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Eric Idle, upon seeing the "coconuts as horse hoof sound effects" segment in the stage show scene, admonished the makers of the film publicly. He claimed they were ripping off Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) and "stealing" their joke. He perhaps failed to realize that coconuts have been used as horse hoof beats since the days of radio - from whence Monty Python were no doubt inspired.
Antonio Banderas voices Puss in Boots in the English, Spanish, Mexican, Italian and Japanese versions of the film.
In one scene, the Gingerbread Man's life essentially passes before his eyes. Not only does this scene make reference to The Six Million Dollar Man (1974), but according to the sequence, the Gingerbread Man is or was married.
The only film of the series in which Fiona's human form is not seen or referred to.
Donkey and Dragon have five children: Coco, Debbie, Peanut, Parfait and Bananas.
During the first attack by the villains, Fiona, the queen and the princesses are wanting to escape into the sewers. Fiona goes to a wall where there is a three-panel bas-relief of a frog, a princess and a horse. The frog has its lips extended to kiss the princess and the princess is leaning down to kiss the frog. As Fiona pushes on the horse the center panel moves back into the wall and the right panel moves to the left so that it ends up with the frog kissing the rear end of the horse.
The first in the series to not have a "storybook" opening.
The music used when the Princesses attack the castle is Led Zeppelin's "The Immigrant Song" and Heart's "Barracuda." Led Zeppelin are very hesitant in use their songs for commercial purposes. The other film where this song appears is School of Rock (2003). The soundtrack album, however, features a remake of "Barracuda" by Fergie (Fergie).
Had the biggest box-office opening of an animated movie ever.
The Worcestshire school band playing All Star in the pep rally was performed by a real high school band for authenticity. The song All Star was also used in the first film. The cheerleaders routine was also based on footage of a local high school cheer-leading squad.
Held the record for largest opening day for an animated film, with $38 million. This record was broken by Toy Story 3 (2010) with $41 million.
From a list of stats reported in Famous magazine:
  • It took 1,000,000 man-hours to complete the film with a crew size of 150

  • Of the 4,500 costumes that were designed for the film only 2,500 actually made it into the final cut.

  • 1,373 characters are present in the theatre scene with Prince Charming performing. This is recorded as the largest crowd scene of all three Shrek movies.

  • There are 23 key fairy tale characters that appear through out the film and a total of 4,378 generic characters that were available for the animators to pull from library when making crowd scenes.

  • 62,173 branches per tree with 191,545 leaves per tree.

  • As for bricks there are 1,602 bricks making up the docks and 3,196 bricks making up the sewer walls the Princesses use as escape.

  • A total of 60 new "environments" were created for the movie.

WILHELM SCREAM: Heard during the commotion in the tavern.
As Artie is giving his speech when leaving his school, he says he's "building his city on rock and roll". This is a modified line in reference to and taken from rock band Starship's hit "We Built This City". The actual line in the song goes "We built this city on rock and roll."
In the scene in Charming's dressing room, there is a 'Phantom of the Opera' costume in the back, mostly visible through the mirrors (another allusion to Phantom).
The stain glass window in the background of the knighting scene, is a reference to St. George slaying the last dragon in England. It is also a reference to a prince slaying a dragon to save a princess, or in the case of Shrek, an ogre.
At the time of its release, the movie had the third highest opening gross of all time with an estimated $121 million.
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Release prints were delivered to theaters with the fake title 'Stone'.
During Prince Charming's soliloquy in the alleyway it's possible to see New York City's infamous graffiti artists "Cope2" and "Ja" tags.


The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

When Artie gives his speech at the end, asking the villains what they really wanted to do, the Wicked Queen from Snow White says she wanted to open a spa in France. In a book called "Politically Correct Fairytales", a satire that alters famous fairy tales to politically correct standards, Snow White ends with her and her step mother, the Wicked Queen, do just that.

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