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At the auction for the "Black Rock"s journal the said it sailed and disappeared in 1845, 20 years before Alfred Nobel applied for his patent for dynamite. Yet the ship supplied dynamite through the series.
During the 1970s portions, all of the spectacle wearing characters have an anti-reflective coating on their lenses (the greenish hued reflection). In the 1970s these were generally reserved for optical equipment lenses.

Character error 

Danielle Rousseau is French but speaks with a heavy Croatian accent.


In season 1, Charlie says to Jack that he can't swim, yet in season 3 it shows that his dad taught him how to swim when he was young, and his swimming ability is crucial to that season's arc.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.


During the beginning of the series, mainly the first season, when the airplane crash is regularly highlighted, we are informed in a few of the episodes that Rose's husband Bernard was visiting the lavatory. However, during Lost: The Other 48 Days Bernard is located up in a tree buckled into a seat and sitting next to a deceased passenger.
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