edgar G. Ulmer; the character "Lewis Romero" is an homage to the horror directors Herschell Gordon Lewis and George A. Romero; the character "Jason Robert Wise" is a reference to Robert Wise, director of The Haunting (1963); the character "Carrie Dreyer" is named after Carl Theodor Dreyer, director of Vampyr (1932); the character "Ashley Freund" is an homage to cinematographer/director Karl Freund and the character "Ashlyn Halperin" is named after Victor Halperin, director of White Zombie (1932).
Ian intentionally looks like JD from the movie Heathers (1989) another teen movie involving death
On the DVD release, Kristen Cloke, wife of screenwriter Glen Morgan and star of the first Final Destination (2000), provides the voice of the narrator on the "Choose Their Fate" feature.
Ryan Merriman wore chest padding and elbow pads when he knocks Kris Lemche out of the way of falling plywood, in addition to their stunt doubles having to film it.
Most of the cellphones shown in the movie are Motorola Razr V3s.
Was "in the works" since 2003. It is mentioned on the Final Destination 2 (2003) DVD.
Ian's last name, the high school's name and the town's name of McKinley, refer to President William McKinley, who was assassinated.
At first Chelan Simmons wasn't on board with doing nudity, but she later had a meeting with the directors and decided to do it.
In the original script, Ian McKinley was a female character who tried avoiding her boyfriend. Erin was originally a male character.
The title was previously known as Cheating Death: Final Destination 3 and Final Destination 3-D. 3-D was considered for the film, but it was deemed too expensive and complicated.
Amanda Crew originally auditioned for Erin and Alexz Johnson originally auditioned for Julie, but the actresses ended up switching parts.
During the filming, Alexz Johnson broke her nose.
Ian McKinley was originally called Logan and Frankie Cheeks was named Scotty.
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The writers paid tribute to the band Christopher Ward in each installment of Final Destination.
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Crystal Lowe and Mary Elizabeth Winstead also starred in Black Christmas together in 2006. Along with Kristen Cloke from the first Final Destination movie in the series.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The tanning bed scene was based on four urban legends. One is the legend of a bride-to-be, in some versions a sorority girl, who wanted the perfect tan but ended up cooking her insides by over-using tanning beds. The second and third legends involve the Ohio Players's hit song "Love Rollercoaster", which plays during the tanning scene. One of the legends goes that the scream heard between the first and second verses of the song is that of a woman being murdered while the song was being recorded. The other goes that the scream is that of the woman who modeled for the album cover art, because her flesh was torn off when the acrylic substance ladled over her naked body (to make it look like she was dripping with honey) was clumsily removed by crew members. The fourth urban legend is the one of the newlywed bride playing a game of hide-and-seek on her wedding day, who dies when the trunk she hides in locks with her inside. In some versions of the legend, something falls on the trunk, preventing the bride from being able to open it from the inside, much like the way the shelf fell onto the tanning beds, jamming them closed.
In the final subway scene, the three leading characters would meet the two survivors from FD2. Wendy and Kimberly were originally meant to be cousins. The plan was that Wendy would be in the subway with her cousin and her boyfriend before she ran into Kevin and Julie. The presence of Kimberly and Officer Burke would make perfect sense considering that Death's plan would reach its end with all the survivors dying. The two actors were not available for the re-shoots and therefore the scene was staged with Wendy 's roommate and her boyfriend instead.
Originally, the character Frankie Cheeks was not meant to die. Rather than being fatally struck from the back of the head by a spinning engine propeller as shown in the final film, he looks at his rear-view mirrors and narrowly escapes his supposed death himself with only a broken neck. He is then later arrested by police and is charged for indecent exposure, due to the police seeing his camera having photos of "too revealing" girls.
Depending on the 'Choose Their Fate' feature, either Ashley or Ashlyn get a slightly worse death than the other. In the original scene where they are both burned, Ashlyn gets the worse death as Ashley inadvertently breaks the glass on her tanning bed due to struggling and thus stops the heat. But Ashlyn's bed continues to pump out heat, scorching her worse than Ashley. In the alternate scene, Ashlyn simply gets knocked out by the shelf whereas Ashley is trapped and burned in addition to being electrocuted later on.
According to a newspaper article you find through the "Choose Their Fate" feature Kimberly Corman and Officer Thomas Burke died when they ran into each other at Goldstein's Hardware. A Camaro (owned by Evan Lewis, victim in FD2) rolled down a hill and crashed into the front of the store. The two attempted to escape from the rear only to meet their fate at the hands of a woodchipper. Kimberly's coat got caught, Thomas attempted to save her, both were pulled into the woodchipper. The woodchipper was owned by Roger Gibbons (whose son died at the end of FD2).
Ashley and Ashlyn (the two girls killed in the tanning beds) have Ash as shortened versions of their name. They burn in the beds, and ash is created when a body is burned.
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at around 1hr 11mins) while Wendy is driving to intervene on her sister's behalf at the fireworks show, Ian follows her in his van. Wendy swerves to miss hitting a black wolf which is ironic since Kris Lemche, the actor who plays Ian, hits a werewolf in the movie Ginger Snaps (his character is also driving a van). The irony continues as Ginger Snaps was another successful Canadian-filmed horror movie which went on to spawn two more sequels. In addition, Wendy's boyfriend, played by Jesse Moss was also in Ginger Snaps (where he played another character named Jason).
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