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Poor Production
ileanamargarita192 October 2017
I am Latina, and I have seen better Mexican productions than this one. Rebelde is very poor production, performance is a shame. Actually I was surprised seen one of the best and well known Mexican Actors having a role in this poor production. However, he is an excellent actor and I still admire his work. In summary, this production is a shame. In general Mexican productions are known to be the best in the Hispanic Community, but with this production, they did not do a good job.
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Rebelde is a series about teenagers in a private elite school and the obstacles they face as teenagers..
Catherine Parker30 June 2012
This series is great, it is full of fun, friendships, romance, break ups and make ups and obstacles that block these teens dreams and it also is a about family and acceptance and other matters that teens face. This series will make you laugh, cry and inspire you. The characters in this series are very appealing to the audience and relatable. Their stories, struggles and triumphs are well felt with the audience. Not only is this series awesome, the cast members are very attractive to the eye, which is surely a plus making this series even more awesome...SUPER AWESOME!!! WATCH THIS SERIES YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO SPEACK Spanish TO UNDERSTAND IT LOL!!! This series is very very very AWESOME so WATCH IT!!! :) LOL It is a great series, so please don't miss out!!!
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rebelde is amazing
laura-rbd-dance9 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
this was an amazing program. i loved them all i am Australian but i do also speak Spanish cause of my mum and dad being Colombian. :P i love this programmed i saw it on cable UBI world TV. i love the issues involved sex, harassment,bullying etc amazing Mia(Anahi), Lupita(Maite) y Roberta(Dulce). Giovanni(Christian), Diego(Christopher y Miguel(Alfons-Poncho) amazing you all xx xx yo ten-go 15 y via es program ma when I was 10 or 11 years old :P I love it all very much. My favorite character was Mia because of how much of a girl she was,but her kindness and understanding towards others just made me feel so happy that made me think about if my friends were that loyal which is why I'm not friends with those old girls i used to hang out with.I also like Roberta because of her smartness although when she talked to someone she sort of just spoke it out there and never really thought about Wat she was going to say but this girl wasn't plastic unlike Mia who is very plastic and just needs to be a bit more human. Where as Roberta needs to be a bit more calmed she has a very kind heart and very nice to all of her friends and is willing to be friends with just about anyone. xxx Lupita is very sweet kind and gentle and soft and quiet. which is why she makes better of friends with Mia. but also with Roberta she makes good friends with her because Roberta is very more down to earth and willing to have friends over at her house so is Mia but Mia will be like trying to give her a full on fashion make-over xx xx<3<3<3<3<3 Where with Roberta they will be more like playing some sort of type of game. Roberta is all bout a party and Mia is all about the Fashion. xxx Which is why I love Mia/Anahi 4eva xx<3 Love ya
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"Saved By the Bell" in Spanish
Leggyzgal11 December 2008
I originally started watching this show to perfect my Spanish skills;I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. If you loved "Saved By The Bell," you will love this show too, whether you speak Spanish or not. I've watched it with the subtitles on, and the English translation is accurate without sacrificing the meaning of slang/expressions. While the show tries to tackle some serious issues that teenagers face, it does so in an exaggerated way (think the "Jesse takes caffeine pills to study" episode of SBTB). There are serious doses of comic relief, teenage romance, brushes with adults/authority, ridiculous situations, all set up in a way more reminiscent of the American teen show than of traditional telenovelas (which are basically shorter soap operas). To complete the comparison, you have the band-within-the-show, whose music is the soundtrack to every episode. Think the "Zack Attack", but throughout the show and also as a real-life (and, incidentally, SUPER-successful) pop group. I cannot stress enough that YOU DO NOT NEED TO SPEAK Spanish TO BECOME COMPLETELY ADDICTED TO THIS SHOW; there are enough posts by English speakers to prove it. Any Spanish ability you possess will only make the show more enjoyable.
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Marusi8 January 2008
Rebelde is such a good Spanish novel. I was sick one day so i watched it. The actors are cute,the story is interesting. It"s not like a usual novel. It is so much better. The best! I watch it every day and all my friends watch it too. Diego and Miguel are so sexy =). It is so nice that Mia + Miguel and Roberta + Diego are together in the end. They are so funny, smart, amusing... I really like them! I will watch this novel till the end. We are in the beginning now. Mia is not blonde yet and Roberta is not r yet. I love their language, i speak it too. So there is no problem for me to understand what are they saying. I hope that Rebelde will never end.
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You don't have to know whats going on to Enjoy the Hell out of Rebelde
rbwebdesing23 May 2007
Now heres whats going on, First of all I speak English(never took Spanish) I read Sarah (that70sgirl7887) post and it inspired me. I was going to college a NKU and in Kentucky they have Univison. Now I always liked when things confused me. So I turned it on at 3:00 durring my break from school and I saw Correnzone al Limete(Probably not spelled right) at 3:00pm est time. So I moved back to Cincinnati for a year(were I'm from) and no univison. So a year later I switch from Time warner Cable to satellite and I turn to watch my show at 3:00 and I see rebelde I see whats this. I'll tell you what it is, the second best show on TV(The Sopranos is the 1st, but thats hard to beat). So I watched from season until the end of the show in December. Dulce Maria is amazing, I mean she's beautiful. A lot of the girls keep my action but the don't compare to Dulce. Anyway I bought the 1st two seasons on DVD and they have English subtitles, It's so much better than I thought. Best Univsion show ever. I've seen its replacement Codigal Postal, It sucks to be nice. But honestly its an embarrisment.
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elchicojoven27 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Rebelde started off great, season one had many great events, like the logia, and the love triangles, but the second and third season was horrible, especially season two. The second season started off the exact same place the first season ended, literally, the same spot Roberta was in the first season was the way the second season started. Mia and Miguel where stranded on the island too long, and all they did was try to have sex, and they didn't, and try to find a boat. The second season dealt with the same love triangles, and took place in the school to much, the show became way to predictable. The only good parts where the students tried to form the band. The third season made a good attempt to revive the series but it wasn't good enough, Celina being pregnant, and Gaston dying was good, but the love situation being the theme of the series was weak. The Gran finale was good, I could tell the original writer (Rebelde Way)known they could have done better. Having Roberta giving speeches about everybody in the end isn't a fond memory. Rebelde did to much item promotions, and the actors looked to old to be playing 15 year-old, and some of the young actors don't have good enough acting experience. The show could have used major improvement in the second and third season. Some things from season one were left hanging, for example, in season two it seemed like la logia never existed, it's like Pilar and the rest forgot about them completely, and it seems like the people who have impacted the characters lives Ex: Enrique, Julieta, Paola, Simon, La Logia, never existed after the end of season one, and some of the teachers magically vanished from the plot. The story made a few weak attempts to talk about other teen issues, but they didn't do a good enough job. They played some songs that didn't go with the scene, and some scenes didn't even need the Portuguese version of a song by RBD. Some characters seem undeveloped, in my opinion Mia is this character, because her metamorphosis in the story isn't huge just minor. There where way to many characters in the series and those characters get one liners every once in a while.

