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Gross sexism tuned me out
rainysng99-835-32860625 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I barely coped with Season 1 and 2 for the sexism and the clichéd 'poor little rich boys' with brain-dead bimbos (except Veronica is an exception- to-the-rule), but Season 3 just made my jaw drop with such over-the-top misogyny.

I know I am very late in seeing this show, but I would have hoped the presentation of criminally offensive frat boys behaviour, being reduced to rolled eyes at their "bad manners" had been left behind in the 80s. While the presentation of young women concerned enough to protest violence against women on campuses, are shown as secretly evil liars and more highly suspect than any poor misunderstood frat boy. Ditto for prostituted women. Bleh, bleh, bleh...
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I'm sorry but I just don't get why this show is such a big deal
foghorn_clj25 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't watch this when it was first made but obviously heard through channels that it had a huge cult following and fan are constantly wanting a follow up movie. So when it appeared on one of my streaming services I dived right in.

So season 1 is really good. Great characters, awesome plot twists etc. Season 2 still OK but the main mystery plot was horribly convoluted and conveniently resolved with a non-sensical explanation.

Season 3 was terrible. Enough said.

The biggest problem I have with this show is that whip-smart mystery solving Veronica Mars falls in love with a emotionally stunted and occasional sociopathic asshole. And then she's all crushed when he does something that is horrible/illegal which ends they're relationship.

In summary, entertaining for the teen crowd? Yes. Worthy of bringing back? HELL NO. This ain't Firefly people!
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I'm Ignoring Season 3 For My Review & Rating (season 3 is worth -3 to rating)
You want to know why this great show didn't rate well? It's because having people in their mid 20s playing 17 year olds turns a lot of potential viewers off. I must have been in a tolerant mood when I watched the first episode, because I was 99% to that off button when I saw the 3rd mid 20s actor/actress pretending to be a high school student. Seriously, casting... (-2 for that alone)

I'm pleased I didn't, the show had greatness to it, and I can understand why people are puzzled as to why it didn't rate better. The show has a depth that most shows don't have. Maybe some don't like depth, but I suspect that biggest reason why it failed was the age of those pretending to be teenagers. You'll need to get past that if you want to enjoy this fine series.
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fave show... period
elaine-a-arsenault25 June 2016
i never get tired of this show. i love it. i've watched them all like 10 times and i still keep going. great show. sad that it's gone, but i love what's there :) definitely worth a look. keeps getting better and better throughout. many critics have hailed the first season of Veronica Mars as the best single season of TV ever. :) i haven't watched enough TV to really say that's accurate, but i do love it. i love season 2 as well. i love season 3 less, but still like it and still watch it :) seriously, try it... fall in love with it :) it's witty, it's sexy, it's well written i would love to share it with anyone who will watch. i wish Netflix Canada would bring it back :(
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Beautiful investigator..
ajral24 June 2016
The movie is about someone who has been asked to solve an old crime mystery. Instead of just thinking about the outcome of the ending, it is more relevant for viewers to sit back and see how a brilliant investigator noses around to solve the mystery for someone she cares.

Kristen Bell is that person plays the pivotal role as the private investigator and has done her role well. Together with the beautiful plot on how the investigation goes, nail biting occasions on who might have done the crime, occasionally unpredictable scenes and yet touching human lives made movie a gem to viewers.

