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Dante's Eden...
arno_5424 October 2014
I've read all the reviews and posts on the site, and it's quite an interesting mix of opinions.

To me, DANTE'S COVE is a cool and innovating show as I've never seen any single episode of the others TV-Series mentioned here as 'Buffy the vampire slayer - The OC's -or- Charmed'. I must say that generally, I'm not that much attracted by supernatural genre. It bores me a lot. But not for DANTE'S COVE. I retrieve what I've appreciated in 'Queer As Folk & Tales of the City' : a community spirit combined with mutual help, fun (and venomous tongues !).

I think the writing's just fine (even if the red-eyes thing is far too much !) and for sure some of the actors really CAN act (as Tracy Scoggins, Thea Gill & Charlie David for firsts). I find in this show what I search on TV - well for this kind of stuff : something entertaining, eyes-candy and refreshing. (My on-screen-witchcraft knowledge mostly is limited to Elvira's, I guess !) so I like what I see on the 13 episodes of this Series (I include the 'Unaired Pilot'). And Goash, Charlie David is a Hunk ! I hope so much that one day we'll get the chance to see the Fourth Season : I know I'll go back to this Cove with a delighted (and non-guilty) pleasure again...
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IMDb misses musical info!
erikmusicproductions19 August 2014
Hi... my stage name is ERIK, and I am a Canadian Recording Artist. 2 of my songs appeared on the soundtrack of Dante's Cove (Season 2 .. episodes 2 and 5 I believe). IMDb lists the artist that performed the theme song, but no one else.

Not trying to pull a look-at-me here, but it's on my resume and should be acknowledged here. I was, and am, proud to be part of this GBLTQ step forward, and have tons of new tunes I would be happy to have used on future regent projects! Anyways cheers and continued success to the series, now in syndication everywhere!

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utterly ridiculous
ambidaud17 September 2011
I loved Queer As folk because the characters were complex: it was not simply about gay characters but about flesh and blood people. Besides, all the actors were excellent. But Dante's Cove is so ridiculous and funny, though not voluntarily...

The Gothic background is a caricature, with witches having red, glaring eyes when they curse their victims, and people turning into dust all of a sudden. Harry Potter sounds like Kierkegaard compared to that rubbish of hidden manuscripts, pentagrams and undead people... The acting is below awful, so much so that I couldn't help laughing most of the time. And the sex scenes so conventional, the men looking all more or less alike. A real waste of time! (and money if you have been unfortunate enough to buy this series)
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All and all good series
Ryan S9 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I stumbled across Dante's Cove one day at blockbuster and decided to rent it. The first season was a little on the rough side, and the acting wasn't the best but it kept my attention. The show obviously had a low budget and was working with what little money they had. I did love the theme of it. To me the show is like Buffy the Vampire Slayer mixed in with a my personal favorite Charmed and made the characters gay. Shows like these are hard to come by. I love the way the 1st season ended with Toby being thrown in the water and grace breaking free. It left me wanting more.

I decided to buy the second season. There was an extremely noticeable set change and I believe this was due to a budget increase. It took a minute to get use too but I fell in love with the new set. They also got more actors,replaced the actor who played Adam with Jon Flemming (HOT), got rid of most of the bad actors and the show improved a lot. I must say there was still some bad acting but as the season rolled on it got better. I will even go as far as saying that the acting was 100% better than the first season. So if you stopped watching after the 1st season give it another chance. The constant thunder and lightning stopped as well, which was part of the reason the 1st season wasn't the best. They ended season 2 in cliff hanger with Ambrosius taking Kevin as his prisoner. Once again leaving me wanting more.

Season 3 they did it again. Another set change but at least this time they covered it up, saying that the one side of the island was washed away after a tsunami. They got rid of most of the new actors they brought in at season 2 within the first 2 episodes and changed the actress that played Michelle. They also got rid of my favorite on the show from season 1 who is van =(. They brought in about 3 or 4 new actors, which only one of them had no business being on any show at all but all in all the acting was just about dead on this season, with a few noticeable bad spots but it was good. This season instead of everyone being against each other, they had to band together and fight something else. And for the 3rd time they left me wanting more by Showing Toby and Adam trapped in a mirror world of some kind.

