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One of the great MMORPG's
hotspur9529 December 2005
What is a MMORPG? A Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Game.

Writing a full review of Everquest would be very tricky, and it is even more tricky from a 'movie website' point of view but here goes.

Firstly, from a gaming point of view ; I have been playing EQ for four years now, and have stuck to the same character through-out. The game is presented to the viewer as a 3-D virtual fantasy world of dragons and goblins. You start life as a new level one adventurer and work your way up to level 70 at which point you will be fighting minions of the gods themselves! I myself am still only level 68, mainly because like so many other players I have taken the 'scenic route'. There are many things to do in the game besides leveling your character. Working on your tradeskills (e.g. Baking, Smithing, Brewing), or 'factioning' - i.e. completing quests or killing the enemies of one faction to gain you favour in the eyes of another. e.g. Killing orcs to gain favour with the elves.

For me, the main lure of EQ and indeed any game like this, is the social aspect. In its heyday EQ could boast half a million subscribers, but I think there are less now. The game is separated into 30(ish) servers - separate instances of the game all running at the same time and typically there will be 2000 people playing on any given server at any given time. I play on the only European server - Antonious Bayle.

Players organise themselves into Guilds and the guild I am a member (and officer in) has a very friendly Euro feel to it. We have also organised real life meetings - Amsterdam, London. Brussels and Copenhagen so far!

So, to the game itself.

The original continents of the world of Norrath are Antonica - home to men, orcs, dark elves and halflings. (Halfling are non-union Hobbits :P ). Faydwer - home of dwarfs and elves. Odus - home to a dark skinned race of men called the Erudites.

EQ has run for so long it now has 10 expansion packs! Which surely must be a record. To give you an idea of the size of the game I will list them here.

The Ruins of Kanark : Introduced a new continent, inhabited by a xenophobic race of lizardmen.

The Scars of Velious : Introduced another continent, an icy area inhabited by giants, dwarfs and dragons.

The Shadows of Luclin : Luclin is the moon of Luclin. Inhabited by all manner of weirdos.

The Planes of Power : Introduced the planes of the gods. For many players (and myself) the game changed a lot from here on in. It became much more or a game, rather than a virtual world.

The Legacy of Ykesha : An island full of troll pirates. One of my favourites!

The Lost Dungeons of Norrath : New dungeons on the original continents. New gaming ideas.

Gates of Discord : A new continent. Telosia. (or something like that! :P )

Omens of War : A new area , The Planes of Discord. Pretty tough areas.

Dragons of Norrath : More lands are accessible on the continent of Antonica - inhabited by dragons!

Dungeons of Darkhollow : Underground dungeons beneath the Nektulous Forest of Antonica.

So, wow! This virtual world is massive! When you die - you are reborn at either a safe place or wherever you last chose as your safe point. You loose 'experience points' but these can be regained later by varied means.

Currently the game is so heavy with stuff that has been added with each expansion that it is in danger of becoming totally inaccessible to new players, but the design team have recognised this and have redone the user interface among other things.

If you have never tried a MMORPG before, this would be as good a one to try as any, but there are newer ones around - such as Everquest 2 (never but much smaller) and World of Warcraft.

Anyway - in terms of 'movie' like stuff there isn't much. In Everquest 2 - there are well known voice actors such as Christopher Lee. In the original game there are small examples of voice acting but I should think it was all done in-house. The tutorials all have this guy with a thick American accent!

I love Everquest, despite its many flaws, and I think it will be around for a long time because it has a certain type of magic about it. The newer games of this genre are faster paced, but loose something for doing this. EQ2 and WoW I would compare to ripping and readable yarns - Harry Potter or something. Everquest is like War and Peace - a huge beast of a game, but untimely worth getting to grips with :)
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OK, here is an update to the other review.....
undrtakr221 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
First off, I love to play the game, it is great! Next, there are MANY variations of how you can play the game. OK, I have been playing, technically since 1999, but I have had my own account on there, since 2000, So, I do have plenty of info, and like now, there is a new highest level of 105(Only if you have the expansion just past the freebie expansion, now, so, if you do not, it is level 100, then.). Also, there are new weapons, armor and some stuff you could not get, unless you had an "All Access(Gold)" membership, you could not touch these pieces of armor, weapons, and so on, but, it has gone from "prestige" to run-of-the-mill type stuff, which helps make it a bit easier to not die as easily(lol). Also, you will have up to the CoTF(AKA Call of The Forsaken) expansion, and here shortly, will be automatically upgraded to the next expansion, when the new expansion is released(From what I have heard, it will be around October 2016.), plus, there are tons of new spells and etc, but, I suggest, if you are to play, keep in-mind, to make a lot of good friends, we are there, so, just do not linger around just 1 person, it does get annoying, especially when we tell ya, to go out, and group with others, and just talk to them, create a friendship, and maybe you can group with them, if they are much higher level then you are(The range is 1 1/2 times your level, until you hit level 70, then it goes by the cap level of 30 levels above your toon.), when you get within range, it makes a huge difference, we do not try to be mean or anything, we just get frustrated, when we are the only person ya keep bugging for "buffs(Spells, that enhance your character, or toon, as we like to say.)". Also, try to ask a lot of questions, if you have never played before, and like movies, like Dungeons & Dragons, and Lord of The Rings, and etc, but keep in mind, it won't be super easy right away, you do have to do some work to build up a friendship, and your character, so you can have a great time! Also, before I finish, to use the rank 2 or rank 3 spells(AKA rk2/rk3, is how we say it in the game.), you have to have an "All Access" account, and 1 more thing, before I forget, since so many newbies do not know this(I was 1 of them..lol), but, when you are not using your mercenary(For a bit more info, the newbies AKA "greenies" as we like to say in the game, they can only receive a Tier II apprentice mercenary, but the "silver(AKA someone who started out paying to be a gold/all access account, but does not pay anymore.)" accounts can receive the Tier V Apprentice mercenaries, while the All Access accounts can start-out with the Journeyman Tier I mercenaries and once you hit level 85, can receive the Journeyman Tier V(Highest level of mercenary you can get.) mercenaries, which will make a huge difference in Tiers, plus, when you are not using it, as in, just sitting in the Plane of Knowledge(AKA PoK in the game, where the buff timers do not dwindle down, same as the GL AKA Guild Lobby.), set them to "Passive", and when you do so, after the very next charge they will give you(Since that 15minutes would have started, obviously.), they will start to "waive" their charges, until you reset them back to their original setting(Depending on if it is the healer/tank/DPS caster/DPS melee attackers.), so you may use them to heal your toons or attack for you, then they will start to charge you, again. Also, the difference between a caster and melee is that, a caster uses spells primarily, while a melee uses their physical being, like a sword or hammer, or their bare hands, to attack with. Also, before I forget to explain this, there are countless quests & tasks to play, to go that "scenic route", so you don't have to rush your way through the levels, you can learn how to truly play your toon, by actually going through those tasks and quests, to learn what each spell or weapon can enhance your skills, or save your life, and etc. Please remember to gain as many friends, that you can, so that, if you have a quick question, they can answer them, fairly easily, for you!
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