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163 out of 299 people found the following review useful:

I used to be a huge fan...

Author: NCarolinaGirl from Greensboro, NC
26 July 2008

I can't believe this show is still rating a 9 out of 10. I could see if those votes were in the first 2 seasons, but what would possess anyone to continue to rate it high after that? I was a huge fan the 1st season. I was hooked - all the mystery, suspense, unexplained events. You never knew what was going to happen next. By season 2, I was still watching faithfully, but was getting a little frustrated that some basic things had yet to be explained. And instead of giving you more answers, it just seemed like more questions. I LOVE suspense, but you have to throw people a bone every now and then to keep them watching.

Now, I can't even remember what finally turned me off, but somewhere in season 2, I had enough. I'm not a big fan of appointment viewing - and you clearly can't miss an episode to stay up on what's happening. So, it was no longer worth the effort to me.

It's a shame that they couldn't have been a little smarter and more considerate of the loyal fans. I agree with some of the posters that it appears ABC just got greedy and decided to see how long they can stretch this show out. Don't they realize that in the end, they are going to lose more fans than they could possibly gain.

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52 out of 79 people found the following review useful:

6 years for that payoff?

Author: carlos-597-139318
1 February 2013

I enjoyed lost while it was happening. It was enjoyable watching as the mysteries unfolded. Its nice to have TV where everything isn't geared toward the lowest common denominator but lost's finale just ruined the whole experience for me. Way too many unanswered questions. It's like the writers had no idea where they were going and then just bailed. Not how to treat your viewers. Its all well and good to create a mythology but somewhere along the line you have to reward those that stuck with you. All the mysteries that were put forward, all these items to hook the viewer in and no payoff? That in my opinion is just bad writing and bad television. Everyone can think up mysteries that have no explanation and that go no where. The difficulty is in making them coherent and rewarding come the payoff. Lost's payoff was miserable. A copper coin throw at the feet of those who had put in six years work. A mess of plot lines that were so intricate that they simply couldn't figure out themselves. Cool ideas thrown together with no plan as to how to make sense of them at any stage, and a final series that tried, i wont even say valiantly, to wrap up as much of these as possible but ended up with a few knots or bows and miles of string left thrown all over the place. The end of something can make or break something. Arlington road is one film that reminds me of this, an average film, that achieved greater heights because of a great ending. Lost was the opposite - a genuinely unique and interesting TV show that at the end unraveled with the writers basically giving the viewers the middle finger wrapped up in some feel good "climax" that brought some "closure" to the show. On watching the last episode I was actually angry at how cheated i felt. Don't waste your time with this rubbish.

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74 out of 124 people found the following review useful:

The script is like the title... LOST

Author: giuliocc from Australia
24 May 2010

Well... Looks like JJ Abrams has betrayed his loyal audience without answering questions people have had for 121 episodes.. I always found the script to be pretty flat and unengaging.

JJ could have put a picture of black box on the screen and say to everyone, "guess what's in it".

Seems to be the same effect actually.

Luckily, I tuned out 120 episodes ago, when i realised that each episode doesn't do much apart from wander around the island (alot), and then litter a few flashbacks in here and there..

Stick to movies JJ...Pretty Ho hum...

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77 out of 130 people found the following review useful:

I love to hate this tripe

Author: cogleone from London, England
11 March 2008

Astonishingly, I liked the first series. Then, the biggest mistake of my life, I borrowed the second series. God, what a pile of arse-trash. Talk about drag city. Plot goes something like this; more catwalk models join the cast, all have mysterious backgrounds that are rammed down our throats for three-quarters of the episodes in the form of flashbacks, Jack glad-eyes Kate, but never gives her a bunk up, Sayid has the worst accent in the multiverse, Sawyer was interesting, but he's only there now for the female fans, the fat one is wearing thin, the Others take an eternity to do anything, some lightweight supernatural enigma gets introduced, then shoved under the carpet, only to be revisited 5 episodes later, by which time you have forgotten it, but thanks to the editors, they remind you of those specific events (otherwise you won't understand the upcoming episode) in the "previously on Lost" bit, which, by the way, often shows things from previous series, hence somewhat excluding new viewers by presupposing that everybody watching has been avidly following from the start, the Koreans cure everybody's insomnia, the sea is never generous enough to self-tidal-wave and drown the island's inhabitants, the French woman insults the viewers intelligence with the worst acting in the history of breathing, Locke loses the will to be engaging and I die of natural causes.

Throw your television at the cat.

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87 out of 150 people found the following review useful:

A huge drag

Author: redserpent7 from United States
12 December 2007

This show was one of my complete disappointments in 21st century TV. I've read so much about it and when it hits my country's shores I left everything and watched. The first 3-4 episodes were great, people stranded in a deserted island is always a pleasure to watch as they try to figure out their new way of life and how to descend from their old lives to a new cave-man like barbaric life. The came the pain, the story started going back and forth with no mysteries revealed just showing the lives of these men before the plane crash and that kind of sums it up. no character evolving, long dull moments and no revealing of anything and after twenty something episodes season 1 completes leaving you with the ultimate question "What the @#$% was that all about?".

