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Beautiful, Talented, Scene-Stealing 'The Artist' Canine Has Died: One of Rare Four-Legged Movie Stars

Uggie: 'The Artist' dog star. Uggie, 'The Artist' scene-stealing dog star, has died The biggest non-human movie star of the 21st century, Uggie, whose scene-stealing cuteness helped to earn Michel Hazanavicius' The Artist the 2011 Best Picture Academy Award, has died. According to his official Facebook page, Uggie had been suffering from prostate cancer; he was euthanized last Friday, Aug. 7, '15. Born in 2002, Uggie was 13 years old. An announcement posted on Tuesday night, Aug. 11, on the Fb page Consider Uggie read: We regret to inform to all our friends, family and Uggie's fans that our beloved boy has passed away. We were not planning on posting anything until we healed a little more but unfortunately somebody leaked it to TMZ and they will be announcing it. In short, Uggie had a cancerous tumor in the prostate and is now in a better place not feeling pain.
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Uggie the Dog passes away

Some sad news this morning as Uggie the dog, star of the Oscar-winning 2011 film The Artist, has passed away aged 13 after being put to sleep following a battle with a prostate tumor.

The canine star shot to fame thanks to his role in The Artist, which saw him honoured with a Palm Dog award at the Cannes Film Festival, as well as Best Dog in a Theatrical Film at the Golden Collar Awards. In addition to The Artist, the rescue dog also appeared in the films Wassup Rockers, Mr. Fix It, Water for Elephants and The Campaign.

“I will forever hold him dearly in my heart and never forget his infinite love for chicken and hotdogs,” his trainer Sarah Clifford told TMZ.
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Marfa Girl | Review

Days Go By: Clark Returns to Apathetic Adolescence for Latest

After having won the top prize at the 2012 Rome Film Festival, controversial filmmaker Larry Clark’s Marfa Girl was available for streaming directly from his official website. Now, nearly three years later, Breaking Glass Pictures is distributing the title in limited theatrical release. For those familiar with Clark’s work, the title doesn’t feel like anything new from the director, navigating a milieu of loosely connected adolescents and the peripheral adults in their environment as they conquer their all-consuming boredom with illicit drugs and promiscuity. The customarily blatant yet generally believable crude conversations revolving around sexuality present in all of Clark’s work is full force here.

Seeing as this is the filmmaker’s first feature in seven years, following 2005’s Wassup Rockers (though it should be noted a 2014 title The Smell of Us premiered in last fall’s
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Watch: Sex And Drama Explode In New Trailer For Larry Clark's 'Marfa Girl'

Kids, sex, drama, consequences... yep, it's another movie from Larry Clark, who specializes in narratives about young people living dangerously on the cusp of adulthood (see "Kids," "Ken Park," etc). But for "Marfa Girl," Clark took a slightly more anarchic approach to putting it together. "What happened was the last two films I wrote myself — 'Wassup Rockers' and 'Marfa Girl.' I‘d been talking to writers and I found out that all these writers have these rules, there are certain ways they do things, and I probably should have snapped to this earlier but I don’t need no fucking writers, and I hate rules, and so I said I wanna make a film where I only put in what I’m interested in," he told Jessica Kiang at the Rome Film Festival in 2012. "And I don’t care about getting from here to there, only what I’m interested in,
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Icons of Fright Interview With V/H/S: Viral’s “Bonestorm” directors, Benson/Moorhead

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead have done an excellent job making a name for themselves with not only releasing one of the most unique genre films in years, Resolution, but have made waves with their upcoming romantic horror story, Spring. The up and coming directorial duo have a knack for giving interesting stories to viewers and the performances in their films are always very realistic, even in supernatural or various other horror-filled situations. In between Resolution and Spring, the duo were tapped to contribute a segment to V/H/S:viral (out today on DVD/Bluray), the third film in the V/H/S series. Seeing it as a good opportunity to have a great time, the duo helmed “Bonestorm” a tale of your average skateboarders having to fight a group of skeletal figures, all while having GoPro cameras attached to their heads/boards. Benson & Moorhead spoke with us recently about the project,
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Director Fanny Veliz discusses true independent filmmaking

  • Cinelinx
Filmmaker Fanny Veliz talks about her film Homebound and the struggle to find a place in Hollywood.