So once again, if you stopped watching because the 1st season wasn't the best give it another shot. This show is worth giving a second chance. Can't wait for season 4 coming soon.
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Stupid, worst acting ever..
Alex Bryan27 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Worst acting ever.. The worst of it: both of the main role, Toby n Kevin acting are the worst compare to the other actor..

Toby - His movement throughout the movie are unrealistic.. Kevin - His face are the worst of all.. and he claim to be Straight(Gregory Micheal)??? Don't believe it.. He is DAMN GAY!!!

The only watchable in this movie was the sex scene.. (It's because the actor are naked, so the audience are looking at their body..) Even though most of the scene are unrealistic.. It is awful and painful to see...

--not recommended--
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Fun stuff - not for stuffy people
david-d-627 September 2008
Dante's Cove is a blast. It's not for culture snobs who pooh-pooh shows like Queer as Folk for being "too out there" or who like to denigrate anything you wouldn't see at Cannes, but for those of us who can appreciate a sexy, fun show with engaging characters, some dark magic, and a few divas, it's top notch.

Tracy Scoggins is just fantastic as Grace, one of the lead characters. The ensemble cast has great chemistry, and after you watch the first season, you may find yourself, like I did, wanting more and more.

While there is a great mystery going on across the three episodes, the strands that run through the show of unrequited love, coming out, questions over the role monogamy has in some relationships, possession versus love, etc. all are played out through the many twists and turns that this fun, mysterious, and magical romp has in store for its viewers.

If you loved Queer as Folk, or maybe even Dynasty for all you folks out there my age, you'll really enjoy Dante's Cove and will be looking forward to the next episode to see what your friends on the cove are up to this week. Sure, stay away if your inclinations tend exclusively to art films and high culture and academy award winning performances. But if you're more flexible in your support of gay programming and like the idea of a steamy gay soap opera with a magical mystery twist and, in my opinion, pretty good acting (how DOES one prepare to play a 200 year old witch in modern times?) then it's a good bet that you'll have lots of fun with this series.
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Getting my ticket to the cove....
enlewellyn-12 September 2008

What I can say is that season 1 and 2 were really a soft core porn supernatural soap opera. With that said I additionally will review is that season 3 did bring it all together and for me (and this may not be a big jump for some) brought this series into a comic book realm, beyond a soap opera, which I did truly enjoy, the sex became a device of the story, rather than a major part, the plot turned from drama, to thrill and action. The characters came together, even though there were a few, how did they know that. Regardless, in watching the entire series I recommend this, I haven't laughed this much in a show from shock (at the commingling, situations), freeness and sensation. And I haven't cried and laughed in almost the same moment (yeah I did both to my surprise), it's special and I recommend it (some may wish to fast forward the lesbian/gay scenes, depending on your orientation) nuff said.


P.S. Please watch the "Behind the Scenes" as you will notice references I had mentioned, "Dark Shadows" and I will say "Dynasty and Falcon Crest" in the beginning. Season 3 was a great comic book I would have collected, brought to film. Anyway. I do recommend this for your next party, when no one really wants to think, but wants to have a bit of titillation and enjoy the "drama" sit back and be glad they are not there, even though Dante's Cove is paradise (without virgins). Now to get my ticket….
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Deliciously dreadful
marcelproust1 August 2008
God, how I love this programme.

They say that if you put a thousand monkeys in a room with a thousand typewriters then in a thousand years they will write the works of Shakespeare.

Some years ago a group of producers put one monkey in a room with an etch-a-sketch and the result was: Dante's Cove.

It's genius. A parallel world where concepts that we accept as normal just do not exist. Like "acting". And "shirts".

But goodness me, what a wonderful place to live. An entire island populated by beautiful, young, sexy people. And Tracy Scoggins.

It's a place where someone called Reichen Lehmkuhl (who apparently won a reality TV show and dated Lance Bass) must atone for his sins by submitting to living his life under a sheen of baby oil.

It's where we marvel at the "performance" of Charlie David - possibly the most wooden actor who ever lived. (Let me put it this way - that chiselled torso isn't so much the result of Gold's Gym as it is a carpenter's workshop. No really, you can see the other actors batting away the splinters.)

In short, a masterpiece. I wouldn't miss an episode.
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Improving greatly!
rambler-96 July 2008
When I saw the first season, I posted a review and commented on the bad acting and sub-par writing. But, I really enjoyed the show anyway. I'm glad I stuck with it, because it's gotten better. A LOT better.