The show was great but season two and three should have never been made, season one could have just been the whole novel.
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Michael Valenti (avalco)9 December 2006
Rebelde is an amazing show that breaks all cultural barriers. You do not need to speak Spanish to enjoy the show, because of it's vast amount of physical humor that translates to every language. The characters of Mia, Roberta, Lupita, Giovanni, Diego and Miguel are fun and lovable and also bring a tremendous amount of sex appeal. There are some points where I watch the show and I can't stop laughing. The show has the ability to do a complete 180 and display heartwarming emotional scenes. If you are tired of worn out American shows dealing with the perils of high school students, then I strongly recommend that you give Rebelde a try.
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Rebelde Is the Best!!
Adiccion_R12 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This show is a very good remake of a popular Argentinan show called "Rebelde Way". It has everything a good teenage show should have. There's love, conflict, jealousy, and betrayal. Every year, Televisa comes out with the same t.v. show, they just find a way to twist the plot a little bit and put a different name on it. What sets this show apart from the other ones is that the characters don't have these perfect lives. The actors are great at bringing the characters to life and making them seem real. They're not fake like the other shows. It takes place in Mexico in the Elite Way School, a private boarding school for rich kids. It focuses on four main characters (Mia, Miguel, Diego, and Roberta). Other also very important characters are Lupita and Giovanni.