Am I going to watch season 2?, well maybe. Am I going to enjoy it?, I really doubt that one.

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135 out of 246 people found the following review useful:

Enjoyable at first, until you work out what ABC are up to

Author: joey_pesci from United Kingdom
11 October 2006

I watched the first few episodes to see what all the fuss was about. It was enjoyable until it twigged what is going to happen. Dominic Monaghan, on The Jonathan Ross show even confirmed it himself, after I had the thoughts. It totally put me off watching the series any further than a few episodes on series one.

What am I talking about? Well the blatantly obviousness of money. ABC were unsure how Lost would go down, but it's been a big, huge hit. Dominic Monaghan confirmed on The Jonathan Ross show that the writers know how the show will end. They have an end story and it could of ended it in series 2 but because the show is so huge, ABC have said "You can't end it now, we are making so much money out of this. We need to drag it out of 10 series". And that is exactly why I stopped watching.

The show if enjoyable yes. But when you realise that all the weirdness and oddness is simply ABC's choice, to drag the show out for as long as people like it, to make more money. You realise that most weird bits have no relation to the story at all and are fillers, it totally puts you off. Totally ruins the enjoyment of it. So I stopped watching.

If you don't mind all this, you may like it. But I got sick of the filler episodes, clearly designed to drag the show out.

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59 out of 96 people found the following review useful:

Gilligan's Island was more entertaining. Really!

Author: Abadeo from Texas
11 April 2008

I don't understand the popularity of this show. The story writing is very bad. The characters are unbelievable. Every one is angry at everyone else. Everyone is suspicious of everyone else. Everyone lies. Everyone has secrets. It's just not realistic. Generally, people don't act like that. Yes, there are some people like that, but what is the probability that every person that boards a particular airplane is over the top paranoid? They gave each character some bad trait and then they amplify it to unbelievable proportions. That might be an interesting experiment for a two hour movie, but it gets tiresome after a while. The dialog writing is very bad. Sometimes it is not really dialog; it is two monologues. Sometimes it is just two people exchanging clichés; they sound like a team of TV sitcom writers are following them around the island and telling the what to say. Hardly anyone ever explains themselves and worse yet no one ever asks them to. They all act and talk like children. That was okay in "The Lord of the Flies" because they were children, but these people are adults. These people will all kill each other or self destruct by their own stupidity and then the show can end and that will be good. "The Tribe" was a better show. In "The Tribe" the characters were all unique and colorful, but with only a few exceptions, not over the top crazy. "The Tribe" characters were all children, but they acted more adult than the characters in "Lost".

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91 out of 160 people found the following review useful:

Inconsistent, contrived, boring, pretentious, unintentionally hilarious and full of unlikeable morons. The name of the show? Lost. How accurate.

Author: Hoban-W from Sydney, Australia
6 October 2006

When I first heard about Lost I was excited, who wouldn't be? An interesting premise and the potential to be truly amazing. I remember sitting down and watching the premiere episodes, to say the least I was impressed. It had its hook that would reel me in: "Guys Where are we?" It was with this line that I said "Hell YEAH! This will be awesome." I spoke too soon. Well, its clear Lost is popular, very popular, and strangely enough critically acclaimed. For a show that prides itself on character development and sustaining an interesting and involving mystery it fails in almost every regard. The first season moves along at a staggeringly slow pace, the writers reveal little tidbits of information, leaving the viewer wanting more. It works to a degree because it whets the viewers appetite for a good mystery but the primary problem is, it becomes progressively obvious the writers have barely any idea as to where the story is headed, highlighted by the season 1 cliffhanger, and just about every other "cliffhanger" the show has ever produced. They simply make it up as they go along and even for regular viewers it progressively becomes glaringly obvious.

The flashbacks were a good idea in theory but so far they have failed in developing, fleshing out or even progressing the characters motivations and arcs. It's disappointing because I think they are an accessible and simple idea of doing this, but alas it all comes down to writing and so far only about four of the episodes with flashbacks were actually interesting and kept me enthralled. They at times add depth to the island story and provide insight into the characters before the island, but are they really needed? Why cant we simply get to know the characters as they are, instead of as they were? Especially when the flashbacks are so terribly written, enough so, that when I hear the little sound that comes with the opening of a flashback I instantly tune out. I've spent two seasons of this mediocre show, tuning out during a flashback, I believe it has become second nature, almost a subconscious message that "you are going to bored just tune out now so you don't have to sit through the painfully bad dialogue and inanely stupid side stories".