It has all the basic elements I like - Gothic plot line, romance, and skin on screen. The writing, acting, and directing have come a long way since Season 1 - in fact, I would have to say Season 3 is by far the strongest yet. The writing is tighter, the performances turned in by series veterans have improved enormously (Charlie David in particular is giving substantially-improved performances) and the show is just plain FUN! Gothic Horror is a genre I love, and Dante's Cove delivers that. Especially in Season 1 (the show moved shooting locations to Hawai'i starting Season 2) there are great locations with old architecture and some spooky native locales. The cast is hot, the sex is getting hotter by the season, and the plot lines are engaging - covering all the territory from "jealous boyfriend" to "jilted fiancée" to "mind-controlling warlock" as time rolls on in the show. There is humor (both intended and not, I think), drama, and by Season 3 the camp atmosphere feels more intended than accidental and the show has finally hit its stride.

One ding - every season the show appears to move. Between Season 1 and 2, shooting moved to Hawai'i (O'ahu, to be exact) so some established locations either just changed (The Hotel Dante) or "closed for renovations" (the Historical Society building.) Between Seasons 2 and 3 we've moved locales again! For reasons I won't get into here, we're not spending any more time at the hotel. The feel of the locales has moved from Gothic to Paradise Beach - while Hawai'i is gorgeous, it's a bit sunny and fun for the feel I got from the first season. Personally, I find the constant venue changes jarring, and hope we'll get to see some of the same locations for Season 4 when it arrives, or perhaps return for a bit to some older ones.

In any event, I love this show. For those who haven't figured this out yet, it does feature full-frontal nudity (male) and lots of sex - gay, lesbian, and IIRC a straight scene or two. The show (with the sole exception of the opening five minutes of Season 1) doesn't show full-frontal with erection, which occasionally looks strange given what's supposed to be going on, and which seems strange given where it went in the show's opening five minutes of Season 1. A couple of the actors are obviously not planning on full-frontal, and occasionally contort to avoid it, while extras are frequently (and occasionally pointlessly) nude, and soft even when horn-dogging someone. Perhaps more creative set staging or action blocking could help them cover up without looking so odd doing it, or maybe they'll decide one day that full-frontal in a gay soap is not career-ending. While I'm not looking for pornography here, a touch more realism would help with "suspension of disbelief" quite a bit.

All in all, if you like horror, and like gay themes, give "Dante's Cove" a try. Try to watch at least two seasons, and I really recommend going for the third - it's the strongest yet, and starts to deliver on the promise of the premise that we've been waiting for from the beginning.
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Dante's Cove - Three Successful Seasons
allencommon2 July 2008
If you search Itunes by Dante's Cove you can now purchase the music from the first three seasons. Dying to Be With You is one of the best theme songs out there.

The women definitely are the stronger actresses. Especially with Thea Gill and Tracy Scoggins.

The male leads - Charlie David and Jon Fleming give great eye candy.

I hope they bring the show back for a fourth season as it's the new Queer As Folk. Plus, The Lair was a successful spin off of Dante's Cove.

The music by Eric Allaman is fantastic!
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SWEETSILENCE1818 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I know it's not supposed to be funny, but it totally is! At times I couldn't even look at the screen, but then when I made myself look, all I could do was scoff and snicker. For that alone I will watch it, even if it's over-acted and pointless. It makes no sense at times and you may get lost, but the bad acting will make you laugh out loud. At times I would just shake my head and say "What the freak is wrong with these people!". But still I watched if only to see hot well-endowed guys naked and having simulated sex....which was why I first decided to watch it in the first place. Long live the crappy soap genre!