Once upon a time, independent filmmaking consisted largely of unestablished filmmakers and actors who struggled to get their cinematic vision in front of the viewing public. Not any more. Today, independent filmmaking has been hijacked by A-list stars who use crowdfunding to raise millions for their movie. Even the Spirit Awards, originally founded to recognize independent filmmaking, are now obsessed with celebrities and films released by big-studio subsidiaries that enjoy mainstream success.

However, there are still true independent filmmakers out there, who still endure the challenges of filmmaking outside of the Hollywood machine. Filmmakers who offer something other than the usual mainstream fare. Filmmakers like Fanny Veliz.

Veliz is an actress whose filmography includes roles in the film Wassup Rockers and the TNT series Southland, but she found her calling behind the camera.
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"Marfa Girl" or the Bailout of Capital R Realism

  • MUBI
“Maybe I was straitjacketing myself because even back when I was doing Tulsa or Teenage Lust, I wouldn't go see movies about teenagers. I wouldn't look at books if they were about teenagers, because I was afraid that either I would be influenced or that someone had already done something that I had done, or someone was doing it better. I was just afraid to look at anything, because I didn't want any ideas. I don't know why, but I didn't. Just frightened. Scared to death.”

Larry Clark

“I am a complete man, having both sexes of the mind.”

Jules Michelet

When you have nothing, the very wise Luc Moullet tells us, you should cultivate relentless artifice. These days, Larry Clark is almost there, down to one thing: Marfa, a bitty town in Texas. And Marfa has been oft blessed, first just obliquely by Edna Ferber, then harder by George Stevens,
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L.A. Rebellion 2013 Retrospective Review: Larry Clark's 'Passing Through'

Editor's Note: The retro is being rebooted for runs in Philly, Toronto and New York through February. We're revisiting our reviews/write-ups/interviews on the series (from Brandon Wilson and Nijla Mumin) when it begun in Los Angeles over a year ago... here's another. The overview and complete lineup speak for themselves, so click Here to head over to the home site for the series. There are two filmmakers named Larry Clark, and this is Not about the Larry Clark whose ephebophiliac imagination has given us films like Kids, Bully, and Wassup Rockers! Just so we’re clear, this Larry Clark is Black, a Cleveland native who went to UCLA along with Charles...
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Q&A: Director Larry Clark on New Film 'Marfa' and Corrupt Distributors

Q&A: Director Larry Clark on New Film 'Marfa' and Corrupt Distributors
When Rolling Stone met Larry Clark in Rome, he was sitting in the bistro section of the art-house film club Kino, chewing through his vegetable platter and sipping on freshly squeezed fruit juices as part of a new, vegan cleanse. It wasn't exactly what one would expect from the controversial director of Kids and Bully.

However, things are changing for the cult filmmaker, who was preparing that day to talk with director Claudio Giovannesi before an audience of independent film fans as part of the Rome Film Festival. One week later,
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Tsr Exclusive: ‘Fat Kid Rules the World’ Interview with Director Matthew Lillard

Before Matthew Lillard begins his first interview ever as a director (this interview took place in March 2012 at SXSW), he calms down the clowning around (“Check out my boner!”) carried on by the two leads of his directorial debut, Fat Kid Rules the World.

“Guys, I’m trying to be serious,” Lillard says.