My only negative point? Even though one might not be able to predict the plot till the end for sure, its quite obvious to predict the outcome of the love triangle and her career decision at the end. Especially if you have seen the movie 'Sweet home Alabama'.
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Veronica Mars is on the Case!
Syl2 June 2016
Veronica Mars is a Southern California teenager with brains and beauty. She has a tenacity for seeking the truth. Kristen Bell plays her as a complex human being rather than a female caricature. She has a terrific supporting cast to assist Veronica Mars in solving mysteries whether light like finding somebody's father after several years and tragic like her best friend's murder. Surprisingly, this series was on the UPN and not the major networks but it created a cult hit around the world. Kristen Bell leads the cast and she does a terrific job in holding the series at times. Enrico Colantoni (Just Shoot Me and Person of Interest) and Corinne Bohrer played her parents. Her late best friend Lily Kane is seen in flashback scenes with Amanda Seyfried (Mean Girls). Other guest stars include Jane Lynch before Glee; Melissa Leo before winning an Oscar; Kyle Secor (Homicide: Life on the Streets); real life couple Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna playing a real life celebrity couple (art imitates life). The first season is about solving the mystery of Lily Kane's death and Veronica's mother who disappears after her father has resigned in disgrace from the Sheriff's office in fictional Neptune, California (not far from San Diego). The cast and the writing hold up throughout the first season and wished you want more by the end.
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Tough but vulnerable lead character
Miles-1029 May 2016
SPOILER: This series is both fun and poignant. A fantasy of high school with a mature, outsider character telling the drama queens (both male and female) that there is real life outside of high school. Veronica is funniest when she is putting down people who are too full of themselves and too wrapped up in their power- and class-obsessed view of the world. Veronica knows that, with some know-how, she can bring down the mighty, and she never knowingly goes after someone who doesn't deserve it. Veronica has her faults and often admits them after they get her into trouble. (Sometimes her clients trick her into doing someone an injustice, and then she feels guilty about it.) Don't you wish there was somebody like that at your school? But such a person rarely exists.

Somewhere, I said that Veronica Mars is a tough yet vulnerable character, but maybe not as vulnerable as tough. Though she has been hurt many times (her best friend having been murdered and herself having been raped) she not only goes on but doesn't give up. Far from showing her vulnerability only to her beloved father (and not to him when she fears he might become too over-protective), Veronica risks herself with others. Most painful is her budding romance with Logan, which goes from hot and heavy to cold shower when she discovers that he may have been indirectly (at least) connected to her rape. It's a betrayal that would make most girls finally shrivel up and swear off boys forever, but not Veronica. She can be an unrealistic teen as when she hopes against impossible hope to get her mother and father back together. It should have been obvious that that is never going to happen, but the outsider girl cannot be outside in relation to her own most basic needs and desires.

This show boasts a great set of characters and fine acting. I must say, though, that I never liked the character Logan. He just looked smarmy from the get-go and the attempts to rehabilitate this character never worked for me. Never. I also do not understand how the network suits ever thought that the actors playing Logan and Duncan looked alike. I always recognized Duncan, though a damaged character, as the better looking fellow and, therefore, I always wanted to see Veronica end up with him.
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teen detective
blanche-215 April 2016
I see that some people really hated this show. I'm not sure what's so offensive about it. I started watching it because I watch anything involved with mysteries, and I like Kristen Bell.

Veronica Mars is a high school student in Neptune, California, where her father was once the local sheriff. When her best friend and boyfriend's sister Lilly Kane (Amanda Seyfried) is murdered, her father accuses the Amanda's father Ted Kane (Kyle Secor) of the murder. When someone is arrested for it, Kane uses his influence to have Veronica's father removed from office. He then opens his own private detective agency.

Veronica, once in with the in crowd, finds herself isolated from her former so-called friends, and is now in with the out crowd. Nevertheless she holds her head up and works with her dad on solving mysteries, all the while trying to get information on her mother, who disappeared at the time of the murder. And, though her father has warned her about continuing with her friend's murder case, she doesn't believe the man arrested is the killer and still delves into it.

The main cast is made up of mostly young people, and I will say that acting isn't the strongest thing about this show. But I do like the street-smart Veronica and her sharp responses to the kids in school, even though she pines for her ex, Duncan (Teddy Dunn) and has had to face loss of loved ones and stature.

I think this was a good character-driven series. It's important with films and shows to take them for what they are and not look for them to be anything else. It's a show about a teenager that adults can get into, and it's well done.
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Original but also different
namob-4367313 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
As with all show it depends on your perspective. If your perspective is high school, fun teen drama and interesting characters this is as good as it gets. To me this is one of the best shows ever made. Absolutely brilliant teen-noir entertainment. Anyone between 10yo-25yo should love this show, but it is really for everyone.

I am not going to tell you what this is about, there are plenty of those spoilers about, what I am going to tell you however is that this show is original, but also different. It is very hard finding a show like this anywhere, especially this well acted. Sure it get a bit weirdly constricted teen drama in the 2nd season, but overall this is great.

