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Season 5

2 Feb. 2009
Soul Survivor
Allison is asked by DA Devalos to help with a six month-old murder case involving a close friend of his, Gabrielle. Her sister Robin was bludgeoned to death six months earlier at her cottage and she is not satisfied that the previous DA had conducted a thorough investigation. Gabrielle herself suffered a great loss when two years previously her author husband was killed. She has since re-married to another writer, Joel Tiernan, and appears to be quite happy. Things get a bit complicated when Allison begins to dream that Gabrielle's first husband killed his ...
9 Feb. 2009
Things to Do in Phoenix When You're Dead
Allison dreams about a man who dies on what appears to be a hospital gurney but then sees his ghost observing a businessman choking a woman in a red cocktail dress. When she wakes the next morning, news reports confirm that the woman's body has been found. She tries to trace the identity of the dying man in her dreams but can find no record. She is stunned when she sees him, quite alive, sitting in a garden on the hospital grounds. In a subsequent dream, she sees the killer receiving a call from a blackmailer. So how does the ghost of man who is alive show up at a ...
16 Feb. 2009
A Person of Interest
Allison begins acting compulsively after dreaming about the murder of a judge years before.
23 Feb. 2009
...About Last Night
Allison has a serious memory lapse and can't account for her absence. One moment she's in the grocery store parking lot talking to Ariel on her cellphone and the next - six hours later - she wakes up under a freeway overpass. She is soon dreaming about a hit and run victim and fears that she may have been the driver of the car. Her undamaged car is recovered minus her purse which she eventually retrieves from a dumpster. The purse however contains a human hand in a plastic bag. Ariel has reached a certain age - where she can get her learner's permit and start driving....
2 Mar. 2009
A Taste of Her Own Medicine
Allison and Det. Lee Scanlon are asked by DA Devalos to look into the disappearance of Meredith Burnes, the daughter of a local councilman. She is married to Don Burnes and has a young stepdaughter, Phoebe, who is awaiting a heart transplant. All seems well in her relationship with her husband and her stepdaughter whom she had originally met when she cared for the child as a nurse. She and her husband married after the first Mrs. Burnes ran off some years before. Allison is dreaming about the case and is slowly fitting the pieces of the puzzle together, which does ...
9 Mar. 2009
Apocalypse... Now?
After dreaming of an upcoming apocalypse - just as an earthquake strikes Phoenix - Allison is convinced they have to prepare for the future and becomes an infatuated survivalist. In her dreams she sees a man and a teenage girl living in what appears to be a bomb shelter. He wears a bio-hazard any time he goes out, imploring his young charge never to leave the safe confines of their environment. When she dreams that the girls leaves the bunker - and is in fact found by the policy the next day with her throat slit - Allison realizes they may be dealing with something ...
23 Mar. 2009
A Necessary Evil
Allison is more than a little dubious when the ghost of FBI Agent Cooper appears in her kitchen with information on the long unsolved murders by a serial killer known as the Gentleman Caller. The information turns out to be accurate and suddenly Cooper's back with information about another case. Feeling more comfortable now that he's come across once as being truthful,she decides to act on the information he's provided. Turns out things are not as straightforward as they first appear to be. At work, Joe comes under a lot of pressure to hire an engineer who's made very...
30 Mar. 2009
Truth Be Told
After dreaming about two young couples being taken prisoner in a remote house or cottage, Allison finds herself there the next morning investigating the death of only one of the couples she had seen. Later that day, the second couple from the dream show up at the police station to identify the victims. Allison is also hearing a buzzer every time one of the kids tells a lie. The buzzer comes in handy during the questioning of the second couple who are clearly hiding events that may have happened several months before their friends were killed. Evidence at the murder ...
6 Apr. 2009
All in the Family
DA Devalos asks Allison and Det. Scanlon to come in to work on a Sunday when siblings Brooke and Dylan Hoyt ask him for help in locating their mother, an old friend of his. As it happens, Allison had a nightmare the previous night where Brooke urges little Marie to shoot Allison and Joe while they're asleep in their bed. As they investigate, they find the brother and sister have had a tumultuous relationship over the years. Allison's ongoing dreams reveal a case of deception. At home, Joe's sister Sarah shows up at his front door after her marriage has broken down. ...