Such a call for control from a man with a post-party rasp in is voice doesn’t just ring with authority, but poignancy to the “metamorphosis” that Lillard is experiencing. Lillard may be most known for Scooby-Doo or Slc Punk!, but now he has a pivotal supporting role in The Descendants, and work in Trouble With the Curve on his resume. His biggest declaration of artistry so far is his movie Fat Kid Rules the World, starring Jacob Wysocki (Terri) as an overweight teen who befriends another lost adolescent, played by Matt O’Leary. The film celebrates
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Larry Clark Says The Remake Of 'Mona Lisa' Is Dead, But A ‘Marfa Girl’ Trilogy Is In The Cards

For a filmmaker, being lost in the woods of development or financing is never fun. We always lament the absence of a filmmaker who’s spent far too much time away from the game trying to get a labor-of-love project off the ground (you can see examples of such features here, here and here); the purgatory must be a frustrating type of hell. One filmmaker who hasn’t made a feature-length effort in seven years is Larry Clark of “Kids” fame. While he’s clearly worked in the interim -- he made some shorts in the portmanteau pictures "Destricted" (2006) and "42 One Dream Rush" (2009) -- his last feature was 2005’s “Wassup Rockers,” which saw the often controversial director deliver another film based on the teenage experience, but one in a more jovial mood. The 69-year-old’s latest, “The Marfa Girl” (read our review here), just made its world debut at the Rome International Film Festival,
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Exclusive: Clip & Behind The Scenes Photos From Larry Clark's 'Marfa Girl'

Tonight, Larry Clark premieres "Marfa Girl" at the Rome Film Festival, his first full-length feature in seven years -- his last was 2005's "Wassup Rockers" -- and a picture that is boldly embracing the changing landscape of movie distribution. And we've got a peek behind the curtain with an exclusive clip from the film along with several behind-the-scenes photos from the production. Starring Adam Mediano, Mercedes Maxwell, Drake Burnette, Mary Farley, Jessie Tejada, Elizabeth Castro and more, the film follows the intersecting lives of the residents of the tiny town of Marfa, Texas with sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, art, violence and racism all coming into play. In this scene from the movie, we get to see both the spiritual and sexual themes that seem to run through the film. "Marfa Girl" premieres tonight 10 p.m. in Sala Sinopoli, where it's screening in competition. And you won't have to wait
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Larry Clark Has Two Features In the Pipeline

The directorial equivalent of that creepy guy at your family reunion is back! Although some of his work has generated dicsussion to this day, Larry Clark hasn’t made a standalone film since 2006′s little-seen Wassup Rockers, and his public profile — something that was never all too high to begin with — has been reduced to virtually nothing. To put it simply: the guy disappeared.

But MK2 (via ThePlaylist) spoke with documentarians Gérard Lacroix and Pierre-Paul Puljiz, both of whom revealed that they’ve been in communication with the director and, as of right now, are trying to generate some life on his next project, entitled The Smell of Us. It’s not very hard to determine what such a smell might be — well, maybe what the specific… no, that’s too much — but, other than some problems with making the project “uncensored,” any other information is not available. (Whatever idea
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Larry Clark: teenage rampage | Ryan Gilbey

The one new piece in the latest exhibition from the photographer and film-maker Larry Clark is a typically ripe collage entitled I Want a Baby Before U Die. An extreme close-up of a woman's pubic hair, beneath which is visible the tattooed name "Larry", competes for our attention with images of guileless teenagers having sex. Elsewhere, newspaper reports of violent adolescent deaths jostle for space with pictures of buttocks caked in a substance one hopes is Nutella.

Oddly, there's also a cinema ticket for Harry Brown, 2009's British vigilante thriller. Its title character, like Clark, is a pensioner preoccupied with teenage delinquents. But, whereas Brown guns down thugs, Clark would be more likely to take them skateboarding and then snap them with their junk hanging out.

This exhibition, entitled What Do You Do for Fun?, is culled from a retrospective that opened in Paris last year to the sort of
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Janice Dickinson Poses Naked for New Issue of Closer Magazine

Model Janice Dickinson has proudly shown off her full naked body in her 50s. The American beauty, who turned 55 in February, shed her clothes in a shot for the new issue of Closer magazine as she proclaimed she "loves" her body.

In the explicit picture, Janice poses in nothing but a pair of sparkly heels. With her left leg lifting in the air, the "Wassup Rockers" actress gives her peculiar big smile while letting her brunette hair loose. Janice, who stands tall at 5ft 11in, told the mag that her size six figure was obtained through tough exercise regime, diet and a little help from the Botox injections.

