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3 Jan. 2007
Mother's Little Helper
Interconnected dreams begin when Allison and Ariel stumble across a murder scene, and Ariel's resentment grows as she's needed to help catch the killer.
17 Jan. 2007
The Whole Truth
Allison tries to rescue a boy that she sees in her dreams, while she also tries to find out about the circumstances of an assemblyman's recent death. The two issues turn out to be related.
24 Jan. 2007
Better Off Dead
Allison's attempts to help two ghosts who've bonded over their respective murders is somewhat hampered by one who's left a sizable inheritance to a woman he barely knew.
31 Jan. 2007
Very Merry Maggie
Allison has a dream where the Dubois family are dolls under the control of a young boy, Oliver. When the boy's father is found dead, apparently having fallen off a ladder, her dreams reveal Oliver may have been an abused child. The Devalos' have to deal with the anniversary of their daughter's death. She committed suicide 6 years before without leaving a note or saying goodbye. Joe has been putting in a number of late nights on a major project and is a bit obsessed that one of the kids may have given him chicken pox.
7 Feb. 2007
Apocalypse, Push
Captain Push has dreams about a series of crimes committed in Phoenix and contacts Allison to tell her about his visions. Allison believes that Push's visionary ability is due to his long coma in the past but Push has doubts. In the meantime, Push has to submit himself to another medical operation and encounters some people in the hospital whom he had seen in a different context and circumstance before.
14 Feb. 2007
The One Behind the Wheel
Joe takes a turn at figuring things out when Allison is inhabited by another woman.
21 Feb. 2007
Second Opinion
When Allison's dream seems to foretell Marie's death, she will stop at nothing - including selling the house - to change the future.
28 Feb. 2007
We Had a Dream
Sonny Troyer is back, but what's even more frightening is he's learned how to manipulate Allison to his own evil ends.
7 Mar. 2007
The Boy Next Door
Teenage Allison dreams about her future, her personal life, and her work. Is it really the future she sees in her dreams? Can she change the future that she has dreamed about?
28 Mar. 2007
Whatever Possessed You
When one of Devalos' childhood friends dies, Allison has her suspicions about the cause; elsewhere, Joe puts in for a government project but a polygraph creates some issues.
4 Apr. 2007
Joe Day Afternoon
Allison's feeling of dread turns into a horrifying reality when Joe is taken hostage at work, and Ariel must outwit her principal so she can call her mother.
11 Apr. 2007
Allison's brother (Ryan Hurst), a phone-hotline psychic, helps a person whose husband was killed.
25 Apr. 2007
No One to Watch Over Me
Allison is lead to a body, but while they wait for an ID she has an encounter with the ghost; meanwhile, Joe is having difficulty adjusting back to work since his leave.
2 May 2007
Head Games
Allison is involved in a murder trial, but things go terribly wrong when another body is found, Joe begins seeing a therapist, and a young woman asks Allison for confidences.
9 May 2007
Heads Will Roll
Devalos deals with the aftermath of the case, Joe is approached by a lawyer, and Allison makes the decision to confide in Debra.
16 May 2007
Everything Comes to a Head
P.D. McCall's betrayal has devastating results for everyone in Allison's life, and Walter Paxton brokers a deal with the D.A.'s office.

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