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Unfunny list, take out of rotation

Author: treelobster2000 from Denver, CO
8 August 2004

I know this isn't a message board, but I have to whole-heartedly agree with the other user who commented on this terrible list show. I am just happy to find someone else who found this special to be completely devoid of humor, despite numerous "comedians" on hand to comment. Although the pretentious and unclever experts from Blender magazine make the comedians a little more palatable. VH1 has already hit rock-bottom with shows, but just in case there is a layer lower than rock bottom, they should never ever again collaborate with the bitter phonies of Blender magazine.

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Awesomely funny

Author: Andi from Richmond, KY
17 August 2004

I don't get why people keep ragging on this show. I admit the song reviewers got a tad carried away sometimes, but they were just playing for a laugh. I actually cried laughing the first time I saw it. The one thing the show could've done without was the show would be the diss-fest on "We Didn't Start the Fire" and "The Heart of Rock and Roll." Another thing that could've been better was including more of Lombardo Boyar. We don't get to see much of this guy, which is a pity, because I think he's SO funny.

Still, the show is a stellar effort on the part of VH1.

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Author: ( from United States
3 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I admit some of the quips from the commentators were funny, but I have to disagree with a lot of what is said. For instance, when they ruthlessly make fun of Meatloaf's "I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)", they say it doesn't make sense - what won't he do? Uh, well, if you listen to the end of the song you'd find out. Sure, some of the songs deserved to be on the list, but many were great songs, and did NOT deserve the trash talk so given by the comedians. It is also inaccurate to call this show "50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs...Ever", because after it was released at least a dozen more "awesomely bad songs" appeared on the radio.

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Worst. Countdown. Ever.

Author: Jojomartin from USA
12 July 2004

This is truly one of THE worst countdowns I have ever seen. These "comedians" couldn't make a funny wisecrack, even if it flew out their butts. Also, the people ripping apart these songs are being some of the most pretentious buttholes I have ever seen on a countdown. To add insult to the injury they make "funny" comments on some rather good songs, such as "Broken Wings" and "I Will Do Anything For Love". They even pick apart songs that actually have a great message, such as that Bette Midler song "Watching Over Us". With such crap mainstream music out today I wonder if they actually listened to some of these songs or just decided to say "hey guys, let's just pick songs at random to build an entire 2 hours by making unfunny comments and trying to say something smart". If you want people picking apart things by actually being funny watch "I Love the 80s", "I Love the 70s", "I Love the 80s Strikes Back", the upcoming "I Love the 90s", or better yet, "Mystery Science Theater 3000". Otherwise skip this piece of crap countdown.

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This is so Funny of a show

Author: Brunken7 from Omaha Nebraska
27 September 2004

I couldn't stop laughing at some of the comments that were said about some of these songs cause many of them were true.

The ones about R. Kelly and The Rembrandts and their songs were so funny even thinking about them as I am posting this is making me laugh.

I did have one problem with We Didn't Start The Fire and Never Gonna Give You Up and Broken Wings being on that countdown cause there is music out there today that is really bad and yet they put 3 songs from the 80's and 1 from the 90's (the one by Meatloaf) even though there was couple of good points about that song that are somewhat good on this list.

I do agree that Rubbn Studdard and Bryan Adams and Nelly's songs deserved to be on this list as well as the ones by Eddie Murphy and Don Johnson and Jennifer Lopez and that one song by Michael Jackson which was pretty much all of his good songs put into one awesomely bad song.

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How dare they include a Chicago song in this list!!!

Author: JJC-3 from USA
14 March 2005

With all of the garbage that is out there today, everything that Chicago did is better than the all of the claptrap of the 1990's or 2000's! All this is is another worthless list from the MTV networks! Any list with no inclusion from me! Is no list at all! But then what do you expect from MTV! Chicago is one of the greatest bands of all time! And for them to be included here is a travesty of justice! This entire list can be occupied by every freaking rap/hip-hop song ever just to start! Then you can include each and every new wave & punk song ever! Then you can included about 97 3/4% of all disco songs ever, not done by the Bee Gees! Then you can include every Britney Spears song and all songs by every Britney wannabe!

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Enjoyable to say the least.

Author: DarkVulcan29 ( from United States
12 April 2005

I've never quite enjoyed watching anything on VH1, Until this came on, I mean I was on the floor with laughter. I kept jumping in front of T.V. set when this would come on. They gathered a bunch of actors, comedians, and magazine writers to say there thoughts on the bad bunch of songs of all. I wished I was on there I mean there comments that I would like say on some these songs I find incredibly annoying. I was laughing at the fact, that some of these songs are so bad, that there actually kind of funny. I could not stop laughing. Some songs I thought were cool at one point, now there kind of silly. I'm so glad I finally taped. Now I can watch it anytime. Please make more Awesomely Bad countdowns.

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