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  • Many of you who play the game may have heard early on about the rumor of the infamous villain, The Lizard a.k.a. Curt Connors, making a surprise appearance in the game at the end. This rumor has been tried by many, but nothing has happened, thus it is assumed to be busted and false.

    To fight Lizard, one must defeat the Fight Arena after purchasing it at the Spidey Store. This means everything in the fight arena, boss rounds, endurance and timed rounds. After defeating it completely, head over to Mr. Aziz' Pizza Parlor at night. Look around for a nearby manhole in the street. After a while of waiting, the manhole should open up and you must jump inside. Once inside, you battle the Lizard, who would be the final boss in the game.

    Unfortunately, this rumor is most likely false as there were those who beat the fight arena, went to the manhole and didn't find squat. Do not get your hopes up about seeing Lizard. Nevertheless, the oddest thing is, the Activision and game designers left a significant amount of clues regarding the Lizard. They include:

    • A number of manholes litter the city streets. Look around you next time you play and you'll find more than you realized there were. However, this may just be good detail, nothing more.

    • At the Fight Arena, there are reptile like creatures that attack you. It is possible that these are creatures from a Mysterio level, but Spider-Man ever encounters them earlier. It is also possible that if they were from a Mysterio level (the funhouse let's say), they were taken out of the game, but kept for the Fight Arena. All in all, it is a mystery, as lizards are reptiles, and that is just what these opponents resemble.

    • The easiest clue is that Dr. Connors himself is in the game.

    • In a GameExclusive magazine a few years back, it had an exclusive new look on the Spider-Man 2 movie as well as the video game. The interesting part was, in the magazine, they had sample concept art drawings of Mysterio and The Lizard. They were not crappy drawings, as they were sketched, colored in paint, and Mysterio looked just the way he does in the game. Now that IS interesting isn't it?

  • In real life, Governor's Island is another island, south of Manhattan and east of Ellis and Liberty Islands. While it doesn't appear in the game, if you are in Governor's Park (south end of the island in the FC), and activate your large map to where you can see certain districts of Manhattan, you should notice a title reading "Governor's Island", and the words are right on the water. Also, locate the warehouse in the FC on the southeastern side of the island. Jump onto this warehouse and from there, charge a jump, sprint and release and then web zip onto a sailboat that is out in the blue. Once there, charge another jump and sprint outwards into the water. You'll obviously splash and end up back on the mainland, but before you hit, the words Governor's Island distinctly appear at the top of the screen.

    While there is no landmass, it is speculated that if you gain 100% completion, Governor's Island will arise from the water and helicopters will appear. Latch onto one of these helicopters, go onto the island and find a key within one of the mansions. After doing so, swing back to the Daily Bugle and the key will open up the three locked doors in the Bugle hallway. The contents within these doors are unknown, yet are presumed to be alternate costumes.

    This rumor is possible, but most likely a fake one due to the lack of acknowledgement from Activision and Treyarch executives, as well as poor response from any gamers around the world who have ever beaten this game.

  • Sometimes on a blue moon, but we really just have a love for the game, and just chat to make the game more popular.


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