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Rumor: We May Not Actually See Much Of Venom In His Own Movie

Despite leaving myself open to verbal thrashings from friends and readers online alike, I’ve been honest in admitting that Venom is one of the comic book movies I’m looking forward to most in 2018. After missing the mark with the iconic character in 2007’s Spider-Man 3, surely Sony would have to do a better job with a solo outing, right?

Well, if recent chatter is to be believed, then those of you in the same boat as I have reason to go in with lowered expectations.

You see, former IGN editor Jeremy Conrad has broken down an alleged plot synopsis that’s surfaced online – one which he didn’t provide in full, mind you – but there were a variety of details to mull over, regardless. As such, we advise you to take the following with a grain of salt as you normally would in cases such as this, but we can’t help thinking,
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Topher Grace to star in faith-based drama The Impossible

Deadline is reporting that Topher Grace (Spider-Man 3, War Machine) has been cast in The Impossible, an upcoming faith-based drama from Fox 2000, which is being directed by Roxann Dawson.

The film is based upon Joyce Smith’s book and will see Grace as Pastor Jason Noble, “the small town’s new hip man of God who helps the mother of a drowned son through this horrific time, galvanizing the town.”

Also featuring in the cast of the film are Chrissy Metz (This Is Us), Mike Colter (Luke Cage), Marcel Ruiz and Isaac Kragten.

Fox 2000 scored a hit this past weekend with its faith-based feature I Can Only Imagine, which pulled in $17 million at the North American box office.

Grace has recently wrapped filming on Under the Silver Lake alongside Andrew Garfield, and also stars in Spike Lee’s Black Klansman, where he plays a white supremacist.

The post Topher Grace
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Everything We Know About Venom: The Cast, the Release Date, the Trailer, and More

If just hearing the name "Venom" gives you Ptsd from watching Tobey Maguire do that (incredibly cringey) dance in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3, never fear: the supervillain is getting a facelift. A film centered around Venom is in the works at Sony, and Tom Hardy is taking on the role of Eddie Brock, a human who gets infected by the evil alien Symbiote. We've rounded up all the details that have trickled out about Venom so far, from exciting additions to the cast to the new trailer. Related:The First Official Photo From Tom Hardy's Venom Is More Exciting Than You Think
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'Tomb Raider' snatches international box office crown from 'Black Panther'

China delivers $41.1m over first three days; Peter Rabbit scores $9.5m UK debut.

Tomb Raider defeated Black Panther at the international box office at the weekend as the Warner Bros and MGM action adventure vaulted to the top of the global and international charts. Meanwhile Oscar winner The Shape Of Water crossed $100m.

Warner Bros Pictures International

Audiences responded strongly to Tomb Raider starring Alicia Vikander in the role of thrill-seeking heiress Lara Croft as the action adventure climbed to an early $102.5m internationally from the first two weekends. This was powered by $41.1m from its first three days in China,
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All The News From The Bruce Campbell Panel At Walker Stalker Con London

Bruce Campbell at Walker Stalker Con London

Horror icon Bruce Campbell took to the panel stage in London this past weekend to host a Q and A with attendees of the third annual Walker Stalker Con. This was an opportunity for fans of Bruce to ask all their burning questions, and they didn’t waste a single minute. During the hour-long panel he shared many a story, here of some of the highlights:

The future of Ash Vs Evil Dead looks uncertain…

The first question of the panel began with the words ‘In Ash Vs Evil Dead…’ at which point Bruce Campbell, perhaps jokingly, interjected with ‘Ash Vs Evil Dead, the television show that’s about to be cancelled’. This revelation was met with resounding boos to which Campbell retorted – ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina. If you don’t pay for Starz, they’re gonna cancel it.’ At several
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‘The Matrix’ 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Coming in May with Full Video Remaster

One of the coolest modern Sci-Fi flicks is finally getting a remaster with news that The Matrix is coming to 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray on May 22nd.

It's been 19 years since The Matrix starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss was released theatrically, and 15 years since it was last remastered.

That drought finally comes to an end as Bill Pope (The Matrix Trilogy, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, Baby Driver), the film's director of photography, has overseen an all-new remaster from the original film elements. We are the benefactors of this effort as we'll get to see The Matrix in 4K Uhd with Dolby Vision Hdr and Dolby Atmos Audio in just over two months time.

The Matrix Uhd release also includes a new Blu-ray edition and Digital HD edition, both featuring the new remaster. The inclusive Blu-ray is not any of the previously released versions.

Bonus features are included
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‘Black Panther’ Roars To $910M Ww, $403M Overseas – International Box Office

Tuesday Am Update: With $909.8M at the global box office through Monday, Disney/Marvel's Black Panther has now surpassed Thor: Ragnarok, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2, Batman Vs Superman, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man 3 worldwide. Based on the weekend's numbers, we saw this $900M+ milestone coming — and $1B is on the cards next weekend. The film has also crossed $400M at the international box office with $403.4M through yesterday. Overseas, the industry sees this…
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‘Black Panther’ Surpasses ‘Beauty and the Beast’ for Ninth at All-Time Box Office

‘Black Panther’ Surpasses ‘Beauty and the Beast’ for Ninth at All-Time Box Office
Disney-Marvel’s “Black Panther” has surpassed “Beauty and the Beast” to become the ninth-highest grosser in North America of all time in only 18 days of release.

