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A twisted, wickedly entertaining thriller best viewed on a cold winter night, tucked under a blanket with the lights off - not in the care-free vacation heat of summer
liquidcelluloid-125 September 2005
Network: Fox; Genre: Crime/Mystery; Content Rating: TV-14 (for strong violence, gore, language and deviant adult and sexual content); Perspective: Contemporary (star range: 1 - 4);

Seasons Reviewed: Complete Series (1 season)

Rebecca Loche (Rachael Nicols) is a gifted criminal profiler who has been recruited by Peter Coyote's Web to be part of an elite Los Angeles FBI team that solves the most horrific and deviant of crimes. The subtle twist here is that instead of being a profiler of the killer, Loche's talent is to profile the victim, under the assumption that with the right bait they can ensnare the killer. Hints are given about a traumatic event in her own childhood, once a kidnapped child herself. Web believes in the rookie. "She has a gift - forged in pain" Coyote tersely barks to convince the team to take her in. The team also including Adam Baldwin ("Firefly") and Katie Finneran, who stole the show in "Wonderfalls" now kept straight and dry here. Jay Harrington ("Coupling") gets saddled with the "I-believe-her" straight-man role that the show goes to when it can't have a women step in to save the day.

With TV now slowly becoming an assembly line for crime/detective shows and each one a dime a dozen, it seems the latest way to differentiate yourself from "Law & Order" and "CSI" is to crank up the violence and gore. This, along with last Fall's "Numb3rs", looks to be the first of several new shows about a team that goes after only "the most brutal and gruesome crimes". I know Fox throws up Viewer Discretion warnings like they're going out of style, but everyone - particularly parental activist groups who somehow got the idea that everything on TV should be tailored to kids - heed it on this one. As "The Shield" is the most brutal show on cable, "The Inside" is the most brutal on network TV. So far.

A 2 episode arc where Coyote is fired and we suspect him to unhinge and compulsively begin his own killing spree marks a high point and shows us how well this show could keep us guessing - and how attached we'd become to the ensemble. Then there is "Everything Nice" (involving a child who gutted a classmate in a gated community) which is downright chilling - and a little manipulative. "Inside" is deadly serious stuff, with Finneran dropping a dry one liner every now and then. I do find it almost comical how quickly and recklessly the team members draw and brandish their guns.

On the surface, there is not much about "The Inside" that breaks the crime series mold. But the show has an all-star pedigree behind it, created by Tim Minear ("Wonderfalls", "Angel") and Howard Gordon ("24") for Fox's favored Imagine Television. Within the framework it is well done. The crimes are inventive and the killers are nasty. There is a thoughtfulness and attention to pace, detail in the unfolding story that we usually don't get in procedure-oriented crime shows. It is dark, slick, stylish, but now show-offish and wickedly entertaining.

What I appreciate most is the care that is taken to unfold the story so that there is time in the 3rd act for a real rollicking climax. When Loche becomes the bait and finds herself in a harrowing, appropriately milked set piece on a subway, drugged in a bathtub or held hostage by a killer's monologue, it takes more than the simple quick-fix shot to the head (that so many other shows tiresomely use) to get her out. Nichols really gets put through the paces here. Let's just say, there is a little hint of David Fincher misogyny coursing through the show. She is quite good. Someone to watch in the future.

Back to the monologue in question, from "Pre-filer". I know it may sound cliché, but when delivered by guest star Michael Emerson (who has played this role perfectly since "The Practice") I will lap it up every time. "Pre-filer" is the best of the lot, featuring a serial killer who hunts potential serial killers. It is just the kind of terrific twist that could have been this show's hallmark.

If this nasty stuff sounds as juicy to you as it was to me, you'll know why I like this show. "The Inside" was part of Fox's "Summer Season" which, to me, always felt inappropriate scheduling given the tone of the show. "The Inside" is a twisted atmospheric thriller best viewed on a cold winter night, tucked under a blanket with the lights off, not in the care-free vacation heat of summer. Fox should have also known it would have been swallowed whole by their "So You Think You Can Dance" - a shameless capitalization of ABC's dance-themed, summer remake hit "Dancing With the Stars".

