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Jordan and McCabe's real triumph here, however, is the tenderness with which they imbues "Kitten," and the astonishing grace with which the extraordinary Murphy pulls it off.
Playful, poetic, shocking, saddening, and ultimately gratifyingly and honestly big-hearted.
The movie is like a Dickens novel in which the hero moves through the underskirts of society, encountering one colorful character after another.
In substance and style, the movie is more than a few tears short of Jordan's "The Crying Game." But Murphy is an actor to watch. Even in heels.
Known for his visual images, Jordan outdoes himself in "Breakfast,'' a feast for the eyes.
Philadelphia Inquirer
However great Murphy is in this film, even greater is Liam Neeson as Father Bernard.
Murphy's breathy, high voice as Kitten feels forced, but not nearly as much as the film's efforts to be both whimsical and weighty.
New York Daily News
Cross-dressing and the Irish Troubles don't mix well in Neil Jordan's cloying, fanciful Breakfast on Pluto.
The Hollywood Reporter
Tedious portrait of a troubled Rolling Stone.
Entertainment Weekly
Jordan lets slip virtually every rudiment of drama. He never deigns to develop his characters, he coats the movie in a wet blanket of whimsy, and he lets pop songs do his work for him more lavishly than Cameron Crowe did in "Elizabethtown."
Wall Street Journal
Breakfast on Pluto, with an impressive cast that includes Liam Neeson and Brendan Gleeson, deploys its whimsy in many ways, all of them cloying.

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