House M.D. (TV Series 2004–2012) Poster


Plot Keywords

medical doctor maverick doctor
pain medicine
hallway conflict
trouble problem
conversation sexual humor
sexuality best friends
talking about sex humor
woman with glasses man with glasses
2010s 2000s
vital signs magnetic resonance imaging
medical drama british actor playing american character
title ends with period period in title
abbreviation in title medical profession
sudden illness question
prescription pills
mysterious illness medical report
limping doubt
discussion death
computer screen brunette
blonde best friend
argument actress shares first name with character
atheist prescription drug addiction
prescription drug abuse friendship between men
friend medical care
intensive care intensive care unit
acronym in title vicodin
surgical mask surgery
stomach stairs
scalpel pencil
musical instrument lungs
loneliness investigation
intestines heart
health health problem
female doctor female boss
employer employee relationship elevator
deduction cult tv
brain board
blood blood sample
black doctor ball
affection sherlock holmes
doctor watson labor relations
x rayed skeleton nurse
pancreas misanthropy
misanthrope lupus
syringe stethoscope
sliding door revelation
microscope injection
infection hypodermic needle
friendship eccentricity
doctor patient relationship blood test
anger analysis
x ray radiography
medication jacket
human anatomy anatomy
surgical operation surgical instruments
sickness pill
patient medical treatment
medical test medical examination
medical clinic irony
illness diagnosis
dark humor colleague
co worker black humor
arrogance science
cane new jersey
famous opening theme sarcasm
limp hospital
character name in title

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