13 Apr. 2009
Then... and Again
It's Marie's fifth birthday but Allison has to stop by DA Devalos' home on a work-related matter. There she finds Devalos being held at gunpoint by Nathan Hunsecker whom he had convicted 5 years earlier of murdering his wife Jessamyn. The man shoots both of them them but when Allison awakes, its now 2004 and she is very pregnant with Marie who will be born in a few weeks time. Allison is dreaming and realizes that Hunsecker is innocent but when she approaches Devalos, who has no idea who she is, he thinks she may be complicit in the crime. Back in the present, Joe ...
20 Apr. 2009
The Devil Inside, Part One
Allison dreams of a man who thinks she is the Devil incarnate and threatens her. When her car breaks down the following evening, she realizes the tow truck driver is her stalker by the tattoo on his hand. When the police identify the man, Lucas Walker, they raid his now vacated home only to find a shrine of sorts dedicated to Allison the devil but also photos and information about her three daughters. The police put her house under guard and the Dubois' become shut-ins. Walker manages to get through the barrier however. Allison has also been dreaming about a man who ...
27 Apr. 2009
The Devil Inside, Part Two
Although Allison's stalker, Lucas Harvey, was shot and killed by Detective Scanlon, his ghost continues to appear and he tells her he is manipulating her dreams so she had better watch out what she concludes about crimes. Ominously, Harvey starts to appear before the girls in their dreams, and Allison is worried about their safety. When Allison finally does have a dream about the serial killer who is gassing his victims, she realizes that there are two of them working in tandem. Meanwhile, Joe has to layoff most of his employees when Terry Cavanaugh loses a great deal...
4 May 2009
How to Make a Killing in Big Business: Part 1
The morning after Allison dreams she and Joe and the girls are living in fancy house - where she goes onto a forbidden room and sees a body of a young woman slashed and blood-soaked - she gets a call from Caitlyn Lynch of the Lydecker Corporation asking to meet her. Lydecker wants to offer her a job that is right up her alley - all she has to do is give them exclusively her thoughts or feelings for various products. She's genuinely torn at leaving the DA's office but the money she's offered is such that she has no choice but to give it a try. Her first task is to look...
4 May 2009
How to Make a Killing in Big Business: Part 2
While at her new job at the Lydecker Corporation, Allison shares the dreams she's been having of the serial killer in Phoenix with Devalos and Scanlon.
11 May 2009
How to Make a Killing in Big Business: Part 3
Allison continues to dream about the eye-gouging killer and comes to realize that her new boss, Mr. Lydecker, is out to protect the killer's identity. As she sees more and more in her dreams, she sees that Lydecker himself is in danger and that he is being set up by a third person. Ariel meanwhile continues to see images of her replacement teacher having been butchered. She's keen to take the prescription medicine now approved by her doctor, but is afraid that if she does, the images will stop and she won't be able to help the teacher. It turns out that Ariel's ...
11 May 2009
The Man in the Mirror
After having a minor fainting spell at home, Allison goes out to a crime scene where the police have discovered a body in a shallow grave. At the scene, Allison loses consciousness and is taken to the hospital where doctors are unable to diagnose anything wrong with her. At the same time Todd Emory, a patient in the same hospital, walks out and straight to Joe's house where he claims that he is in fact Allison. Emory claims that somehow, Allison's being is now in Emory's body. It becomes evident that Todd Emery was somehow connected to the death of the man in the ...
18 May 2009
The First Bite Is the Deepest
When Allison dreams of former private detective Cynthia Keener, she visits the woman in prison to see what she can learn. The dream dealt with one of Cynthia's old cases involving the kidnapping of a young woman, Bethany. Cynthia had delivered the ransom and the kidnapper told her where he had buried the young woman. Bethany survived and the kidnapper was never found. As Allison's dreams continue, it becomes obvious that Bethany and her kidnapper may have met again and she may be in danger. Joe meanwhile has been unable to to raise the cash to buy back his company and...
25 May 2009
The Talented Ms. Boddicker
Allison has a dream in which a bank teller correctly predicts a robbery, which the teller attributes to a dream of her own. But when the robbery actually happens, Allison begins to wonder why their dreams don't always agree. Meanwhile, trusting Ariel with his car proves stressful as Joe begins commuting to San Diego.
1 Jun. 2009
Bring Me the Head of Oswaldo Castillo
Allison is terrified by dreams of the future which suggest her family is going to be murdered by an assassin of the Mexican drug cartels, and begins working with a DEA agent after the murder of an undercover officer, which had been part of those dreams. But she also learns that she may be experiencing her last dreams, due to a brain tumor which threatens to cut short the investigation.

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