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19 Oct. 2007
Sex and Death (And Rock and Roll)
Six months later. Resident witch Grace Nevill magically materializes back in Dante's Cove from the netherworld realm where she learns that Hotel Dante as well as her sea view estate was destroyed in a series of mysterious earthquakes and tsunamis, and that five of the gay/lesbian former residents of the hotel; Toby, Adam, Trevor, former H2Eau bartender-turned-marine biologist Brit, and her newest love interest, Elena; reside in her windward inland house. Grace also learns that her pupil Van died in the tsunami that destroyed Hotel Dante and her former ...
9 Nov. 2007
Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Grace discovers Marco's mangled and dismembered body on the beach and comes to realizes that a great evil is indeed in Dante's Cove. Ambrosius announces his plans to take over H2Eau where he makes Toby the head cook and Adam the bartender. Ambrosius continues to grow weaker as Kevin continues to secretly steal his powers to break free from being his boy-toy. Meanwhile, Michelle approaches the powerless Diana to ask her for help in learning Tresum magic and to find the evil entity that killed her parents. But nobody is aware that Michelle isn't running from the evil ...
23 Nov. 2007
Sexual Healing
Grace identifies the so-called House of Shadows as the evil entity in Dante's Cove and she seeks the help of Adam who has flashback drug-induced visions of what is to come and who the evil is host to. But with the star-flower weed missing, Grace is forced to venture to The Lair gay sex club to find more of the magical flower. Meanwhile, Ambrosius finally learns that Kevin is stealing his powers and he approaches Griffen for help to regain his powers, which Griffen teaches him to by feeding off the sexual energy of male conquests at the Lair, which is run by the shady ...
7 Dec. 2007
Like a Virgin
Grace and Griffen "seal the deal" with Grace swearing her loyalty to the Tresum Council and to him, while Kevin reveals to Toby that he stole Ambrosious powers and is now free from his spell. At the same time, 'Bro' heads to the Lair sex club where he drains the power from the various attendees to try to re-charge his own powers. Meanwhile, Michelle, in the form of the evil House of Shadows, assaults and nearly kills Elena. Grace finally discovers that Michelle is the host to the House of Shadows and is forced to talk to Diana to help them defeat the evil forces and ...
21 Dec. 2007
Naked in the Dark
Diana and Grace manage to exorcise the demons out of Michelle, only to have Diana betray her by allowing the demons from the House of Shadows to enter her to give her all the dark power she wants. Soon, an apocalypse of Biblical proportions breaks out in Dante's Cove as people kill each other off, leading to all the participants to seek refuge at Griffen's estate now besieged by the possessed Diana. Grace tells Ambrosious that they must put aside their conflict and team up with their own Sun and Moon books to find a way to defeat Diana. Meanwhile, Adam and Toby are ...

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