The huge cast is a major flaw in the shows structure. There is so many problems with an ensemble this large and it's honestly annoying. They added another three people into the cast in the second season and even more in the third's just too many people. I still don't understand why they can't just focus on a smaller group of people, flesh out those characters instead of adding new ones for the novelty of it. I realize new characters are introduced to serve the plot (see: plot devices) but when the current characters aren't fleshed out or developed as well as they should be, you don't just introduce new characters to keep people interested, instead you develop the characters you have, by making them fully 3 dimensional. I haven't seen that happen yet, instead the writers have decided that the flashbacks are a cheap way of quickly developing them as much as they can...That is lazy. To add to this the characters are very boring and mostly uninteresting, there are a couple of exceptions but they're continually pushed to the side so we can all enjoy another ego trip by the "amazing doctor who can do no wrong and just wishes his daddy would love him," Jack or as i like to call him "SHUT UP". The show continues to pile unsatisfying faux-answers on top of annoying characters that don't develop so much as stagnate, I find it hard to believe that there are people that actually believe there is an ounce of true character development in this show. They're only interested in giving us flashbacks that tell us nothing, giving us answers that don't answer anything, showing us unlikable, humorless, and uninteresting people, and that are just overwhelming boring in general. Wow, I haven't even gotten to the anvils yet. Lost heavily utilizes biblical allusions and symbolism. This can be a good thing if it's subtly done but Lost hammers the message of the episode into your brain with a 47kg jack hammer and then it's pretentious enough to believe that it's intelligent. Or should I say the writers are? They'll even pat themselves on the back continually flaunting their "intelligence" like they are the smartest people in the world. Demon (Damon) and Curse (Cuse), some people just aren't buying it.

I've completely lost interest in Lost. The conflicts are often contrived, the characters are not believable, there are no issues being tackled in an intelligent way, and the plot is made up as they go along. I could fast forward through most of an episode without missing anything. I think people just don't get what an intelligently written, character driven show is, I can tell you one thing, Lost isn't. Its all in the hype and maybe, just maybe if Lost wasn't hyped as the "best show EVER!!!11" or "A character driven masterpiece" by critics and viewers alike, then maybe, just maybe i wouldn't be as bitter as i am. But I am bitter, very bitter.

If you believe Lost is anything more than a dumb entertaining show, with an inconsequential, made-up-as-they-go-along mystery and characters that aren't really characters, then;

You've been fooled.

I'll say this much: Lost is the best one-hour drama, set on an island, featuring flashbacks, with a sinister undertone of mystery and soap-opera like character developments ever to air on television.

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44 out of 67 people found the following review useful:

The unkept promises of a lost island

Author: divert-1 from Italy
2 January 2007

When the pilot of this show was broadcasted, I was astonished. I still think it's one of the best ever. Intriguing, thrilling, extremely well shot. As the story started to develop throughout the first ten episodes, the show kept the pace. Some story lines seemed to have been left behind, but everything appeared to make sense.

It was only with the second season, that the whole thing showed up for what it was: a massive, insulting swindle.

Apparently, something must have happened with the cast or the production. Sometimes writers have to adjust the plot to real-life incidents: a pregnancy, an actor who dies or leaves, some characters whose relevance is downsized because the audience dislikes them, or vice versa... Sometimes you can twist the plot a little, sometimes you actually have a great idea and take benefit from the incident, sometimes you do your best but the outcome feels just awkward.

Well, this show seems to undergo these incidents (third kind) on a daily basis, or so I hope. Story lines abandoned and completely forgotten, useless characters that become pivotal and then disappear with no reason. Actually, everything seems to happen for no reason at all, and the audience is skillfully tricked into believing that there is something really interesting going on somewhere under the surface. Problem is, under the surface there is nothing at all.

LOST forces you to try and give a meaning to what you see. Except that the writers can't keep track of what they do. It tries to create loads of "extra tension". Except that splitting a very important scene in two or three parts, and placing them randomly across four episodes, isn't a very smart way to increase tension. It tries to give a progressive insight on the characters. Except that filling every episode with a bombardment of flask-backs isn't a very smart way to do that either.

I could go on this way for an hour, but I think I made my point. This show could have been great, interesting, amazing. But it's not. It's just an experiment on how much a viewer can be deceived before he realizes he's watching a massive bunch of crap.

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35 out of 51 people found the following review useful:

It all came tumbling down!!!

Author: filmmakerjoe75 from Miami, Fl.
3 August 2010

This show was possibly the best thing on T.V. and it could have been for another few decades had it been more properly thought out. Lost was something different, something intoxicating. Week after week you'd tune in to see the trials and tribulations of all these random characters that had been thrown together under mysterious circumstances. The characters were superb but the best character of all was the setting itself: The island, what was it and why were they all there. You were dying to find out what the island was or why they were all there but the way it was built up it almost felt as if 'Lost' would reveal the answers to life. I would've been happy however with a more suitable ending, something that actually fit the story and the mythology they had created. It was a beautifully constructed but fragile house of cards that came violently tumbling down as soon as the writers revealed in the last ten minutes of the show that they never really knew where the heck this was going. This show deserved a better ending and we as the fans deserved some absolution. The show needless to say did not deliver and I would not in my wildest dreams recommend this to someone I'm friends with simply because it leaves you hurting and looking for a way to rationalize it and make sense of something senseless. Over all 'Lost' was a giant six year troll and you're better off not wasting your time. They did with this what was done to 'The Matrix' franchise. If you want to see something that leaves you guessing and questioning but actually seems feasible after all the clues you've been given watch "Inception", "Donie Darko", "Jacob's Ladder", "The Fountain", "Vanilla Sky"; at least those are two hour movies and they add up in the end, this show went on for six years and all you wanted were some answers only to find there were none to give. This was over all an incoherent piece of bad writing.

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