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Chicago Tribune
A dear film, sentimental and fond, full of beautifully acted British resolve.
New York Post
Constantly battling, Hoskins and Dench have terrific chemistry together.
It offers a feel-good experience, but without the heavy dose of schmaltz that often accompanies such a production.
Wall Street Journal
One of the wittiest comedies to come our way in a very long time.
The Hollywood Reporter
An absolute delight from start to finish.
Has an old-fashioned feel, as if it had been made in the period of its setting. I mean this as a compliment.
The subplot involving a tragic romance between a soldier and one of the living statues (the lovely Kelly Reilly) is hell on the humor and on a movie that stays content to do the trite thing.
Philadelphia Inquirer
In its juxtaposition of voluptuous nudity with the horrors of war, in its evocation of idealized beauty draped like gods and goddesses of Grecian art, the film invokes classical ideas about how the life force asserts itself most aggressively in the face of death.
New York Daily News
This genteel confection skews toward older audiences - those who go for "Calendar Girls," "Ladies in Lavender" and "Mrs. Brown."
Entertainment Weekly
This makes for a friendly romp, and also a dull one.
It says something that during a scene in which nude chorines are turned into a fleshy backdrop, you spend as much time looking at your watch as what's on screen.

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