Breakfast on Pluto (2005) Poster

Plot Keywords

kitten irish
1970s ira
band peep show
friendship police
survey transgender
singer nylon stockings
spring cleaning planet
reference to oscar wilde escalator
rifle optimist
essay abortion clinic
ulster lake
magic mouse costume
radio news dancing
cigarette smoking irish republican army
sewing steaming open a letter
barley field british soldier
money adoption
bath watching tv
pulled by the ear british army
motorcycle sewing machine
march sex
arson surrealism
suitcase steaming open an envelope
love church
van rasher
throwing hatchet magic act deep throat
police car getaway car
top hat drink
cupid lipstick
train reference to mitzi gaynor
swing funeral
check dog
loudspeaker breakfast
construction worker innocence
tour bus fake blood
hiding place girdle
headline tongue
song letter
woods big ben
bar sausage
card playing drinking
football boa
prayer gun
cache face slap
reunion baby
incense demonstration
forest pram
house fire pluto the planet
beating flashlight
talking bird sunglasses
cross pajamas
policeman microphone
reference to margaret thatcher magician
waterfall revolutionary
burial christmas eve
guitar escape
hypnosis bird
confession talking animal
friend hope
machine gun teacher
fight arsenal
digging beret
fantasy sequence barn
tossing a gun into a lake flowers
viewing booth interrogation
bus blood
pregnancy fireman
hayloft subway
optimism dance
childbirth theme park
kiss candle
terrorist magician's assistant
singing gunshot
photograph honey
hopping campfire
writing cafe
children rape
firebomb schoolboy
disgrace heart condition
priest penis
toy gun magic show
arrest listening to a radio
platform shoes newspaper headline
strangulation inspector
assassin classroom
fire feather boa
catholic school homelessness
hypnotist telephone
heart jail
execution rain
police siren abortion
shot in the head baby left on doorstep
police interrogation graveyard
bathtub class
flashback cemetery
down syndrome gun smuggling
hallucination wig
violence umbrella
trailer home terrorism
teenage girl teenage boy
subtitled scene stripper
street life stepmother stepson relationship
stepbrother stepsister relationship sex with a priest
sex change search for mother
sawed in half magic act robot
restaurant pub
porno shop police inspector
playing dress up nightclub explosion
nail polish musician
murder motorcycle gang
mother daughter relationship model
mirror ball mentally challenged boy
marijuana magic trick
jail cell homosexual
eye makeup drug use
disco detective
dancer dance club
cross dressing coming of age
clothing store catholic
catholic church car explosion
boy wearing makeup boy wearing a dress
black leather assassination
mother son relationship police brutality
london underground hospital
gay foundling
father son relationship death
bishop catholic priest
glamour boyfriend boyfriend relationship
glam rock transvestite
revolution prostitute
perfume nightclub
makeup london england
irish rebellion ireland
explosion chapter headings
car bomb bomb
abandoned baby death of friend
based on novel title spoken by character

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