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A Quest for Coin...and Cleavage!

You are the Bard, a selfish rogue weary of pointless sub-quests and rat-infested cellars. You're undertaking a new quest to save the beautiful, and buxom, Princess Caleigh from an evil sorceror. Sound familiar? Yeah, does to you, the Bard, as well. Your quest will guide you through very ironic, highly cliche scenarios that are guaranteed to bring knowing smiles to any veteran gamer...or lover of fantasy for that matter!

The tale begins with a bar scene, in which you, the Bard, are trying to trick a very buxom barmaid into a free meal using your own summoned rat as a noble sacrifice for your courageous rat-slaying splendor. From there you get caught up with the brotherhood of the Boabd, which seems to be a very risky business venture, to save the princess who promises you, her courageous "Chosen", all the pleasures of the world. Thrice daily. The greatest part, however, is all throughout your adventure, you're playing out a tale that's already happened. You're progress is actually followed by a sarcastic narrator who just loves to belittle our musical friend. The tale continues with ancient spirits, demons, singing goblin trios, vikings, the living dead, and an "almost" unexpected ending. Your choices will take you through your tale with much humor and fun.



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