If you're not comfortable seeing other guys naked and you require a followable plot then this is not the show for you.
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It's a decent show
FireGoblet18 November 2007
OK this is hard cause i like this series but the acting is a little crappy but I really like the story and the extra sex scenes are a added bonus. I loved the supernatural aspect of it , mind you it's not super well done . Most likely do to budget but it was really crappy . I still really think it's a good series worth watching, so does everyone else i showed it too. I find it funny that a mix of gays and lesbians and heteros live in harmony in a hotel. The actors are so hot , which makes watching this allot easier lol. Dante's Cove is such a beautiful place to stage a show. Between the ocean and the sun and sand makes for hot scenes.
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Just Fun! Nothing More.
mdnjr7010 October 2007
This show is by no means going to win any awards, however it is fun and over all very well done. The locations are amazing and the sets are passable, they get better in season two. The 1800s costumes are amazing a lot of detail went into them to get them correct which I think makes up for some of the 1800 sets that aren't so good. Dante's Cove is no worse then some of the network stuff that is forced on all of us night after night. These characters are typical, but I like them. I believe in them. I love the fact that they don't take themselves or the show to serious, if you watch the DVD check out the special features and you will see what I mean. Dante's Cove is a cross between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Queer as Folk. Personally, I found it difficult to except the production location shift, but I got over it.

If you enjoy the supernatural, enjoy watching beautiful people and just want to have fun with a show then this is the show for you. If you are looking for great writing or A+ acting then move on. Love the show for what it offers, something different then the rubbish on network TV.
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Fun and Enjoyable
ncsearcy16 September 2007
Having watched the first and second seasons of this show, I find myself drawn into the world of "Dante's Cove". The cast members are all very good looking and the sex scenes are very enjoyable. A common complaint with this series is that the writing and the acting is a bit off. The truth is, this series is being built from the ground up and I have hope that this series will get better as the the seasons roll on.

I do have one complaint, Kevin's crying, at least three episodes in the second season alone had Kevin crying and the first season had him on non-stop waterworks. Aside from that, the series is great.

I've seen the trailer for Season 3 and I am very excited to see the inclusion of Jenson Atwood, who I adored in Noah's Arc. The Story is engaging and yes it can be a little slow, but as the budget gets bigger and the actors become more accustomed to their characters and the writers become more accustomed to those characters, the writing will improve.

This series has great potential and is a breath of fresh air to the AIDS awareness films that have dominated the queer market for the better half of 20 years. Please give this show a chance and you'll see the magic in it too.
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Dante's Cheese
wille6616 August 2007
I rented season one of Dante's Cove on some friends' recommendation, they enjoyed the steaminess of the series but warned me to watch out for cheesiness in the storyline. The steaminess of the sex scenes wore off quickly and the cheesiness of the storyline and dialogue had me groaning after about 15 minutes. I forced myself to watch disc one, quickly repackaged it and sent it on its way. If you've ever seen one of those really bad softcore Cinemax late-nite flicks...Dante's Cove would fit in there quite nicely. Mediocre to bad acting, not enough suspense to hold up a pair of pants, story lines that would best be kept in porn movies (ya know, the talking parts of porn when its boring), and clonish actors who look like they belong in really bad soap operas (oh wait, that's what this is). And what's with the thin volume of Dante's Inferno? Obviously no one from this production ever read the real thing.
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bad writing, poor acting, tacky music for soft-core porn
djwynyard28 July 2007
The purchase of the DVD of the first season of Dante's Cove was a major disappointment. The writing was awful. The acting was dreadful except for the witch and her mother, who acquitted themselves well although the mother did say "flaunt" where it ought have been "flaut" (we can blame that one on the writers). Whenever the guys become intimate with each other, there is the most ghastly music, the sort of music associated with low-budget American porn. The relationship between the protagonists seems to have been written by someone other than a gay man. One has the impression it might have been written by someone related to the scriptwriters for Noah's Arc, another vehicle destroyed by the writing although the acting in Noah's Arc is good. The audience deserves much better. Do not waste your money.
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Not nearly as good as "HEX"
groovymike_1620 July 2007
You know, this show "should" be able to offer the same fun that the BBC show "HEX" did, but it can't. That show was somewhat light on story (when it comes to its big mysteries anyway), but it doesn't matter because it's so addicting that you can't help but be sucked in. "Dante's Cove" has the potential to be such an entertaining guilty pleasure but despite the beautiful bodies and sexy scenes it's all rather dull. Maybe it needs new writers or something (it should team with the creators of "HEX"). The shows remind me so much of each other in a way but I only wish "Dante's Cove" was as cool and addicting. Add the hot sex of this show to the fun of that show and I'd have a new favorite show. As of Season 1 I'm not that impressed though and recommend anyone watching this to give "HEX" a shot instead, or as well.
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Guilty - yes! What pleasure?
lothd17 July 2007
Seriously, who watches this? I was coaxed into trying the "first season" (actually 2 feature length episodes) by my boyfriend. If you want something really stimulating, you know where to get it. If you want a well written gay series, turn to "Queer As Folk" (original or US). This mishmash of bad acting and plotting had me laughing out in disbelief when a major situation was shown a few minutes into the pilot. The "special" effects are unbelievably bad for a series that is supposed to deal with the supernatural.