I had high hopes for the Fox network with the departure of Gail Berman as Entertainment President and the installation of Peter Liguori, who is credited with helping make FX the juggernaut network it is today. Berman's tenure at Fox consisted of it's own reign of terror, a bloodbath that buried every creative scripted show she could find before anyone noticed it and replaced it with mindless, cost effective reality shows with the goal of temporary ratings gold at the expense of any future commodities. Liguori's first act at Fox was to renew the ratings starved "Arrested Development" for another season. A gritty crime series, "The Inside" looks more like an FX show then a standard network series anyway, so it appeared that things where turning around.

But no, once again we've seen that it is "Arrested Development" and only "Arrested Development" that is given the benefit of network support. And Fox is back into it's usual habits, once again vehemently defending it's reputation as the most inept, intellectually bankrupt, short-sighted and audience-insulting network on the air today.

* * * / 4
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Finished Too Soon
alantoday16 August 2006
This series has just finished its UK run on ITV4, a minor satellite channel. I thought it was really good but, just as others have commented on the rotten support by Fox Network, the scheduling on ITV4 was also unhelpful. Halfway through the series, it got demoted from prime time to a graveyard slot post midnight. Still, we all have video timers . . . And the good news for UK viewers who missed an episode is that the series will be repeated from October. I wouldn't really compare The Inside to The Shield or CSI or Law & Order; those shows are similarly violent but less involving I think. The obvious comparison is with Criminal Minds - FBI specialist team, IT expert, damaged/socially inept team member, aspiring to high mindedness - but the scripts on Criminal Minds do tend towards an unpleasant didactic ism. Maybe that's why that show continues to run . .
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Avoid FOX and NBC when it comes to complex shows
smallrage12 September 2009
Was there any doubt this show would get canceled? After all it had 2 things going against this series from the get go. First and for most it played on FOX which is famous for and that would be keeping cartoons and reality shows for great shows, which is why I avoid the FOX network like the plague.

The 2nd would be it was too sophisticated and required the viewers to actually use their brains more than a 1/2 hour at a time 2 things fox Viewers don't have. They prefer The Simpson's, American dad, The Cleveland Show and Family Guy instead of shows such as The Insiders and Justice I hope many read my comments before you decide next time to watch a complicated shows like the Insiders on FOX, heed my warning steer as clear away of it. That way you won't ever be disappointed when its AXED also while your at it NBC is just as bad as Fox when it comes to yanking great shows off the air that have serious depth to them.