Black Panther” pulled in $4.7 million on Monday to lift its domestic total to $506.4 million. The superhero tentpole trails Disney-Lucasfilm’s “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” by $26 million for the eighth slot on the list.

Black Panther” will face competition this weekend from Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time,” which has been tracking to launch in the $30 million to $38 million range. Three other titles — STX’s “Gringo,” Entertainment Studios’ “Hurricane Heist” and Aviron’s “The Strangers: Prey at Night” — are tracking to open with less than $10 million each.

The third domestic weekend for “Black Panther” was the third best of all time at $66.3 million, trailing only “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” and “Avatar.”

Black Panther” grossed $5.2 million internationally on Monday, lifting
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'Black Panther' crosses $900m worldwide (update)

'Black Panther' crosses $900m worldwide (update)
Red Sparrow flies into action on $26.5m; Fifty Shades Freed crosses $250m.

March 6 Update: Disney executives on Tuesday confirmed that Marvel Studio’s Black Panther crossed $90m worldwide on Monday to reach $909.8m, of which $403.4m comes from international markets and the $506.4m balance from North America.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International

Globally, since last week, Black Panther has overtaken Thor: Ragnarok on $854m, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 on $864m, Batman vs Superman on $874m, Spider-Man: Homecoming on $880m, and Spider-Man 3 on $891m.

The UK is the lead market on $49.9m, followed by South Korea on $41.5m,
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It Follows Director’s Under the Silver Lake Sets Release Date

The director of It Follows has completed his next production and it stars two leading actors from the Spider-Man films. David Robert Mitchell’s Under the Silver Lake is a noir crime thriller that headlines Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man) and Topher Grace (Spider-Man 3). The film has just been given a release date which could also make it a contender to appear at the Cannes Film Festival this year, in the same way that his previous movie did.
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Rumor: Villains And Production Timeline For Flashpoint Revealed

With Justice League failing to meet financial expectations at the box office, it’s forced many of us to ponder the future of the DC Extended Universe. And regardless of said gross, it’s the hope of many – this writer included – that we continue to see new territory being charted that, of course, includes heroes and villains who’ve not had much exposure on the big screen.

Taking those financial shortcomings into consideration, though, it’s definitely surprising to see that Warner Bros. are seemingly all for proceeding with a Flashpoint movie. I mean, the Scarlet Speedster is long overdue for some time in the spotlight on the silver screen, but anyone remotely familiar with Geoff Johns’ game-changing comic book of the same name is well aware of how it also includes alternate takes on Batman, Superman, Cyborg, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and even Shazam. In other words, it’d essentially
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Which Marvel Film Has Made the Most Money? Here's the Whole List

Marvel Comics is one of the biggest production companies in the film industry at the moment, and with its new release of Black Panther, it is only going to continue to make more money - and rightfully so. Black Panther is already making history at the Us box office, raking in $242 million domestically over the three-day weekend. That total puts it in second place for the highest four-day opening of all time, behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which took in $288 million. When you look at worldwide numbers, Black Panther is even more impressive. The movie has already earned $426.6 million across the globe! That gigantic number got us wondering just how much money all of the Marvel films have made over the years. There are so many films to choose from, and a lot of them have been popular, but when all is said and done, how much money have they actually earned?
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In Defense Of: “Spider-Man 3” (2007)

One universal truth in the world of cinema is that sequels will always be a tough nut to crack. Though there have been a handful of follow-ups that have arguably surpassed their cinematic originals — Terminator 2, The Empire Strikes Back and Aliens spring to mind — Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 can also be added to the list as it too helped buck the ‘inferior sequel’ archetype by delivering a bonafide classic in the superhero sub-genre.

‘But we’re here to talk about Spider-Man 3!’ I hear you shouting. Well, here’s the thing: I can safely say that Raimi’s third, and final chapter, won’t be joining the pantheons of greatest sequels of all-time, unlike its immediate predecessor. That said, I do believe that Spider-Man 3 deserves some love, too.

On that note, come join us as we take a look back at Raimi’s oft-maligned third entry into Marvel’s beloved web-slinging series.
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‘Black Panther’ Scorches Box Office Records, Sets the Bar for 2018 and Beyond

  • Indiewire
Marvel’s “Black Panther” (Disney) arrived with a record-breaking bang at the 2018 box office, outperforming pre-opening estimates for its three day U.S./Canada opening.

Check out its all-time records: “Black Panther” bests “Deadpool” by more than $50 million as the best February and pre-March opening weekends ever. It tops last year’s “Beauty and the Beast” as the best pre-May debut of all time. It nearly doubles “Furious 7” as the best opening for a black-directed film. It is triple the best previous record (held by “Straight Outta Compton”) for initial weekend of a film with a primarily black cast.