Mia is the only daughter of a very famous designer, Franco Collucci. She is your classic "fressa". Definition: the spoiled little girl that always gets what she wants, but also the sweet, sensitive, and caring girl that is a romantic. As you would expect, she is the most popular girl in the Elite Way School. She falls in love with Miguel.

Miguel is a scholarship student from Monterrey. He came to Mexico to get revenge from Franco Collucci because he thinks that he was responsible for his dad's death, but instead, he falls in love with Mia. He is a really nice guy that loves his family to death and he would do absolutely anything to help his friends. He's a big rebel.

Roberta is the rebel, but deep inside, she is a sweet person that really cares. She has a lot of issues with her mom, Alma Rey, because she feels jealous of her looks and fells that she neglected her in her childhood. She falls in love with Diego. She will do everything for her friends.

Diego is the daddy's boy. He solves whatever problem he has by calling his dad, Leon Bustamante. Towards the end, though, he starts becoming independent. He falls in love with Roberta, but she won't accept him because he's a daddy's boy.

Lupita is the sweet and smart girl. She is a scholarship student. She's a really caring person and always goes around solving everyone's problems, but she has trouble solving her own problems. She loves her family a lot and is always there for his friends.

Giovann is the poor boy. He acts like he's rich, but he's not. He is ashamed of his parents. He's the "player" that dates almost all the girls on the show, and he adds comedy to the show.

During the show, Mia, Miguel, Roberta, Diego, Lupita, and Giovanni get together and form a band, RBD. It is a huge hit, and by the end of the show they have released their first CD.
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lavipoli30 June 2006
This is the soap opera I ever liked so much.It's great,it's for teenagers.There are a lot of problems the teenagers get in,they are rich and don't care about anything else but doing what they like. It's cool to watch and don't miss it...Roberta is my favorite character from the soap opera. I am almost like Lujan cause I also dress sport like her but I ain't so bad like her ( only sometimes she is bad ) . The boy who plays with the girls is Joaquin (he's the pretty boy) . The cute boy and good person is Miguel . Mia is the popular girl that every boy wants . Lupita is the good girl that first try too see the good side of a person. I also like Roberta's mom cause she is so understanding and she is almost like a teenager. I hope you will enjoy too.
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it's the best
Andra Bold25 June 2006
Although i ain't a fan of "telenovelas" or soap operas.....i was pretty amazed to see that these kids are not fake, but they act just like real teenagers...i really love the way they turn their character into a real person....besides, the cutest boys i have ever seen are Miguel Arango (Alfonso Herrera) and Diego Bustamante (Christopher von Uckerman). And the girls...they are so funny and alive...i love RBD....they are the best!!! This is the story of many their lives together...trying to learn to accept each other exactly the way they we have....Barbie doll - Mia, the vindictive - Miguel, daddy's boy - Diego, the real rebel - Roberta, the peace maker - Lupita, and of course liar liar pants on fire - Giovanni :P They are Rebelede, RBD, the most loved and lovable rebels....besides..they sing like angels...and i could say thousands of things about them....because...they are my thing this summer :P
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best show that has ever exisited!!!!
chikarebelde0911 March 2006
This is the best n o v e l a ever I'm Mexikan n I'm proud so of course I speak Spanish I love this n o v e l a Its so awesome Itz so famous around the whole wide world Their band, Rbd, sing awesome The girls r pretty & The guys r so freaking hot

www.f a n s d e k or a z on. c j is my fan group 4 them

Rebelde is the story of four teenagers who go to the "Elite Way School" a famous international private school. In the school we find Miguel. Miguel is a kid who goes to school due to a scholarship. His goal in life is to become rich and get a revenge on the man who ruined his father and caused his dad to commit suicide. During his plan of revenge he realizes that the man he hates the most is the father of the love of his life, Mia. She is the daughter of Franco, a rich powerful man. Mia is the most popular girl in school and is always happy. Her mother died so Alma is like a mother she never had. Alma is a singer and, mother of Roberta. Roberta is a girl who has always lived in her mom's famous shadow. she speaks her mind and is a punk, defends others in need. For that reason she always doubts her great beauty and her talent. Then there's Diego, a boy who grew up knowing that his destiny was to be in politics. His role model is his dad, a mean cold man. And because of that Diego is mean and cold as well. In the school the four teens meet Enrique, a young teacher that will change their lives forever. want to know more then visit my group.