The only draw back with this show is that it never develops, which is also most likely why it never made it past the 3rd season. If they'd gone past the original idea and gone with the FBI-route or any other reasonable development this could have been an amazing 10p show, sadly it never did so my score is a stable 9. If you want to keep up with this time and how the young was and what they watched, this is the number one show.
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Best Show Ever (may contain relationship spoilers!)
Personally I think that this is one of the best TV shows ever made. It has creativity, and every season there is different crimes to solve.

I think the best season is season 1 because you find out most about Veronica.

The main reason I watch this is because it has all of the qualities of a good show. If you have already watched Veronica Mars then you'll know what I mean.

I ship Piz and Veronica together not Veronica and Logan. After I saw Piz I ultimately shipped him and Veronica together. Before I saw season three I did ship Veronica and Logan but that's history.
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people will watch anything
cassidyorme2 September 2015
The show started off good, and then its like everyone was fired and they hired a bunch of soap opera writers to save money.. its nothing but drama and not even good drama.. everyone lies and cheats and fights each other but in the next episode they are all friends again.. this show could have been great if the stupid writers didn't keep it confined to just the students at the school.. its just so unbelievable its hard to watch.. and most of the actors are terrible, and the good actors shine a spot light on the bad ones making them that much worse.. no wonder the show was canceled.. i bet if they moved it to day time drama hour it would flourish.. honestly so much drama and not much of anything else.. maybe a laugh once a season.. and i can't say i cared enough about any of the characters to ever get sad they die.. you can tell this show was made on a budget, i guess that should be taken into account when watching..
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Okay better late than never, but I had to post this review. Veronica Mars is an excellent TV Series, and of course I'm soon to put up the review on the Veronica Mars movie too. Veronica Mar TV-Series has all of the key elements to be a great show, and that it did become. The show has a constant growing cast which truly for the most part fit the bill of the show and they tend to fill the character they portray well too. The story starting out with it's point of origin continued through most all of the series while each episode was bringing to light even more investigations for Veronica and her father to take care.

What I liked most about the show is how it always kept true to each instance. In each episode we found out more on some cases as they progressed as well as it would calmly bring in a new one which always kept things interesting. I've became quite the fan of this series and have added it to my physical collection of movies.
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Must Watch!
gabe8-791-65277913 April 2015
After reading some of the reviews I was doubtful, but I love this show. It got better every episode and I wish it had stayed on TV longer. This is on Netflix and if you ever get the chance, make sure you check it out. The episode plots are detailed and fascinating and most link up with the main storyline. The season finales for seasons 1 and 2 were exciting and kept you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next season. The characters are just like real people, with good sides and bad sides. It's really realistic, especially for a teenage detective show. the main plot combined with the flashbacks rarely leaves questions unanswered. It's a great show and really worth watching
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Sassiest and Wittiest Show Ever
Thomas Drufke14 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Here's a show that has been on my watchlist for years but never quite made it up the mantle. That is until a feature film was released this past March so I thought what better time to start the show than now. My girlfriend being a huge fan definitely helped a bit as well. Veronica Mars is just about one of the coolest characters of all time. This review sounds very unintelligent by making such claims, but seriously the girl kicks a**. The third season was wrongfully cut short and 7 years later a movie is released. I have yet to see the film but I have been told it does the series and it's characters justice. As long as it sticks to what make each of these characters so lovable, then I'm sure it will be excellent.

The first season dealt with Veronica attempting to reopen her best friends murder case and coping with the grave loss. The show takes a few episodes to really kick in but it really hits it stride down the stretch of season 1. Wallace is that loyal friend we all want to have and Keith Mars is that dependable but at the same time hip dad that fits Veronica's personality perfectly. The shows main strengths were all used to perfection. Even the shows weak spot, Duncan, didn't have as many scenes as you would think. Of course the shock of season 1 for me was just how much I ended up loving the Logan character. It came as a surprise when he fell for Veronica, but it really worked.

The show had a number of great supporting characters through the years and the writers took advantage of each of their strengths and created a great show. It's truly a shame it was cancelled mid way through the third season as it was clear the ending of that season was rushed. I have to say though, it was a bit disappointing Veronica never took a case back to Neptune High for old times sake. Francis Capra as Weevil was always a delight to see on screen as he and Veronica had one of the more unique relationships. There was a great deal of mutual respect between them even if they weren't on the same sides of the coin every time.

