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Season 1

3 Jan. 2005
Wife, mother, and psychic Allison DuBois (Arquette) can communicate with the dead and is convinced she can use her gift to help solve crimes. She's put to the test when she gets a call from the Texas Rangers.
10 Jan. 2005
Suspicions and Certainties
Phoenix District Attorney Manuel Devalos hires Allison at the DA's office. She is asked to help in a jury selection to help convict a killer.
17 Jan. 2005
A Couple of Choices
Allison is partnered with Detective Lee Scanlon on a case involving the strange murders of newlywed couples. Joe tries to plan a surprise party for Allison.
24 Jan. 2005
Night of the Wolf
Allison dreams of herself walking in an airport wearing a red hooded cape and being chased by a wolf. While working on case files at the DA's office, Allison overhears a crime victim describe the man who killed her boyfriend to a sketch artist. As the woman speaks however, Allison realizes she 's scared and giving a fictitious description. Allison gets the sketch artist to draw a picture of the real assailant and confronts the woman about what needs to do. The meaning of her dream becomes obvious to her. At home meanwhile, Joe and Allison are concerned when ...
31 Jan. 2005
In Sickness and Adultery
When visiting another psychic, Allison is told that there is a dark cloud over her marriage and this has a snowball effect on Alison both at work and at and home.
7 Feb. 2005
Coming Soon
Allison believes a supposed Good Samaritan raped and murdered a red-haired college student. Meanwhile, Allison may be pregnant and Ariel may be a math genius.
14 Feb. 2005
Jump Start
Allison knows there's more than mere suicide to the story of a girl who jumps off a cliff. Meanwhile, she predicts her husband's co-worker will have a fatal heart attack.
21 Feb. 2005
Allison's step brother Michael returns from duty in Iraq, where he has earned the nickname Lucky. But Allison can see that he is being haunted by a ghost and it's possible Michael also has the gift.
28 Feb. 2005
Nightmares of a cruel ogre haunt Ariel. While Joe is worried about these dreams, Allison believes that Ariel can help a kidnapped girl by decoding her dreams.
14 Mar. 2005
The Other Side of the Tracks
Allison hasn't slept in days, always having the same recurring dream. She sees two young boys running along a dirt path racing to get across a railroad track in advance of an oncoming train. One makes it across the tracks in time but the other trips and falls. Her lack of sleep makes it impossible for her to function at the office and she seeks the advice of Professor Leonard Caldwell, someone she's met through a mutual friend and who studies psychic phenomena. When she tells him of her dream, he concludes she is a charlatan as the story of the two boys is his own, ...
21 Mar. 2005
I Married a Mind Reader
Allison is sick. The medicine she takes makes her have strange dreams - stranger then usual dreams. She dreams she is involved in a very old TV show called I Married A Mind Reader. She's not sure the real life murderer is the right person.
28 Mar. 2005
A Priest, a Doctor and a Medium Walk Into an Execution Chamber
Allison accompanies D.A. Manuel Devalos to the State prison to witness the execution of a man he personally prosecuted. Several hours later, the supposedly dead man's girlfriend is killed and he is seen in their house. The newspapers are soon filled with stories of a revenge-seeking ghost but Allison finds a far more Earthly solution to the puzzle. Ariel meanwhile develops a crush on her science project partner Sean Bertoni. Allison feels there is something terribly wrong however and when she has a vision of the full story, offers the boys mother Sarah her help.
25 Apr. 2005
Being Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
Allison has a dream about a pilot who saves a plane from crashing. Later she finds out that the pilot is suspected of a murder and she gets confused about what her dream means with regard to the murder.
2 May 2005
In the Rough
An old murder case in which both Scanlon and Devalos were involved is re-opened. Allison is confused when she finds out that the convict did not commit the crime and her colleagues may have tampered with the evidence. She also has dreams of another murder whose connection to the case she does not understand first. At the same time, Joe's mother visits Allison and Joe, and Joe's father also appears to Allison.
9 May 2005
Penny for Your Thoughts
Allison has a dream about a teenage girl brutally murdered by her doctor, with a third person also being present at the murder. When Allison finds out about the identity of this mysterious man, she decides to meet a doctor who had been convicted of a very similar crime more than a decade before and is now under psychiatric supervision. Allison meets the girl whom she saw in her dreams in a place she would not have expected.
23 May 2005
When Push Comes to Shove: Part 1
Allison has difficulties balancing her work and private life. In her work, Captain Push tries to help her to find a serial killer, who leaves a Biblical citation at the scene of murder. The two are trying to find the link between the victims, while Allison's family life and Captain Push's health are at risk.

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