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‘Black Panther’ Scorches Box Office Records, Sets the Bar for 2018 and Beyond

Marvel’s “Black Panther” (Disney) arrived with a record-breaking bang at the 2018 box office, outperforming pre-opening estimates for its three day U.S./Canada opening.

Check out its all-time records: “Black Panther” bests “Deadpool” by more than $50 million as the best February and pre-March opening weekends ever. It tops last year’s “Beauty and the Beast” as the best pre-May debut of all time. It nearly doubles “Furious 7” as the best opening for a black-directed film. It is triple the best previous record (held by “Straight Outta Compton”) for initial weekend of a film with a primarily black cast.

Those numbers will be re-counted when Sunday’s actual numbers are reported, plus the boost the movie will get from a four-day semi-holiday on Monday. And adjusting to an even playing field still leaves “Black Panther” remarkably (considering the month of release) among the ten best openers ever.

Ryan Coogler
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Which Marvel Film Has Made the Most Money? Here's the Whole List

Marvel Comics is one of the biggest production companies in the film industry at the moment, and with its new release of Black Panther, it is only going to continue to make more money - and rightfully so. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney and Marvel Studios' Black Panther is already making history at the Us box office - and will most likely stay that way - with an estimated $200 million in earnings for its four-day debut this President's Day weekend. The reason it could hit the $200 million mark in its opening weekend is based on its early Friday returns and the Thursday evening previews, which came in at $25.5 million, THR reported. That's insane! As of now, The Avengers has had the best opening weekend for a Marvel film, coming in at $207.4 million, and let's be honest: with so much hype and the acting, and action, to back it up,
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Kevin Smith’s Not A Fan Of The Venom Trailer Either

Sony’s upcoming Venom was an already contentious property due to its distance from the McU, but the controversy surrounding it only increased after the release of the first teaser trailer. Despite the title, the preview didn’t feature the actual character of Venom at all, only showing us Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock before his transformation into the black-clad anti-hero.

Naturally, fans heavily criticized this decision – and one of those is all-round superhero expert Kevin Smith. The director spoke with his co-host Ralph Garman on their podcast Hollywood Babble-On about recent trailers like Solo: A Star Wars Story and Avengers: Infinity War. Though they loved the footage from those films, the hosts were more conflicted about Venom, as Smith summed up most people’s thoughts with this comment on the trailer:

“I didn’t see a Venom trailer. I saw Tom Hardy: The Movie.”

Intense Venom Trailer Pics Show
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Superhero Bits: ‘Batman Ninja’ Release Date, Black Panther Gets Lego Marvel Super Heroes Dlc & More

Superhero Bits: ‘Batman Ninja’ Release Date, Black Panther Gets Lego Marvel Super Heroes Dlc & More
Want a sneak peek at the Ant-Man ride coming to Hong Kong Disneyland? Are you ready for some Black Panther Dlc in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2? When will Batman Ninja be released in the United States? Did you know Vulture was originally supposed to be in Spider-Man 3? When can you buy and stream […]

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Will Sam Raimi Return to Direct a Future Spider-Man Movie?

Will Sam Raimi Return to Direct a Future Spider-Man Movie?
Could Sam Raimi make a return to the Spider-Man franchise? Thomas Haden Church seems to think so. Church played Sandman in the notoriously disappointing Spider-Man 3, which ended Raimi's tenure with the Marvel superhero, even though he had plans to make Spider-Man 4, which didn't pan out. Instead, Sony opted to make The Amazing Spider-Man reboot, which didn't turn out so great, as we know. Though, it did lead to Spidey making his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In any case, Church seems to think that Raimi could take another crack at the franchise in the future.

The actor is currently promoting the new season of Divorce on HBO. During a recent interview, the subject of Spider-Man 3 came up. Thomas Haden Church admits that he's proud of the movie, but that they were trying to cram way too much into it, which ultimately led to it being a problematic sequel.
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Spider-Man 3 star Thomas Haden Church has praised Topher Grace’s Venom

Thomas Haden Church, one of the stars of Spider-Man 3, has defended Topher Grace’s portrayal of Venom.

Venom is making the headlines recently with Tom Hardy set to star as the fan-favourite villain, and a first teaser trailer recently arriving online.

Fans are hoping Hardy’s portrayal is more to their liking than that of Grace’s who once gave a much criticised performance as the character back in 2007.

Church, who played Sandman in the final film of the Spider-Man trilogy, is a fan of Grace’s performance, however, defending him in a recent interview with JoBlo:

“The studio felt like they had me, they had Franco’s story continuing, and they were like, we need one more that’s more of a millennial,” Church revealed. “And that’s how Venom and Topher Grace came into the picture. And by the way, I thought Topher was great in the
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Spider-Man 3 Star Thinks Sam Raimi Would Direct Another Spidey Film

When Spider-Man 3 arrived in theatres in 2007, it ultimately became Sam Raimi’s swan-song in terms of his work in the realm of comic book movies. Having been the creative force that reinvigorated the genre in 2002 with Spider-Man – a breath of fresh air after Joel Schumacher’s attempts at Batman movies in the 1990s – Raimi built his web-slinger work into a solid trilogy, which appeared to culminate in a film packed with infamous Marvel villains. Now, one of those villains is reflecting on the reality of the end of Raimi’s Spider-Man films and teasing his own return to the genre.