I loved season 1 and really liked season 2, but at times I feel the show became obsessed with feeding us lies and red herrings. I cant tell you how many left turns season 2 had, and as a binge watcher it became extremely difficult to keep everything straight. I think the show always stayed true to what it was, which was a crime-family-teen-mystery-drama, but it didn't reach enough people to stay on the air. I would like to hope that this film will be even better, even if it didn't make enough money to even have hopes for a sequel. So Veronica Mars is an excellently written crime drama that just about touches every area you hope a mystery would. It also has a high re-watch-ability rate which is always a plus.

+Characters, characters, characters

+Realized what it's strengths were, fixed it's problems

+Teased for what was to come

+Veronica Mars is literally my girlfriend

-Obsessed with giving us red herrings

-Cancelled too soon

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Not bad but also not excellent.
lois-lane3314 October 2014
Maybe a better show than most people think it is but still not really classifiable as 'excellence.' There are plenty of swirls and movements of the shows plot, enough to keep most viewers satisfied. The only thing about it that made me give it a seven and not a higher mark was that the main character has what I think is a bit of a too close relationship with her father. I don't think that is representational of real life so much. I mean its a good thing that the character gets along with her Dad but she also works with him which is pretty non ordinary especially given that her father works as a private detective. Good character interplay but lacking in many of the identifiers that define the differences between 'youth' and 'adults.' Veronica Mars doesn't have a favorite band or favorite type of music and her character has a car and thats played as 'just the normal thing to have.' In that respect its typical of many shows that are in this genre depicting what is basically conspicuous consumerism as in its depicted as normal to have a car when you are sixteen type of thing when in actuality very few sixteen year old types have their own car never mind using one to drive to school in each day as if gas and maintenance of a car was 'pennies a day.' Then there is what it costs to get insurance when you are a young driver-when I was young it was still thousands of dollars and I think that hasn't changed much and remains the primary reason why most young people can't be bothered with cars and use public transportation as long as possible. You can always use a cab.This show paints that thinking as passé. I give it s seven for effort, not necessarily for realism.
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Kristen Bell is very entertaining as teen detective Veronica Mars.
TxMike1 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I sort of watched all this backwards. First I saw Kristen Bell in "Lifeguard", then I saw "Frozen" where she voices Anna, then I saw her recent "Veronica Mars" movie. The one where fans participated by helping raise the capital. After seeing all those I got really interested in the TV series that started in 2004. I don't remember why but I never saw it back when it was in its original run.

Fast forward to September 2014, I found that my local public library has the DVDs of the TV series, so over the past two weeks I watched the complete first season, 6 disks, I believe 22 episodes, often 2 or 3 a day.

Here's what I found. First Kristen Bell is super in the role of high school teenager Veronica Mars. Her dad was the local sheriff but was run out of office after a high-profile murder, Veronica's best friend, and the daughter of the local wealthy family. So her dad has his own detective agency and Veronica works as his office manager in her spare time. But more important she does investigations in her spare time. Often it arises from a problem one of her classmates is having. Or it can involve tracking down real bad guys.

Several issues and mysteries run through the whole season, and loose ends are not tied up until the final episode. One is "who really killed the girl?" because Veronica and her dad are convinced the man who confessed was paid to do so. Why did her mother run away and hide? Is she really her boyfriend's half-sister? Why is the head of security of the wealthy man's company stalking Veronica?

The mood of the whole series depends on how the actress plays the Veronica Mars character. If anyone else had played the role it would have been different, but Bell seems perfect for the role.

Now I might get the DVDs for the other seasons.

MAJOR SPOILERS FOLLOW: Her mom did eventually come back after Veronica tracked her down, and Veronica used her college money to pay for alcohol rehab for her mother. But mom checked herself out, kept on drinking, and left again. The actual murderer was the father of the dead girl's boyfriend, he had an affair with the teen, made video tapes which she found and took. He went to her house to get them and in a moment of rage hit her on the head and killed her. Veronica figured this out when she found the tapes stashed in the AC vent in the girl's bedroom.
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Looks even better in the rearview
mindcatcher730 September 2014
Re-runs of this show are playing - I missed most of it when the show was live.

