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Alternate Versions

The free preview bonus DVD that came packaged with the "Final Destination: Scared 2 Death Pack" featured an extended version of the scene where Wendy and Kevin are being escorted off the roller-coaster by security. In this version, they don't cut away to show the roller-coaster flying off the tracks. Instead you only hear the accident as a horrified Wendy witnesses the whole thing.
The new 2-Disc DVD contains a feature when you can control what happens throughout the movie. You can make decisions on characters actions, which results in changes through the course of the movie. There is plenty of new, re-shot footage, and different death scenes and survival scenes.
The changes on the DVD, if the viewer makes the appropriate choices, are as follows:
  • By choosing heads or tails when Jason and Kevin flip to see who will ride in the front, you cannot change what happens, only change what side of the coin Jason calls for (He calls Heads in the theatrical version). Regardless of the choice, Jason always wins, But if you select tails, after the premonition Wendy snatches the coin while it's in midair and freaks out, not even getting on the coaster. Jason, Carrie and Kevin follow her out, then the coaster crashes. Some text comes up explaining what ultimately became of all of them (none die) and then the movies ends.

  • By choosing to have Ashlyn set the temperature in the tanning room to 76 degrees, an alternate scene is played where she gets out of the booth, but is knocked out by the board, which still traps Ashley inside her booth. Ashlyn frees her, but as she grabs her hand, Ashley falls through the bed and is electrocuted, transferring the current to Ashlyn, killing her as well.

  • By having Wendy choose to honk the horn again at the drive-thru, an alternate scene is played where Frankie turns around and sees Wendy and Kevin. Kevin manages to pull Frankie to safety. In the next scene, he is being carted off in a stretcher, happily declaring he is going to sue for what happened and become rich. Later, when Kevin and Wendy leave the Police Station after the Department Store scene, Frankie is pulled out of a police car for soliciting an undercover officer.

  • If Wendy looks at Lewis' carnival picture again, an alternate scene plays where Kevin and Wendy are walking on the field, discussing how they are going to convince Lewis to believe them. Once inside, Lewis is already using the machine that kills him in the original cut. He yells out "Fisher! What the fuck are you doing here?!" and then his head is crushed just as it was in the original cut.

  • By choosing to have Ian fire a warning shot at the pigeons, the hardware store scene is slightly altered. Erin is still killed by the nail gun, but this time she loses her balance when the pigeons (who didn't leave because Ian didn't kill any of them) fly in her face and cause her to stumble backwards. The scene ends with one of the pigeons pecking away at Ian in the photo Wendy took at the carnival.

  • By selecting Jump Right, Ian still gets crushed, only this time his whole body is, instead of being ripped apart as in in the standard version. Wendy then throws the camera on the ground and stomps it, and she, Julie and Kevin walk away, but the camera takes one last photo and the film ends.

  • If Ian is killed normally, the film continues. If Map is selected, an extra scene, where a newspaper blows off of a homeless man who was using it as a blanket, is inserted. It reveals that the survivors of the second film were killed and the viewer is given the option to read the paper and get the details. Kimberly and Thomas were sucked into a faulty wood chipper owned by the farmer of the second film, after they tried to escape a runaway car that was owned by the unlucky lottery winner of the previous film. The death certificate was given by the doctor who was pregnant in the previous film and thought to be the key to surviving death's plan. They had met at the area by coincidence and according to the article, were haunted by the whole incident, with Kimberly dropping out of school and Thomas being sent down to desk duty.

  • After the newspaper sequence, the film ends as normal, except that the train wreck ends the film, with the final shot being Wendy getting smashed by the oncoming train.

German retail DVD is available in two versions: the uncut version (rated "Not under 18") and a cut version for mail order (it misses ca. 39 seconds and is rated "Not under 16").
US television uses an alternate version of Ashley and Ashlyn's tanning booth sequence without nudity, with slightly different dialogue for the "tan line" conversation.

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