Those numbers will be re-counted when Sunday’s actual numbers are reported, plus the boost the movie will get from a four-day semi-holiday on Monday. And adjusting to an even playing field still leaves “Black Panther” remarkably (considering the month of release) among the ten best openers ever.

Ryan Coogler
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Kevin Smith’s Not A Fan Of The Venom Trailer Either

Sony’s upcoming Venom was an already contentious property due to its distance from the McU, but the controversy surrounding it only increased after the release of the first teaser trailer. Despite the title, the preview didn’t feature the actual character of Venom at all, only showing us Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock before his transformation into the black-clad anti-hero.

Naturally, fans heavily criticized this decision – and one of those is all-round superhero expert Kevin Smith. The director spoke with his co-host Ralph Garman on their podcast Hollywood Babble-On about recent trailers like Solo: A Star Wars Story and Avengers: Infinity War. Though they loved the footage from those films, the hosts were more conflicted about Venom, as Smith summed up most people’s thoughts with this comment on the trailer:

“I didn’t see a Venom trailer. I saw Tom Hardy: The Movie.”

Intense Venom Trailer Pics Show
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Superhero Bits: ‘Batman Ninja’ Release Date, Black Panther Gets Lego Marvel Super Heroes Dlc & More

Superhero Bits: ‘Batman Ninja’ Release Date, Black Panther Gets Lego Marvel Super Heroes Dlc & More
Want a sneak peek at the Ant-Man ride coming to Hong Kong Disneyland? Are you ready for some Black Panther Dlc in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2? When will Batman Ninja be released in the United States? Did you know Vulture was originally supposed to be in Spider-Man 3? When can you buy and stream […]

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Will Sam Raimi Return to Direct a Future Spider-Man Movie?

Will Sam Raimi Return to Direct a Future Spider-Man Movie?
Could Sam Raimi make a return to the Spider-Man franchise? Thomas Haden Church seems to think so. Church played Sandman in the notoriously disappointing Spider-Man 3, which ended Raimi's tenure with the Marvel superhero, even though he had plans to make Spider-Man 4, which didn't pan out. Instead, Sony opted to make The Amazing Spider-Man reboot, which didn't turn out so great, as we know. Though, it did lead to Spidey making his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In any case, Church seems to think that Raimi could take another crack at the franchise in the future.

The actor is currently promoting the new season of Divorce on HBO. During a recent interview, the subject of Spider-Man 3 came up. Thomas Haden Church admits that he's proud of the movie, but that they were trying to cram way too much into it, which ultimately led to it being a problematic sequel.
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Spider-Man 3 star Thomas Haden Church has praised Topher Grace’s Venom

Thomas Haden Church, one of the stars of Spider-Man 3, has defended Topher Grace’s portrayal of Venom.

Venom is making the headlines recently with Tom Hardy set to star as the fan-favourite villain, and a first teaser trailer recently arriving online.

Fans are hoping Hardy’s portrayal is more to their liking than that of Grace’s who once gave a much criticised performance as the character back in 2007.

Church, who played Sandman in the final film of the Spider-Man trilogy, is a fan of Grace’s performance, however, defending him in a recent interview with JoBlo:

“The studio felt like they had me, they had Franco’s story continuing, and they were like, we need one more that’s more of a millennial,” Church revealed. “And that’s how Venom and Topher Grace came into the picture. And by the way, I thought Topher was great in the
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Spider-Man 3 Star Thinks Sam Raimi Would Direct Another Spidey Film

When Spider-Man 3 arrived in theatres in 2007, it ultimately became Sam Raimi’s swan-song in terms of his work in the realm of comic book movies. Having been the creative force that reinvigorated the genre in 2002 with Spider-Man – a breath of fresh air after Joel Schumacher’s attempts at Batman movies in the 1990s – Raimi built his web-slinger work into a solid trilogy, which appeared to culminate in a film packed with infamous Marvel villains. Now, one of those villains is reflecting on the reality of the end of Raimi’s Spider-Man films and teasing his own return to the genre.

Many fans of Spider-Man 3 feel that Thomas Haden Church’s portrayal of Sandman was a highlight of an otherwise bloated movie, and in a new interview with JoBlo – actually about his television series, Divorce – the actor explained his take on the way studio interference from Sony on Spider-Man 3
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Sandman Actor Defends Topher Grace’s Performance As Venom In Spider-Man 3

Before Tom Hardy began wrestling with his demons – both literal and figurative – Sony Pictures and Sam Raimi chose to place Topher Grace on a collision course with the symbiote known as Venom.

He’s arguably the most interesting antagonist of Spider-Man 3, even if Raimi initially planned to introduce Adrian Toomes (Aka the Vulture) alongside the Green Goblin (James Franco) and Sandman, the supercharged bank robber brought to life by Thomas Haden Church.

Indeed, thanks to a new interview with JoBlo, Church has been fielding all sorts of questions and queries relating to Spider-Man 3, including its bloated villain roster and Topher Grace’s performance as the alien symbiote.

The studio felt like they had me, they had Franco’s story continuing, and they were like, we need one more that’s more of a millennial. And that’s how Venom and Topher Grace came into the picture. And by the way,
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