Just a small comment on this show it was a brilliant and it was a well written show that should of lasted more than 13 Episodes. This show makes any of the CSI's look like a poorly written sitcom. This was a show that just had to be watched weekly, few shows can even come close to this one and yet only 13 episodes were made. It such a shame to lose it I'd give it a 20 out of 10 if I could but I can't so I gave it the next best thing, a perfect 10.
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Broadcast (in full) in Sweden, second run at present. Great show!
Clifford045 November 2006
Fox is, I gather, legendary for canceling shows. This one where all the episodes were not even sent is at present doing its second complete run over here, first TV3 and now TV6 – Sundays at 9 pm. Although the plots with a captured Rebecca Locke were a bit repetitive, they were nevertheless well executed and played with a peculiar somewhat alienated intensity by Ms. Nichols, who is not only beautiful but obviously has considerable acting potential, as she also showed in Alias. The rest of the cast were quite good also, and the show should have been given at least two full seasons to develop such things as the relationships within the group of investigators including their weird leader. For the series was developing, and the last episodes had a greater directness and also better scripting. The series might well have made better in the ratings had it been aired in the autumn, for example. As it is, one suspects Fox to have a very strange policy of producing shows they don't believe in and then doing their damnedest to ensure their non-success. It can't be a good business strategy.
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Good show so far.......
Sean Mathews8 June 2005
I thought that the first episode was very promising. Kind of a cross between CSI and Without a Trace. There was also a small trivia bit when Adam Baldwin's character said he was in the marines and tried to give himself a tattoo. Baldwin of course played Animal Mother in Full Metal Jacket and was a Marine. There are way too many shows of this variety out, but this one in my opinion is the better of them. It is also somewhat like Silence of the Lambs without Hannibal Lector. Rebecca Locke is very much like special Agent Starling, and the killers are much like Buffalo Bob. Fans of the Lector movies will like this show. In all, the show should hold it's own during the summer, but it might get hard during the fall, if it lasts that long.
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Am looking for it in the coming season
divrdwn4128 July 2005
I have found this on my must see list of shows for the week. It has a number of hooks that brings me back each week. The reference to Silence of the Lambs has definite merit. However, I have seen a number of other comparisons such as Coyote's vague similarity to Mark Harmon. But, I still go back to the show for it's own merit. I have hope that the show will survive and be on the coming season's lineup, or brought back in at mid-season. I think Locke has the ability to carry the character which she has demonstrated up to this point. She recently made the adjustment to become one of the crowd, and attempt to lose her standoffishness.
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Thrilling to the bone
chrichtonsworld23 October 2007
This was an excellent show! Much darker and more extreme than your typical crime show. Still,how dark and disturbing events get, there always seem to be room for some humor to lighten things up. The most fun aspect of the show is that you actually never now what is going to happen. Each episode is full of twists and turns that will surprise you. The cast is pretty good. Most of the characters are interesting and likable. Special Mention has to go to Peter Coyote. He is a dark and mysterious character himself but devoted to solve the complicated crimes. I am not going to say much more about the cast and plot. Since that will ruin the experience! That doesn't mean that this show is perfect. Of course it has it's flaws. Because of it's dark nature and themes this show only is suited to be seen at night. And you have to be prepared for it's content. And also the character development was a bit lacking. I must admit that there was some development noticeable but this seem to be limited to the main character Rebbeca. If this series would not have been canceled than it surely would have paid more attention to the other characters. At least the show ended well. It is concluded nicely and there are no real loose ends. If you get the chance than this show is definitely worth it.
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Sorry, People
seanlor6 October 2005
You see, I'm a TV jinx. Any show I like, no matter what the network, is sure to be canceled abruptly with no explanation. I liked this show from the first episode, and after the second episode it went on "hiatus", and then was abruptly canceled. The same thing happened with "Nowhere Man" (FOX), "Now and Then" (CBS?), "John Doe" (FOX), "The Fugitive" (the remake series, I forget the network), and many, many other shows that I grew to like. I'll try not to let it happen again. Maybe I'll try liking really bad shows like "So You Think You Can Dance", or "Survivor" or any one of those other insipid reality shows. Maybe then the networks will cancel them and leave the good shows on the air. Only problem is, what will I watch then?
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Another good show off the air!
Loredana Giovanelli2 March 2006
What is the matter with FOX? And what was wrong with The Inside? Too gory for the eyes of puritans? This is just like "Millenium." Remember that? Great show, but people complained. I wonder if the big shots consider the opinions of people outside the U.S.. We are watching the same shows, too, and paying to watch them. It is amazing how the rest of the world that watches cable TV is not even taken in consideration when canceling shows. Same thing happened to "Bones." What is the point of showing it if you know that in the States it has already been canceled. I mean, we are seen the previews here in Panama cause it will air in March, but we already know it won't last long. What's the point in even starting to watch it. It's like giving a lollipop to a child, and then, take it away. WAY TO GO GUYS!!! LET'S KEEP THE STUPID SHOWS ON AIR. THEY MAKE AUDIENCE BUT ARE TOTALLY BRAINLESS. IS THIS TELLING US SOMETHING?
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lack of support & lack of color
SnoopyStyle14 July 2015
The mercurial FBI Agent Virgil Webster (Peter Coyote) leads the L.A. Violent Crimes Unit. After losing an agent, rookie agent Rebecca Locke (Rachel Nichols) joins the group. As a 10 year old, she was held prisoner for 18 months and escaped. It's a past that only Webster is purview to as he tries to use her experience from The Inside.

The obvious question is why this show crashed and burned while a similar show like 'Criminal Minds' keeps going and going and going. It has to be both the show and what Fox does with the show. For Fox, this was nothing but a summer burn-off. They aired the episodes in a jumbo and dump them like dirty laundry. The show has a bit of serial element and showing the episodes out of order doesn't help. Criminal Minds is an easy to digest police procedural. There is hardly any serial element to the show and CBS actually supported it.

The central aspect of Locke's past is a bit too fake and the show is trying to make her too special. She is still a rookie after all. As for the look of the show, it is very stark and somewhat dark. The visual is almost drained of color. In fact, the most color in the show comes from some dream sequences. The show makes a basic mistake that some of these serial killer show at the time makes. The dark material convinces the showrunner to film it darkly. The material is dark enough that it doesn't need to be starkly filmed. It drains the life out of the show. With a few tweaks and actual support from Fox, this could have been a successful show.
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