"I love my body, but it's a compulsive obsession. I have to make sure I exercise and that the ingredients that go into my body are completely organic," Janice told the mag. "I relax, meditate and do 80 minutes of yoga every day.
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Larry Clark Switches Wild Child for 'Savage Innocent'

Larry Clark isn't dropping projects, but instead switching up titles, adding Dakota Johnson and is going to finally get back into the director's chair for a five week shoot in Los Angeles next March 15th according to Production Weekly's twitter feed. - Larry Clark isn't dropping projects, but instead switching up titles, adding Dakota Johnson and is going to finally get back into the director's chair for a five week shoot in Los Angeles next March 15th according to Production Weekly's twitter feed. Dakota Johnson (daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith) who has landed parts in Daniel Barnz's Beastly and in Fincher's The Social Network is joining Rory Culkin and Ray Liotta.  Savage Innocent sees a suburban American family adopt a boy after being found in the middle of a road. The relations he establishes with each member of this family and the many social surroundings he goes to,
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Art of the Movie Poster #1: The Baader Meinhof Complex

In honor of the film's North American premiere, and its poster of course, the talented folks at Studio No.1 take a moment to discuss process, politics and posters. - It's unlikely I'd find someone who'd argue with me when I say that a memorable movie poster is a rare thing. With that in mind Ioncinema.com brings you the first in our new Poster Spotlight series; The Art of the Movie Poster. Each column will showcase a poster that made us pause, and an interview with its creator(s).Our first eye-catcher is the gritty and stylish North American poster for the seemingly gritty and stylish film, The Baader Meinhof Complex; courtesy of Studio No.1. An adaptation of Stefan Aust's book of the same name, the film focuses on the rising of the Raf (Red Army Faction), a violent terrorist group formed in the late 60's/early 70's in West Germany,
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Afm Debuts First Photos and Synopses from 6 Upcoming Movies Including Manolete, Mona Lisa, Small Town Saturday Night and The Long Good Friday

When it comes to the first photos and synopsis from upcoming films, Collider has reaped great rewards from this year’s American Film Market (Afm). For those who don’t know, Afm is where film buyers from around the world come once a year to buy movies and also pre-buy films in development. Simply put, this is where a lot of money changes hands in the film industry and it’s where many decisions about what you and I get to see are made. In an effort to try and raise a film’s profile or attract film buyers, many of the studios distribute full synopses and still images for their movies.

With that in mind, we have grabbed some of those synopses and images for Manolete (starring Adrien Brody and Penelope Cruz), Mona Lisa, Pearblossom, Small Town Saturday Night (starring Chris Pine), and The Long Good Friday. Hit the
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Rourke Has Eyes for 'Mona Lisa'

Hollywood's comeback kid, Mickey Rourke, has reportedly signed to star in a remake of the classic '80s British gangster film Mona Lisa.

The Golden Globe winning actor will play an ex-con who takes a job as a chauffeur for a high-class escort. According to Variety, Eva Green (Casino Royale) is in advanced negotiations to star opposite him.

The script for the latest film is being written by Wassup Rockers filmmaker Larry Clark, who will also direct the film, set to go in front of the cameras in July in New York.

The film is being produced by Handmade Films with Handmade Films International handling worldwide sales.

UK thesps Bob Hoskins (The Long Good Friday) and Cathy Tyson (The Serpent and the Rainbow) starred in the original 1986 film, directed by Neil Jordan (The Crying Game, Interview with the Vampire). Hoskins was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar.
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Mickey Rourke Not a Washed-Up Actor anymore

Mickey Rourke, previous washed-up actor, now is a hot commodity in Hollywood. He is getting call from all sort of people to star in movies and now he is going to star in Mona Lisa, a remake of the 1980s gangster movie about an ex-con who winds up as a chauffeur for a high-class escort. According to Variety Eva Green is in advanced negotiations to star opposite him. Larry Clark(Wassup Rockers) is writing and directing the remake, which is being produced by Handmade Films with Handmade Films Intl. handling worldwide sales.Shooting begins in New York in July.
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