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"Life As We Know It"
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Episodes cast for
"Life As We Know It" (2004) More at IMDbPro »

Season: 1
Year: 2004 | 2005

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

7 October 2004
Dino Whitman, Jonathan Fields, and Ben Conner are best friends. Dino is the good looking hockey player who could get any girl he wants but he really wants his first time to be with girlfriend Jackie and she's not ready. Jonathan is a yearbook photographer and his best cuddly girl friend is giving him signals that she wants to be more but he's worried that the guys will make fun of him. Ben has his own obsessions but mostly they're centered around the hot young teacher that he's smitten with.

Season 1, Episode 2: Pilot Junior

14 October 2004
Dino Whitman is so stressed and confused, having found out his ma with coach Scott, that his hockey performance is badly affected; he volunteers to take kid brother Max to the aqua-park a whole day, so his parents can spend quality time all weekend and hopefully grow together; the mates twist his arm to hold a party at his place. Dad Michael is as happy as Dino to break off the conversation when it turns to sex. Jonathan Fields panics when the boner he usually gets and admires while shaving in a towel -whether he masturbates or not- seems accompanied by a lump, and concludes from hasty Internet research it may be penis cancer. When Dino hears the parental weekend is delayed at least a week, he feels responsible to keep their marriage alive and has to cancel the party, but the girls decide to shift it to his girlfriend Jackie's; the ungracious host ignores poor puzzled Dino, while nobodies whom nobody canceled turn up at Dino's, only to be turned away. Jonathan feels like dying when his regular doctor is out and a female is covering, in front of who he must un-cover pretty much everything, but is happy to be laughed at it's just a swollen vain. Ben is considered crazy to keep Wendy at arms-length. After the party ends in a fight, the friends leave and exchange their embarrassing secrets.

Season 1, Episode 3: The Best Laid Plans

21 October 2004
Dino bitches at his adulterous ma after finding his dad slept on the couch. Ben finally Makes out with his secret girlfriend, teacher Monica Young. Dino waits all day to talk to Jackie, then she has no time for him: her soccer 'regionals' have priority. Dino ditches his class to avoid coach Dave Scott; ma Annie Whitman tells coach it's over now that Dino knows. Dino's parents have a picnic and make love, but it still doesn't feel right; dad ends up telling her he needs to resign his job. Jonathan is embarrassed to be choosing condoms with his girlfriend Deborah Tynan, but shouts 'sex' trough his cellphone bragging to Dino that he's about to get laid; she tells him her first time was with the new drug store clerk, Gabe, Jonathan is put off, afraid she knows too much about sex; they decide to take it slow as they are right for each-other. Adam's friend Zoe Cresswell dares Dino to drink beer and tells him he looks like her sex symbol Tom Cruise; he misses Jackie's soccer game which went badly, she tastes beer in his kiss and calls him a hopeless egoist. The boys are worried when Ben doesn't tell them about his sex-life and suspect that he may be gay. When they confront him he assures them that he's NOT gay and tells them about his teacher but they dismiss that as a fantasy. Dino goes to Jackie's to make up and finally tells her the whole truth, she still feels they need a new start: she can't depend on him, they don't understand each-other, they sort of break up; on the bus home Dino sees Zoe again...

Season 1, Episode 4: Partly Cloudy, Chance of Sex

28 October 2004
Dino is miserable because of his ma Annie and coach Scott. He got over breaking up with Jackie almost instantly, as Zoe Creswell brings him more excitement, 'typical' rapidity the mates envy him. Zoe sneaks him in trough the movies' fire exit and puts her hand in his pants, but he ditches practice and a history test meanwhile. When coach finds out and insists he could become a star, he still quits the ice hockey team; coach lies to dad Michael Whitman -having cuckolded him- who found out from another dad about the boy's reason, but after telling ma Dino quit, she confesses Dino saw her and coach in the home pa pays for with the job he hates. Even Sue's parents think a play on top of the mock trial is too much, however well it looks on a Princeton application. Ben's parents think he's on drugs and give him an 8.30 curfew. His girlfriend and teacher insists he takes part in her Romeo and Julia production, which he fears would give him an 'official' gay reputation, even with his friends, and isn't wrong; yet he who hesitated even to be in the chorus and Sue are selected for the leads. Jackie wants time for herself; other boys still stand no chance. Jonathan gets sex advice from his girlfriend Deborah's mother. Dino's pa tells coach to leave town and knocks him out; now disgusted dad sleeps in the car, frightened kid brother Max with kindly comforting, silently desperate Dino.

