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This show looked like it had potential
SonicStuart3 April 2005
When I first watched "The Mountain" I liked and thought it had the chances of becoming a popular show on The WB sort of like "Dawson's Creek". The show is about a guy named David Carver Jr. (Oilver Hudson, who is Kate Hudson's brother) who is an irresponsible, un-kept young man, returns to his family owned ski resort in Colorado after the death of his grandfather to find that he, the youngest son, has inherited the entire mountain which puts him at odds with his older brother Will, the resort manager, who's holding out against being bought out by Colin Dowling, a scheming land developer. Other characters involved in the power struggle are David and Will's youngest sister Shelley, a local teen wanting to make it big as a champion snowboarder; Maria Serrano, David's former girlfriend, now Will's girlfriend; the double-dealing resort operator Travis, whom is under the control of Dowling and his son Michael; and the Downling's attractive daughter Maxine 'Max' whom falls for David while trying to get him to sell the mountain to her father. I think the show was kind of like "Everwood" meets "Dawson's Creek" meets "The O.C." meets "Beverly Hills 90210" meets "Summerland". Except the show is different from all those others but still kind of like them. This show came on Wednesdays on The WB until the show switched places with "Jack and Bobby" (which is a really crappy show!) and the show was on Sundays and was being crushed in a competition by ABC's "Desperate Housewives" and then the show was canceled and only had 13 episodes. I can't believe why The WB would make a very stupid decision by picking "Jack and Bobby" over "The Mountain"! I wish this show didn't last one season!

User Rating: 10/10

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Shouldn't have been canceled
Davis3268313 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This was a really fun show and definitely should not have been canceled. I've seen Jack and Bobby and I agree, it stinks compared to The Mountain. The WB could have hit it big with all of these potential stars... Hello- Oliver Hudson is going to be HUGE!!! The WB definitely missed out. I hate when shows are canceled this early because it is such a pain to not know what is going to happen. Tommy Dewey was also really fun to watch. He was really cute and the love triangle between Shelley, Michael and Sam was great. I don't understand why the WB would have kept such a weird show (not to mention unpopular!) like Jack & Bobby over this super fun show... it's like the O.C. but with snow and snowboarding!!! How can you lose? I hope they release the episodes on DVD.
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Wondering What Could Have Been...
marcus_stokes200031 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
*I Miss SPOILERS* When David Carver, Sr. (Chad Everett), the boss of the ski resort Boundary Mountain, is killed by an avalanche, his nephew, a motorcycle racer very originally named David (Oliver Hudson) returns to Boundary, not really meaning to stay, but when Dave Sr's last will is read, he finds out that he gets the 50% share of the resort, while his brother Will (Anson Mount) gets the other 50%. Neither of them is pleased by this agreement.

But they have to play together, to save Boundary from the rapacious hands of one Colin Dowling (Mitch Pileggi), who wants to add it to his vast possessions.

There are some problems, though; one, Travis (Johann Urb), an employee in the high spheres, is exposed after he tries to convince David to sell to the Dowlings and fired, only to become the biggest supporter of the Dowling cause; and two, Maxine (Elizabeth Bogush), the hottie David finds himself falling for, is none other than Dowling's daughter...

In the meanwhile, the youngest Carver grandchild, Gennie (Barbara Hershey), Dave Sr's only daughter,'s daughter, 16-year-old Shelly (Tara C. Thompson) ends up falling in a romantic triangle between her, her best friend Samuel (Penn Badgeley) and Colin Dowling's 21-year-old son, Michael (Tommy Dewey)...

When I watched the pilot, I had STRONG 'Six Feet Under' flashbacks, because the pilot structure is the same (except for a few things...), but this show is on a different route, trying to be a family drama with some love and mystery and speculation thrown in.

A really nice show; the only problem I had with it was the 'Dad' storyline, which could have been better - Dave Sr trying to pay his son-in-law to leave his daughter because he thought said son-in-law was beneath her (he covered up a death he thought David had caused by paying a fee to the only witness, so I think it would've flown), and when he refused Dave Sr ruined his reputation to the point that he couldn't do anything but leave, that would've been a storyline, not the reheated unoriginality we got, but I digress...

This, like Jack & Bobby, Invasion, Tru Calling, Point Pleasant, Sports Night, Secret Life Of Men, Freaks And Geeks, Angel and many many others, was a show the network mercilessly canceled before it could fully realize its potential, and leaves you wondering what could have been if the show had stayed on the air...

The Mountain: 8/10.
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on DVD?
arlainanoelle19 March 2006
I was sorry they canceled this show, but I'm sorry to say that's WB's way. Just when they hooked me they cancel it. Did I miss a episode too, because I think I missed the last one. Just as Maria is getting engaged to Will, she turns around and sleeps with David? Was that the last episode, because that was the last one I saw, which made me want to scream. Anyways back to complaining about WB, they have been responsible for canceling a lot of good shows. Anyone remember Young Americans? This is the network for first canceling Roswell (my favorite), Buffy, Angel, Dawson's Creek, recently Jack and Bobby, I actually liked Birds if Prey, I'm sure I'm forgetting a few, oh Summerland, which was OK. But anyways I am not sure why I keep coming back to this low rating network that keeps breaking my heart , but then I'm reminded that I still love WB shows, sorry to say but I do. I am a little worried what will happen to shows like Everwood, which the majority of the public still hasn't realized is another little gem that needs renewing, since WB has bonded with CBS's UPN network. Sorry, the only show I even care about is Veronica Mars on that network. I only hope that the WB is able to bring the Moutain on DVD, which I hear can be costly due to soundtrack rights, but can be dealt with. Until then, I hear Penn is going to be starring in the Bedford Diaries on the WB, which I have to check when that's starting, and Anson is starring in Conviction on Fridays on NBC at 9pm central time, which also has Jordan Bridges in it, from Dawson's Creek, and J. August Richards from Angel- check it out- it's good.
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The Mountain
coffeepolarbear15 October 2005
This show was great!!! I am still disappointed that it was CANNED. I don't think it was given a REAL chance to blow up a hit. I told everyone I knew about the show. The plot, the characters, the setting it was a real good show that I haven't seen on The WB in a long time since the Buffy days! When people finally got a chance to tune in the show was gone! Poof just like that!!! VERY Disappointing!!

I would love to see the show come back,....just where it left off!! At least there is 'Supernatural' which proves every episode too kick butt! I love the show! I am a true old school fan of the WB. I watched Buffy, Angel and Charmed since day one! Charmed is even losing it's touch, for about a year now. We need good new shows!! The teeny boppers are grown up now. I guess you have a pretty good audience with Smallville,One Tree Hill and other like shows, but I can't stand them! We know the older people ARE watching TV, with pretty big 'grown up' hits on other networks! Just give us 'The Mountain'.
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The Mountain
candyland0727 August 2005
The Mountain is the best show ever on the WB but of coarse they had to cancel it. I think people in the Television have no brains. They always cancel the best shows and leave the scummy ones on. Take Fox for an example they put on a really good show called Tru calling and a year later they cancel it and after a lot of bagging and pleading from 3/4 of Fox's viewers they finally give us another 1/2 of a season. So then they replace the show with Point Pleasant which is kinda boring in the begging but grows on ya after 10 min. And after 4 or 5 episodes what do they do again? THEY CANCEL IT AGAIN! If you ask me we should get a hole lot of new TV producers cause I don't think they know how to do there job if any of them are reading this get the FUDGE out and let someone else take over for instance someone who knows how to do there job and satisfy!

-A very angry Viewer
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