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9 Sep. 2004
You're Not Alone
When people in New York City start turning the color blue, the NIH team is called upon to help cure this outbreak. When searching for the cause, a diner holds an important clue - but what is the ingredient that they all had in common? Only 3 weeks on the job, McCabe is sent to investigate a baby whose parents are thought to have been abusing her. A well-known disease is the answer to the question - brittle bone disease.
10 Sep. 2004
In Bloom
17 Sep. 2004
Coming Home
The same fatal disease hits soldiers returning from Iraq and old people in nursery homes who hardly ever get out of their beds.
24 Sep. 2004
15 Oct. 2004
At a university in Nebraska 2 football player are hit by a serious neural disease and soon after some club girls fall victims to other symptoms.
29 Oct. 2004
Six women in a suburb to Philadelphia get a deadly disease and later some Africans that live in North Philadelphia are hit by similar, but nevertheless different symptoms.
12 Nov. 2004
Little Girl
A car with deadly ill people crashes into another car.
19 Nov. 2004
Price of Pleasure
A young girl collapses while 'acting' and two more from the same 'industry' are already dead.
3 Dec. 2004
The Unclean
An anonymous tip reveals that a hospital in Baltimore has fatal cases of infection after surgery.
7 Jan. 2005
Both seals and humans die at Monument Bay in California because of an aggressive infection in the lungs.
14 Jan. 2005
A girl seeks desperately help as the rest of her family is hit by a legendary killer.
28 Jan. 2005
Ice Station
At Ellesmere Ice Station in The Arctic an infection that seems to be a flue turns into raving madness. Frank's daughter's birthday is imminent so he is eager to return home soon.
4 Feb. 2005
Two boys who are brothers from Virginia and two policemen from Baltimore are all infected with plague.
11 Feb. 2005
A business woman complains to a night janitor in New York that she can't move her legs. She's the third victim of symptoms from unknown origins. At the same time at Raymond Air Force Base, Virginia, some soldiers' wives miscarry 72 hours after the first indications that something's dangerous is imminent.
18 Feb. 2005
Half Life
Marburg, a disease that makes the unlucky bleed to death, brings three men to hospital.

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