Many fans of Spider-Man 3 feel that Thomas Haden Church’s portrayal of Sandman was a highlight of an otherwise bloated movie, and in a new interview with JoBlo – actually about his television series, Divorce – the actor explained his take on the way studio interference from Sony on Spider-Man 3
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Sandman Actor Defends Topher Grace’s Performance As Venom In Spider-Man 3

Before Tom Hardy began wrestling with his demons – both literal and figurative – Sony Pictures and Sam Raimi chose to place Topher Grace on a collision course with the symbiote known as Venom.

He’s arguably the most interesting antagonist of Spider-Man 3, even if Raimi initially planned to introduce Adrian Toomes (Aka the Vulture) alongside the Green Goblin (James Franco) and Sandman, the supercharged bank robber brought to life by Thomas Haden Church.

Indeed, thanks to a new interview with JoBlo, Church has been fielding all sorts of questions and queries relating to Spider-Man 3, including its bloated villain roster and Topher Grace’s performance as the alien symbiote.

The studio felt like they had me, they had Franco’s story continuing, and they were like, we need one more that’s more of a millennial. And that’s how Venom and Topher Grace came into the picture. And by the way,
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The Vulture Almost Featured In Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3

Prior to his big break in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Adrian Toomes (Aka the Vulture) had spent years on the fringes of Hollywood’s superhero scene, quietly waiting for his moment to shine.

We know Sony Pictures planned to incorporate Toomes into its Amazing Spider-Man 3 before things started to unravel, while Sam Raimi has previously detailed his own intentions to build the fabled Spider-Man 4 around a Spidey/Vulture duel.

And though it wasn’t exactly lacking in the villain department, it turns out Vulture was once considered for Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, before Topher Grace’s Venom took precedence over all other antagonists – you can thank series producer Avi Arad for that one.

At least, that’s according to Thomas Haden Church (Sandman), who told JoBlo the following:

It didn’t really turn out that way later on. Because, when they first pitched me the movie, Sandman and, of course, Franco’s transformation to the Goblin,
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Spider-Man 3’s Thomas Haden Church Teases Secret Superhero Project Role

Spider-Man 3 alum Thomas Haden Church is returning to the world of superheroes. Church, who appeared as Sandman in the divisive 2007 film, has filmed a role in a mystery projected that he is “not supposed to talk about.” However, we know one thing for certain: it isn’t a Marvel movie.

“I’m not supposed to talk about it, but I actually have returned, but not in the Marvel world, it’s another world, but it is in that genre of superheroes and supervillains,” Church revealed to <a href="http://www.
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Spider-Man 3 Actor Believes Sam Raimi Could Return For Another Spidey Film

Spider-Man 3 actor Thomas Haden Church believes that director Sam Raimi may one day return to the franchise that made him one of the biggest names in Hollywood. It’s been over a decade since the filmmaker’s final take on the web-slinger hit theaters. Spider-Man 3 certainly wasn’t the strongest entry in Raimi’s trilogy, though it did a decent job of wrapping up Tobey Maguire’s arc as Peter Parker, while simultaneously leaving the door open for a possible sequel.
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Thomas Haden Church Still Thinks Topher Grace Was a Great Venom

Spider-Man 3 star Thomas Haden Church still thinks Topher Grace was great as Eddie Brock aka. Venom. The third installment of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man series for Sony Pictures arrived in 2007 – just one year before Marvel Studios launched their Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, while Spider-Man 3 earned $890 million at the worldwide box office, the film received mixed critical reviews and wasn’t well-liked among fans. One of the most contentious aspects of the movie in particular was Grace’s portrayal of Venom.
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Spider-Man 3 Originally Introduced Vulture, Not Venom

Venom wasn’t originally supposed to appear in Spider-Man 3, and Sam Raimi wanted to use that time to set up Vulture instead. Sony’s original Spider-Man trilogy was revolutionary and ground-breaking for its time, and much of that success is owed to Raimi’s storytelling. Unfortunately, it all fell apart with Spider-Man 3. The film was bloated with villains – Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman, James Franco’s Goblin, and Topher Grace’s Venom – but as it turns out, there were only supposed to be two main villains and one villain that would be set up for Spider-Man 4.
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Thomas Haden Church Teases Mystery Superhero Movie Role Filmed Last Year

Former Spider-Man actor Thomas Haden Church reveals that he’s returning to the comic book movie genre, but he won’t disclose which film he’s appearing in. Church is a prolific actor who’s known for many projects, but for comic book fans, he will always be remembered as the person who played Flint Marko, aka the Sandman, in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. While that film has its fair share of detractors, Church’s performance as Sandman is almost universally praised.
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Everything We Know About Venom: The Cast, the Release Date, the Trailer, and More

