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The motorcycle film genre is one that has all but been forgotten, but if any film could start the resurrection of this cinema genre's corpse, it's Larry Bishop's Hell Ride.
The Hollywood Reporter
Lacks sufficient substance to be of more than quickly passing interest for all but the most devoted fans.
The film has energy but isn't well paced. Nothing about it quite gels.
All this sounds like a surefire recipe for knowing, trashy fun, but something got burnt in the oven.
Chicago Tribune
A whopper this isn't. It's not even a Whopper Junior. It's the paper the Whopper Junior came in.
Chicago Sun-Times
The movie was executive produced by Quentin Tarantino. Shame on him. He intends it no doubt as another homage to grindhouse pictures, but I've seen a lot of them, and they were nowhere near this bad. "Hell's Angels on Wheels," for example: pretty good.
The A.V. Club
A witless reprise of '60s and '70s biker movies.
Terrible in a terrible way: It's pretentious, incomprehensible and just numbingly dull.
Village Voice
Bishop's jumbled, wholly unexciting throwback has very little on its mind beyond mythologizing its maker as a bad-ass biker named Pistolero.
After all the bloated lines are delivered, and dozens of women are debased, and Bishop has attitudinized the story line into incomprehensibility, audience members will be asking themselves how they got on this Hell Ride and what they did to deserve it.

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