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A great documentary that espouses a scientific theory to explain the rise & fall of civilizations!
vaibhavphadnis30 April 2012
I have been deeply interested in this topic, and don't hesitate in saying that the documentary does a remarkable job of both establishing the fact that civilizations rise & fall in cyclical manner, and proposing a very plausible scientific theory to explain it! The documentary has enough proof points that show that our past civilizations knew much more than we commonly believe. It also does a great job of simplifying what is a very complex scientific theory. The graphic illustrations surely help. I feel that one aspect the documentary could do a better job of elaborating on the final connection between the motion of our Solar System, and rise & fall of man's consciousness: that by virtue of its motion around the dual Star, our Solar System (supposedly) periodically passes through an area of space that has stronger electromagnetic fields, which then has a positive effect on man's capacity to comprehend...

This is clearly explained by the writer of this documentary (Walter Cruttenden) in his book on the same topic: "The Lost Star - of myth & time".

After reading the book, I got even more clarity on the theory of the dual star, and am hoping they are able to "find" the Star, and also conclusively prove the connection with the rise & fall of civilizations :-).

Absolutely loved the documentary, and strongly suggest reading the book if really interested in it!
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