If just hearing the name "Venom" gives you Ptsd from watching Tobey Maguire do that (incredibly cringey) dance in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3, never fear: the supervillain is getting a facelift. A film centered around Venom is in the works at Sony, and Tom Hardy is taking on the role of Eddie Brock, a human who gets infected by the evil alien Symbiote. We've rounded up all the details that have trickled out about Venom so far, from exciting additions to the cast to the new trailer. RelatedThe First Official Photo From Tom Hardy's Venom Is More Exciting Than You Think
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Angry Marvel Fans Are Planning To Boycott Venom

The first teaser trailer for Venom finally arrived earlier today and it was met with a bit of a mixed reception from fans. Social media seems split on the promo, with some enjoying the hints at Tom Hardy’s performance as Eddie Brock but others complaining about the lack of any look at Venom itself. Some reactions are so extreme, in fact, that people are now planning to boycott the movie.

DeviantArt user KurvosVicky has shared a post (via Screen Geek) proclaiming that they intend to give the upcoming Spider-Man spinoff film a miss, something that’s been supported by a bunch of others with similar thoughts. To explain their reasoning, they attached the following lengthy bullet-point list about why they expect Venom to let them down.

In short, their problems rest with the brass at Sony, as they hold them responsible for previous misfires like Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
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First ‘Venom’ Trailer Teases the Symbiote

Sony has finally released the trailer for long-awaited ‘Venom‘ standalone movie. The film is directed by Ruben Fleischer, and stars Tom Hardy as the titular anti-hero, with a script by Scott Rosenberg & Jeff Pinkner and Kelly Marcel and Will Beal. Plot details are pretty much non-existent at this point, but we do know that ‘Venom‘ is intended to be a standalone piece that doesn’t connect to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that the story fro this particular film will be derived from the ‘Planet of the Symbiotes‘ and ‘Lethal Protector‘ comic storylines. We’ve only just recently seen the first image from the film, along with hearing rumors that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man might make a cameo, but and this first trailer does a good job of teasing the film, while also keeping things fairly under wraps for the time being

It’s interesting, because these two storylines paint
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Sony Pictures Sure Did Drop The Ball on That First Trailer For Venom

Marvel fans have been very curious about this new Venom film that Sony Pictures has been developing with director Ruben Fleischer and Tom Hardy. We've all been patiently waiting for the first trailer to drop to see what exactly they have in store for us. Fans have been wondering if they would actually be able to pull this film off without Marvel's involvement. After all, Marvel was the brains and talent behind bringing Spider-Man back to greatness.

Sony Pictures really needed to impress the fans with their first Venom trailer. They needed to show us that they got this handled, that they could bring us the same level of excitement that Marvel does. This was their chance to win the fans over and get us excited for their Venom movie! But... unfortunately, they dropped the ball.

I know the first trailer released was a teaser, but the teaser didn't generate any excitement!
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Watch the First Teaser Trailer for New Venom Movie Starring Tom Hardy

  • DailyDead
The alien Symbiote from the Spider-Man universe will stalk the screen in a new Venom movie this October, and Sony has now unleashed the first teaser trailer for the Tom Hardy-starring film.

In Venom, Tom Hardy stars as Eddie Brock, a man who becomes linked with an alien Symbiote that turns him into Venom, one of the ultimate villains in the Spider-Man universe. Although Venom and the Symbiote have a big influence on Spider-Man in the Marvel comic books, this film is expected to take place outside of Marvel's Cinematic Universe, which includes the recent appearance by the web-slinger in this year's Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland, Gangster Squad) directed Venom from a screenplay by Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner, with Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, and Amy Pascal on board as producers. In addition to Hardy, Venom stars Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Reid Scott, and Jenny Slate.

Venom / Eddie
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‘Venom’ Trailer Breakdown: Six Major Takeaways From the First Footage of Tom Hardy’s Transformation

‘Venom’ Trailer Breakdown: Six Major Takeaways From the First Footage of Tom Hardy’s Transformation
Venom” is coming, and the first footage previewed in the first teaser trailer suggests fans can rest easy. Tom Hardy steps into the shoes of Eddie Brock, last played on the big screen by Topher Grace in a supporting role in Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 3.” Now Brock gets a film all to himself, and it looks like “Venom” will be somewhat of an origin story mixed with a scientific thriller.

The movie stars Hardy opposite Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed. Ruben Fleischer, best known for making “Zombieland” and “Gangster Squad,” handles directing duties. “Venom” promises to be the next big R-rated superhero film following “Logan” and the “Deadpool” films. The first teaser is light on violence and story, but it provides enough brief glimpses of characters and action to get audiences primed for October.

Watch the “Venom” teaser trailer here, and read below for the clip’s biggest takeaways.
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