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If you're like me and think that any Pacino movie is sort of worth seeing, so long as he never says, "Hoo-ha," then 88 Minutes won't be a total disappointment.
88 Minutes proves itself to be a maddeningly mediocre, ineptly manipulative "real-time" thriller.
I'm guessing it's the pressure of an idiot script by Gary Scott Thompson and understandably clueless direction from Jon Avnet that forces Pacino to ham it up so vigorously that you want to garnish him with cloves and a slice of pineapple.
This may be the most preposterous movie of the year. It is certainly the most ridiculous movie starring an Oscar-winning actor.
Chicago Tribune
The preposterous 88 Minutes is a serial killer movie starring Al Pacino's festival of hair.
Miami Herald
This is easily one of the silliest, most preposterous thrillers ever made, and the only reason it didn't go straight to video has to be that it stars Pacino.
A preposterous misfire.
I've seen Pacino over the edge. This is not it. He looks pooped and pickled. Maybe being the only thing standing between a megaplex opening and a trip straight to the $4.99 bin at Target wiped him out.
The Hollywood Reporter
This ridiculous thriller would be hard-pressed to last much longer than its title in theaters before doing time on DVD, as is already the case in many overseas territories.
A stinker, the more so for the thespian excesses of the accomplished cast.
This slimy, slug-minded mystery thriller starts out dead on arrival and then, like three-day-old fish, gets really bad really fast.

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