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6 Jan. 2005
A Little Problem
Deborah's cousin Sabrina is staying a week; the former dog has blossomed to Jonathan's taste. Jackie is going to run for class president, Sue will manage her campaign, rival Ali attacks almost instantly. Mia asks Michael to tell their teenager kids Dino and Deborah if they are getting serious together, he first gets wife Annie's okay in vague terms; when Mia does, Deb is furious and suggests Sabrina to date Dino, to Jonathan's anger, who is relieved Dino won't double date. Dino decks a boy who jocularly insulted his ma; he must take counseling with a midget to avoid ...
13 Jan. 2005
Breaking Away
Dino can't concentrate on school, hockey or therapy: all he thinks abouts is how he could get Jackie back. Monica Young resigns, pretending it's to to care for her sick mother. Ben settles for spending time with Sue innocently, yet her dad insists to forbid any contact, his own parents contemplate therapy and even a police report; pa confides in him afterward to have had something too with a much older alto-player in his school band himself, but sticks to indefinite grounding. Jonathan really digs Sabrina, but feels obligated to stay loyal to Deb, who fails to get her...
20 Jan. 2005
You Must Be Trippin'
Ben and Sue don't look forward to the Sophomore ski trip, unlike Dino, as her dad maintains her grounding, till she claims that still costs deposit and full price- but he signs up last minute as chaperon. Dino is happy to be back home with Max, ma helps him packing. Deb wouldn't forgive Jonathan and only pretends to go skiing to try for the Seattle Scene internship behind ma's back; she gets a press pass to cover a band's Roadhouse concert. Michael cancels a double date with Mia to spend more time with kid son Max and his ma Annie. Ben is too late to cancel his 'sick'...
Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Junk
Jonathan is scared he'll never get Deb back if she finds out about him and Polly during the class ski trip, Dino regrets not having done it with Polly because Jackie wouldn't have found out anyway. Deb won't even let Jackie give the boys a lift to school, so they wine how sick they are of walking, then find a car for sale for $900, 300 each, so they beg their parents till their voices hurt, yet it's no all-round, but they decide to dig deep into their savings anyway. Dino preaches to Jonathan honesty which even the 'improved' Dino doesn't practice with Jackie, who now...
Papa Wheelie
The boys collectively take a cool-looking job at Eddie's leisure products store, grumbling they spend most of their spare time working to pay for the car. Jonathan whines that he never gets to enjoy the car, having failed his drivers exam three times. He gets a practice lesson in parking, but messes up, damaging both their car as well as someone's parked sports car. When Deb and her mentor, Alex, set up auditions for the band, Deb's dad, Oliver, turns up for the audition. Deb runs away - but Oliver has a mutual friend set up a meeting between them, after which she ...

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