I love Rebelde & Rbd...
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bruxa_e29 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I'm Mexican and I've watched this soap opera twice... It's completely awful, the characters are Orel persons, the don't represent what real Mexican young people is like. And, in fact, it is not even original, every year, all life is the same story at the same channel at the same time, the same actors... this soap opera is just the new "clase 406". And I also have to say that the characters are not "rebeldes", they are just rich boys without any problem in life, beautiful girls with big boobs and small skirts, the teachers are the same age than the students, the same happens with some of the parents, all of them are people with nothing to do in life. The music is horrible... they don't really sing, they just move their mouths and dance...
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Fun and Addicting
lizzzerrd27 January 2006
I am an American teenager who spent time in a town in Central America where every single teenager watched this show. I'd say it's like The O.C. but more with even more ridiculous drama. It's set at the Elite Way School, a boarding school where the students dress in revealing uniforms, the teachers have as many affairs as the kids, and they never really do any work. Nevertheless, the show is awesome! It's so fun and even my non-Spanish-speaking friends love it! It also spawned the pop group RBD which is a huge success in Latin America. Check out their website, the songs are fun, and watch Rebelde on any American Spanish channel(Univision has it every day at 3). Enjoy!
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sweetchocolat40026 December 2005
I think that this show is a very cool show. After every single episode you are hooked and cant wait for the next day to see what happens next.The show consists of many characters but the main ones include Roberta,Diego,Mia,Miguel,Lupita,and Giovanni. These characters are also the ones who make up the band RBD.This shows takes place in the Elite Way School in Mexico City.This show is about romance,violence,friendship,and it is also funny. It also has many songs throughout the show which are very cool and they are the songs that RBD sings.This show is very exciting and I think that everyone should watch it.i love Rebelde and they also have very good-looking guys. Especially Diego and Santos.Well you should watch this show, you'll love it!!!
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Great Spanish-language program, according to French-language student
Daniel Blanchette3 December 2005
Before I comment, let me tell you beforehand that I'm a French IV student in high school. Recently, I came home from school and I turned on the TV to see what's on. I had never watched Spanish-language programming before, and although there was initially a language barrier, I managed to understand most of what was going on (since French and Spanish are Romance languages, meaning that they are derived from Latin) and I liked it. Unlike other drama programs I've seen, it is different. I think different is good. Once you get beyond the obvious language barrier, you get to appreciate what a masterpiece this program is. This TV program is one I think would be hard to replicate in English. The theme song is very catchy, and you can easily pick up on it. Overall, this a great program. If you ever have a chance to watch this program, you will enjoy it.
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One of the best shows I've seen in a while!!!
nahsplace2 December 2005
I don't speak Spanish. But one day at work, a buddy of mine and myself was browsing the channels in the break room when we came upon a Spanish show (Rebelde) and although we didn't know what they were saying it looked interesting. That was about 3 months ago and from then on I have taped every show. I now know almost all the characters and I have looked them up and know a little more about them. I have also browsed the internet to find that the show REBELDE and the group RBD is having huge success! They are rated #1 of all age groups and in different countries. People from everywhere are getting into the REBELDE craze. Even though these are actors, I know that in reality they are a good group of people. Just like our actors in the U.S. they play characters but thats just acting. I like all the songs (most are from the RBD group) and the plot lines. Once I learn Spanish I am sure it will be a lot easier then trying to guess whats happening. I'm a true REBELDE fan now and will keep watching. I'm on the lookout for the DVD. My RBD CD are on the way!!!! 2 Thumbs way up!!
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Ellie3219030 November 2005
I think this is one of the best Mexican soap opera since Clase 406. The characters are amazing. The reason the soap opera is amazing, to say the least is because it has humor, romance...etc. All of that brought to you in one soap opera.

The character of Mia is your typical "Fresa" girl. Sure she's very wealthy, but she's also a caring person.

Roberta is your " rebel." She's the daughter of a famous singer. Although she looks tough from the outside, she's really a softy on the inside.

Miguel is a nice guy who loves his family and would do anything for his friends. He entered the Elite way school to avenge his father's death.

Diego is the son of a power politician. He's known as a" daddy's boy." Whenever he's in trouble he can just call his dad up and that problem will be solved.