This is being marketed as a "guilty pleasure". Well, they got half of that right...
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The Illegitimate "Love Child" of DARK SHADOWS and QUEER AS FOLK...
Since I wasn't a member of Netflix at the time I heard about DANTE'S COVE, I bought a copy instead, hoping for the best but not expecting it. Good thing I aimed my expectations low. Turns out that this series is everything you've heard about and more...AND less. The white sand beaches of the location (the Turks and Caicos Islands standing in for California) are breathtaking, as is the highly buffed, burnished and achingly photogenic cast, who (as it has been pointed out more than once) were not exactly hired for their acting chops. Even the seasoned vet of the bunch, Tracy Scoggins, goes WAAAAY over the top, veering from high camp into something that's painfully uncomfortable to watch.

But I can't honestly say that the cast is completely to blame, either, because the script at times smells like a pro-baseball player's cleated kicks after extra innings. Simply shoehorning a gay sensibility into old DARK SHADOWS leftovers is NOT writing, but since this was a first, I will hope that the scribes collected themselves by Season Two.

The plot, as I can best understand it, involves a warlock by the name of Ambrosius (William Gregory Lee), who is due to wed a powerful witch named Grace (Scoggins) in 1840. Grace is one bitch of a witch, by the way - very possessive and jealous. So much so, in fact, that in the first five minutes of Episode One, she 86'es a young lass passing by just for making googly eyes at her fiancée!

Little does Grace know that Ambrosius is only interested in one thing...and it ain't sex, sweetie. THAT Ambrosius is getting from his burly, buffed butler - who gives a whole new meaning to the term "MAN-servant." Ambrosius only wants to learn the secrets of his bride-to-be's dark powers as one of the 'witches of Tresum' (don't ask.) But poor 'Bro' is going to have to put his plans for ethereal espionage on hold, once Grace finds out what his real tastes are. She promptly blasts the "other man" into oblivion and traps her cheatin' cutie in a dungeon within their house for a couple of centuries...the house which eventually becomes the Hotel Dante.

Enter hot young lovers Kevin and Toby, (Gregory Michael and Charlie David, respectively). Kevin's dealing with the usual problems of his sexuality and parents who just don't understand, (or want to). Toby's dealing with the problems of juggling a job at the Hotel and his tumultuous relationship, and both of them are dealing with the baggage they bring into the picture as well (I'll spare you the terrible acting and worse dialogue).

Anyway, Kevin moves into the hotel with Toby, meets the assorted straight, bi and gay guests and staff there (who always seem to be in various states of undress and slathered with baby oil.) People have every kind of hot, simulated sex imaginable, and somewhere along the line a party breaks out. But what's this? Kevin's having dreams and hearing voices...especially one that beckons him to an old, locked trapdoor in the basement...

Well, it doesn't take Stephen Hawking to figure out where it all goes from here. There's a lot of plot points to slag through here that will have you groaning and rolling your eyes heavenward, plus there's a persistent soundtrack that seems to be more Eighties-inspired than present-day. But if you like eye-candy and lots of it, DANTE'S is more than ready to help you fill your brain and libido with yummy, empty calories.

