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Chicago Tribune
Fast, funny, big-hearted.
Rarely do movies portray the elderly with such admiration and respect.
The World's Fastest Indian might be the world's worst title for a charming, slice-of-life biopic.
Philadelphia Inquirer
It's giving nothing away to say that Munro makes it to Bonneville, and breaks the record - which apparently still stands - on his two-wheel contraption.
New York Daily News
Whether he'll achieve his goal of setting the world land-speed record for motorcycles is never in doubt, of course, but getting to a film's climactic scene has rarely been more fun.
This is one of Anthony Hopkins' most endearing, least showy performances.
Wall Street Journal
Roger Donaldson's film is endearing in its own right as a celebration of a strong-willed eccentric, and memorable as a showcase for a brilliant actor in a benign mode.
The Hollywood Reporter
Hopkins' performance flat-out works.
Entertainment Weekly
The cockeyed devotion with which writer-director Roger Donaldson dramatizes the story of New Zealand motorcycle legend Burt Munro and his classic 1920 bike in The World's Fastest Indian is in direct proportion to the cockeyed devotion with which Munro himself pursued his lifetime goal of setting a land-speed record at Bonneville Flats, Utah.
Even a nice chianti couldn't help you wash down this lump of tear-jerking twaddle.
Slogs pokily along and never quite picks up speed.

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