It's very good. I recommend it to anyone.
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one word...Rebelde
Lo_que_ves12 November 2005
I love this show, really. I remember I decided to watch the 1st episode just because "Crazones al Limite" ended but after that 1st episode I was hooked. I mean its mainly about 4 people; Diego Bustamante, son of a political leader Leon Bustamante, Roberta Pardo, daughter of Famous Singer Alma Rey, Mia Colucci, daughter of famous fashion designer Franco Colucci and Miguel Arango, his father was killed and he thinks that Franco had something to do with it so he entered the school to get revenge. Little did Miguel know that he was gonna fall in love with, Franco's daughter, Mia, and go through problems dealing with her, meanwhile Roberta and Diego fall in love and have their own problems. 6 kids from the school have a band called RBD (Diego, Mia, Roberta, Miguel, Lupita and Giovanni) who perform in their friend Nico Huber's club. without Mia, Miguel, Roberta, Diego, Vico, Celina, Teo, Nico, Lupita, Lujan, Giovanni, Tomas, Pilar, Raquel, Madariaga, Sol, Santos and whoever else I am missing this show wouldn't be...REBELDE
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Rebelde Rules!
Roni Roni3 November 2005
Rebelde is a good show. Just because someone decides to post something negative does not mean that it is a bad show. Let me ask you something Shade Priest, if the show sucks so bad why do so many people watch it here in the states and in countries all over the world. How come the band RBD is selling so many albums and the their songs are topping the billboard charts? The show is good it shows teens who make bad decisions and get involved with the wrong people. It entertains people all over the world. I give the show a 15 because it is so funny. If you listen to half the stuff that comes out of Mia's mouth, you think wow am i like that? or is my friend like that? The great thing about it, is that everyone has a friend like Mia, Miguel, Roberta,Lupe and so on. The characters are like real people. They have similar traits to people i know.
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The Best Ever
letty15027 October 2005
Rebelde is one of the best Mexican soap operas of all times. I think that it represents the young people of the new generation. Not only do they show how true friendships are developed, but they have comedy and their music is very cool and new. I truly can say that Rebelde is the best Novela that I have ever seen in my life; and believe me!! I was born watching soap operas. All my friends even guy friends are into this Novela. I would recommend anyone who reads this comment to give it a try and watch it. Trust me you would love it and will not want to miss any episodes. If you see it come back to IMDb and write what you think about it, even if you totally hate it.
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Absolutely Awesome!!
Sarah (that70sgirl7887)25 October 2005
So I started watching Rebelde when I was home sick one day and there was nothing else on TV so I decided to check out the Spanish channel even though I don't speak one word of Spanish. It took me a while to get to know who the characters were, but once I started watching it on a more consistent basis not only were the characters interesting but their story lines were easy to follow, even if you don't know the language. And then when I found out that six of the actors from Rebelde were in a Spanish Pop group called RBD, and frequently there music is used on the show, it's adds a bit to it. Overall I think Rebelde can easily be enjoyed by anyone no matter their language just as if they have the patience to get to know who the characters are and even though I know I completely miss things, it is quite fun to try and guess what they are saying. When Rebelde's released on DVD I'll tell ya I'll be right there buying my copy!!
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shade_priest28 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
it's a shame that we have to see this stupid parody of 90210. I think it's the worst soap opera in Mexico. if it weren't for the hot bimbos, they wouldn't have any ratings. and the worst of it, it's only a copy of a show that didn't quite make it in Argentina.

The TV show doesn't represents a typical Mexican teen, or a teen idealistic enough to be called "rebel", they just show a bunch o0f snobbish preppy Girls

I think that is a show that should be put to an end as soon as possible, I mean we are as screw up as we are, we don't need any more of the same crap.
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Ismael Hernandez17 September 2005
The story takes place in "Elite Way School" in Mexico City. There the young adolescents siblings who politics and wealthy people brought to the world study the high school. The story talk about the rebel students of this school. Mia, Miguel, Roberta, Diego, Lupita, Giovanni, Jose, Teo, Nico, Tomas, Celina, Vico, Raquel, Sol,Roco, Bianca, Lola, Mauricio, Satos, Roger and Pilar. Mia is the classic fashion girl who hates Miguel but he really loves him. Roberta and Diego will have problems caused by the father of him. They all will have to learn to be friends.

Adventure, laughs, romance, fun, drama. This is the best hit of the Mexican soap operas.
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