I'm sorry I bought this instead of renting it, but I'm not sorry I saw it. I'll just consider this a lesson learned and make damn sure that I RENT Season Two. I would suggest that you save a few bucks and do likewise.
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The Land of Duh
Paul Creeden23 March 2007
I fast forwarded through the whole first season on DVD. I suppose that makes me an expert on this show. Wow, dude. I have been watching GLBT-themed productions since 'Boys in the Band'(1970). This is probably the worst. And I hear that here!network is surprised that GLAAD is not giving out GLBT media awards to them. Well, boys and girls, you'll have to come up with something better than this show. Bad writing. Enough gratuitous plastic surgery and body make up to make Michael Jackson cringe. Did I mention bad writing? Bad acting. Even mediocre sex appeal in the casting. Did I mention bad writing? The sexual simulations are worse than soft-core straight cable TV. I didn't think it possible. Did I mention bad writing? I have met 10 year-olds with higher IQs than most of the characters. I particularly loathe the set design. One scene, supposedly set in 1840, has a standard electric lamp on a table and two air conditioning ducts on the walls of the room. Frankly, I think this true horror of a show displays great contempt for its presumed GLBT audience. I know I certainly didn't march for my civil rights for this.
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Fun Gay Flick
dalemeeks26 October 2006
I didn't know this series existed until I stumbled on it at the largest video rental chain. If you liked QAF, you're gonna love this. A MUST for any gay-oriented video collection. The photography is superb, as are the numerous hot men, almost all of whom are at least shirtless in all of their scenes. Shot on the west coast, most of the film is set around the Hotel Dante, which is haunted, open and outrageous. Open sexuality pervades the place, gay straight and lesbian. It's all very reminiscent of a Key West guest house.

This is the kind of lifestyle that many older gays have lived, and most younger gays would like to live.
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Romantic, sexy and hot.
mtaffeot12 October 2006
I just finished watching in its entirety the first season of Dante's Cove on DVD and couldn't take my eyes from the TV set. It had everything... horror, intrigue, mystique, romance, hot people making hot love, what more could one ask. The story revolves mostly around the lovers Toby, played wonderfully by the beautiful Charlie David and Kevin played by the cute Greogory Michael. The acting in general from the cast was OK, although there's plenty of room for improvement, and the script could use some tightening, but I've seen a lot worse on the daily day time soap Operas. The romance and love scenes between the two main lead characters Toby and Kevin along with their chemistry were incredible. I don't think i've seen anything more erotic. These guys really seemed in love. Very well done on their part.

I don't have the HERE! channel so anxiously await the release of the second season on DVD. I've already purchased season 1 and can't wait for it to arrive in the mail so I can watch it again.
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Interesting, compulsive and over the top
matt-204429 September 2006
The people are gorgeous, the scenery is most peoples dream and the plot is easy going but it has something that made me watch both episodes one after the other.

Tracy Scoggins is wonderfully over the top and she steals every scene she is in. She brings something to the part of 'Grace' that most other actresses would have shied away from.

The is a good deal of sex but it does nothing really to detract from the story and it is not something that creeps up on you. Once you have watched the first twenty minutes or so you know what is going to happen throughout.

It is wonderfully interesting and I can't wait for series two to come out on DVD.

It is on my reminder list already
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Watch it only if you really want to ruin your evening
huyazo24 September 2006
I won't spend many words on this incredibly bad DVD. I just want to warn you. Don't waste your money on this DVD. And if you do, at least don't invite your friends over.

The story is bad, the actors are good looking and we get to see a fair bit of nudity, but in spite of that, they are not able to engage. Not a single scene managed to entertain me. And did the director think that he could compensate for all the bad by throwing in thunder and lightning throughout the whole movie? It is not exciting, not scary, not erotic, you will not feel good afterward. So nothing more than one star. The only ones on the team that could be eligible for some honor would be the marketing team.
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Even Eye Candy Can Get Stale
gradyharp24 September 2006
DANTE'S COVE is a two disc DVD release of a TV series for Here! TV that had everyone on the waiting list to see just how far the 'new television' market would/could go. Now that the mystery is over with the public release of the DVDs, the comments and responses are bound to be mixed: there are those who whoop that gay themed and photographed stories are finally on television, and there are those who will wonder why a series could make it through the year with little to no storyline and a production that is essentially soft porn - for both men and women! The 'plot' is based on the traditional haunted house with a mysterious history dating back to 1840: the 'story' revolves around the folk who inhabit the house cum hotel in present day time and the aftershocks of lifting the door off the secrets hidden with the subsequent effects of the 'curse' on the inhabitants. Sounds like a 'been there, done that' bit? Well, it is. The difference lies in the fact that the main characters are gay and the hotel inhabitants are pretty guys and gals who spend the majority of their time topless, swimming or en flagrante.

The cast is attractive (and we see a LOT of them!) but the lack of plausible story and the mercilessly poor writing and quality of acting keep the show grounded. This is a film for a special audience and one that would benefit from watching it with sound turned off. Maybe next season will improve....
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