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Hilarious horror spoof!
Verbal-175 August 2004
This is a very funny short film that spoofs zombie movies (and horror films in general). The plot basically involves a security guard who must fight for his life after zombies invade the office building he works in. In addition to the zombies, he also encounters a gun-toting babe and the scientist who started it all.

What makes this ridiculous film work is the clever way it lampoons cliches from just about every horror movie ever made; title cards actually check off the cliches as they are played out (The Love Interest, The Twist Ending, etc.) and the actors are clearly having fun with the material.

Highly recommended: head on over to and check it out!
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I was in this movie
Emma-J-Galbally21 April 2006
I was in this movie and it was so much fun to film. The only bad aspects were doing night shoots in the freezing cold Carlow I.T. and having everyone staring at us in horror during the day while filming was going on! It was also pretty disgusting to have to eat with that make-up on.....oh, the memories.....

If you liked the film, you should have seen the footage that ended up on the cutting room floor! It was brilliant to do this film. I loved it.

I would imagine that the original, three-hour long version a la Peter Jackson will come out in time, when James Cotter has made this generation's Pulp Fiction.
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