Simply put - the best teen dramedy I recall viewing. The precocious mix of worldly insight and teen insecurity - its addictive.

Special props to the casting people - the nuance and non verbal work among the 'teens' is easily the best I recall seeing. Its great, set against the almost charicaturish broad strokes of the 'adults' - which is exactly what everything feels like at that age.

Great work.

My only concern might be that Kristen Bell never again finds a role this good - or that she can imprint as her own unique snow flake.

Would be terrible for anyone to have peaked so early.

But what a peak.

And as Dick says ' 'the dude abides'. Each to their portion, each in its season.
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Best father/daughter relationship
Retrohead12317 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I watched Veronica Mars quite sporadically when it was on E4, usually after school. A couple of years ago, I decided to order the box set and watch it from start to finish. It was even better than I could ever anticipate. First of all, it's a brilliant neo-noir. The dialogue and voice over narration is smart, quick and full of irony and humour. And the best part is, it is all coming from the mouth of a cute and little blonde. You totally buy it because she's charismatic, compelling and intelligent but best of all she's flawed. Sometimes she makes terrible choices and gets it wrong. I have to say that the show's main strength is Veronica as a character, played wonderfully by Kristen Bell- this role was meant for her.I adore the relationship between her and Keith, so enduring and sweet, it's the emotional centre beneath all of the snarky sarcasm. I know the show has been praised for its feminist undertones, and rightly so, but I think the character of Logan often gets overlooked in that respect. Here is a male character (also a love interest) who isn't conventionally great looking, who looks like a high school student and who isn't hyper-masculine. Okay, he saves Veronica once or twice but generally she's the person saving his @r$e. There is even an episode where it is implied that he literally wet himself out of fear, while being held at gunpoint. Even his tortured, bad boy archetype is acknowledged, with a wry and knowing wink, being constantly referenced. There has been some criticism about the setting and the plot lines being unrealistic. I agree that Neptune, "a town without the middle class", and all that goes on within it, is rather far fetched. The show isn't anchored in the real world. But neither was Buffy. Veronica Mars still deals with real world problems, with universal themes and topical issues. I don't really care that it is highly stylised, too polished, that it is set in sunny California, a world so far removed from our own it may as well be on Mars (puns!). Everyone can relate to being an outsider, to the authority officials being corrupt or just unhelpful, to a culture of date rape and slut shaming, gang violence and to good ol' fashioned financial troubles.

My favourite tiny detail- you see Veronica wearing clothes she has worn before. It's like, "hey look, she wore that jacket a couple of episodes ago. Finally, a teenage girl with a finite wardrobe!"
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awesome show, another epic show is cancelled... again
Jen W.21 March 2014
only a few shows truly can draw you in, ones like Freaks N Geeks, My So Called Life, Veronica Mars. Networks don't ever see the true fan base. So happy we are able to watch these three amazing seasons on other outlets now, DVD, Streaming (thank you amazon prime for having this as a Free/Included Show.

After watching three seasons, and the new Movie, yeah I think I could be a Private Detective too. Kristen and the crew did a great job with Veronica Mars, even tho it was only three years, now a whole new batch of people can grow to love this show too.

Hoping this is just the beginning of more to come. Would love a series again, even if we have to do it thru Netflix or Amazon, so much more to explore,,,, will Veronica ever meet Duncan and Megs kid (she has to be at least 9 or 10 by now) Will her Mother ever come back? Will Veronica be drawn back in by Neptune High for another round of scandalous activities ??

Hope so, I'm in ! check out You Tube they have a 12 minute preview of what would have been season 4. Look under Veronica Mars Season 4: FBI Pilot here's the link

Again, a great show, great job Kristen, keep it up!
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I am a pure-blooded Marshmallow! Veronica Mars rules my life at this moment...
barendbkj15 December 2013
Why oh why did it have to end?

This show changed my life. Kristen Bell and Jason guys are amazing and no actors out there have better on-screen chemistry than these two (sorry Damon and Elena).Their characters literally spell out LoVe...

All the characters in this show are so lovable and unforgettable. From Wallace, to Mac. From Dick to Logan and then there's the iconic character that is... Veronica Mars.

It's so addictive and probably one of the best written series to date with a solid story line that they abide by. Not like other shows that lose there way halfway through its show time.

Why it had to end, I keep asking because Veronica Mars's time will never be over. Here I am a sixteen year old in 2013 and even now I am hooked. This show is incredible.

I cannot wait for the movie that's coming out next year (2014)...Here's hoping for the best!!!
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high school teen drama for smart people
SnoopyStyle26 September 2013
Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) was previously a popular girl in school next to her rich best friend Lilly Kane (Amanda Seyfried). When Lilly was murdered, her father Sheriff Keith (Enrico Colantoni) arrested Lilly's powerful father, but later someone else confessed. They ran Keith out of office and Veronica became a pariah. Now she investigates the deep dark secrets of her school divided between the ultra-rich and the poor minorities.

Rob Thomas has created a high school Nancy Drew with an edge. She's as smart as Sherlock Holmes. Only she's a girl trying to survive the High School world. It works as both a murder mystery, and a high school teen drama. This is Kristen Bell's break out role. She really gives a funny spunky likable compelling performance. This is a teen drama for smart people.
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Great Show
greywolf12649 July 2013
Allow me to preface this review by saying that I have a tendency to get hooked on TV shows and that no show has done a better job of reeling me in than this one. In a nutshell, Veronica Mars is one of the best shows I have ever watched and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The entire show is extremely well written with interesting plot lines, clever dialogue, and well developed characters. Veronica is memorably portrayed by Kristen Bell who, while surrounded by impressive actors, still manages to stand out. Any fan of hers would be remiss to not give this show a chance. Though this show is among my favorites, it is not without its flaws. The second season's mystery arc is less interesting than the first's and the third season suffers from executive meddling that leaves it with two smaller mystery arcs which, while both entertaining, leave one with a slight taste of disappointment and a lingering thought about what might have been. In addition to these, there are a few events that seem to come out of left field and never get proper resolution or treatment. Still, these are never so egregious as to undermine the show as a whole. Rather, they are but a spot of imperfection in an otherwise excellent program. The real tragedy here is that the show only lasted for three seasons before being canceled. The good news, however, is that there will be a follow up movie released in 2014. If you want a clever detective show with a fresh and interesting lead character (and cast), then look no further. 9/10
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I love it
Sally Warner22 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
These are being replayed in New Zealand on Vibe on pay TV. I watched it a couple of times when I was at home sick and I am hooked. Intelligent female solves mysteries with the thread of a long running per series mystery story. There are also the best friends, tales of teenage angst, nutty self-absorbed crazy people and the usual school tribes. I am absolutely hooked. I can't wait for the movie.

Remember that they are about teenagers so they are similar to the Tomorrow When the War began books and other things by John Marsden.

Great acting and really good continuity and editing. I am very impressed. Right up there with the best of these things.

If you like Elementary, the English Sherlock Holmes series you will love these gems. You can also rent them on Fatso.
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A long time ago, we used to be friends.
Salome Akuxi13 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The Veronica Mars Series had me hooked. I made sure that at 4.30 every week day I was home to watch it.

Veronica is a perfect example of how some teens act when they're troubled which made it easy to relate to back then. The fact that it is centred around High School, home and the police station is slightly stereotypical but also kind of true so one point to Mars.

The series followed Veronica's life and how it intertwined with everybody else's life like every other teen series, however the fact that V was a good person and didn't really have any skeletons to hide made her more appealing than the rest and easier to like. Although I'm not sure how I felt about the last season.

I am a huge Crime/detective fan. CSI, Criminal Minds, Monk, Columbo etc. anything like that I love. So when I discovered Veronica Mars, I was like - Crime, detective, romance and sarcasm all in one? Of course I was going to get hooked.

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boy boyston19 March 2013
When a show's plot revolves around a teenager serving as a private detective, solving murders while holding an arrogant- and utterly sarcastic attitude to each and every thing she comes across, you know that there wasn't much cohesion to begin with. The characters are shallow and flat, the plots are cliché and refuse to go deeper than a flat brick, and most of all, the main character's just a plain annoyance; a scar on the face of modern television. I'd advise you not to lay your eyes upon this visual abomination.

It deserves nothing more than a 3 out of 10, and that's me being generous.
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