Season 1, Episode 5: Secrets & Lies

4 November 2004
Deborah's ma Mia Tynan, a nurse, apologizes to Jonathan for the embarrassingly blatant sex talk. Dino plays with his dear dad, proud he decked coach Scott for cuckolding him with ma and is disappointed to hear the big bra in the laundry is Deborah's, a source of boyish pride for Jonathan though. Ben just manages to hide his hickey for his ma and in school under a turtleneck despite the hot weather, but Monica not only keeps putting all the weight on him, now she breaks up with the poor boy. Dino is caught kissing on the couch with Zoe by Mia, Deborah and his dad but insists he doesn't just want to be a mere visitor at dad's but to move in, away from his adulterous ma, and refuses to tell her more on the phone, when prompted by dad, then goodnight. Deb tells everything to Jackie, which her ex Dino dislikes hearing even from Jonathan; Deb actually objects to her ma giving the 'filanderer' a ride to school. The boys commiserate about the troublesome girls, even as exes. Dino packs and tells his ma he can't even bear the sight of her; she brings over his cloths to dad's with some extras and hugs her firstborn, who is too unsettled to receive even Zoe. Dad spoils his youngest Max with midget-golf and carting after school. A self-mixed CD gets Monica to kiss Ben again; just then Jonathan sees them trough a telescope...

Season 1, Episode 6: Natural Disasters

2 December 2004
After seeing 'gay' Ben kissing their teacher Monica Young, Jonathan calls Dino; they press him for details, but the secrecy still kills him most of the time and she guesses his mate know but he lies his way out and even helps himself to the papers she's marking, upgrading Dino's from C- to C+. Max has an earthquake school project, insisting both parents are supposed to help; they don't believe that, yet both oblige their youngest anyway, lots of fun together and second prize. Dino's dad has settled for another crummy sous-chef job to pay the bills, rather then follow his dream to open a restaurant. Dino, who worries he may be the last of the boys to have sex, misses Jackie, at least as absent lab partner, but has a wild time with Zoe, even accepts to take her to a damned school dance when she suggests sex on a teacher's desk. Deborah refuses to share a limo with 'unfaithfull' Dino; Ben goes with Sue as a cover, still Monica is jealous, he thinks that got the A-student a D, then overhears she dares not stand by that after a parental complaint and confronts her. Dino gets to drop trou on the desk with Zoe, but Jackie's image somehow prevents him actually doing 'it' there. After dancing with Sue, Ben, not prepared to keep sneaking for years till he's 18, dumps Monica, only to find Sue kissing another.

Season 1, Episode 7: With a Kiss, I Die

9 December 2004
Dino may be celebrated as the boys' hero of sex on school furniture, his 'gear' still fails him on the crucial moment, again with Zoe. Dino nor Jackie are quite over their first love. Ben blames himself for allowing teacher Monica to force him back into sex and, perhaps worse, the school play- as Romeo, opposite his girlfriend Sue. Jonathan feels pressured even worse as 'last virgin', yet becomes total dweeb Donald's hero after doctoring his dating site picture. Dino's pa signs a six months lease and feels dating is beyond him- except with Dino's ma?

Season 1, Episode 8: Family Hard-ships

16 December 2004
The boys are in awe for Ben's big brother, Sam Conner, who's back for the weekend, because of his Pontiac and cool job as CD cover graphic designer; he even got them three VIP invitations. Dino's dad and ma can't afford new, better fiber skates, so he convinces Jonathan to get cool jobs together in cloths retail, his hunky looks get them hired. Ben's parents forbid him to get any job, and even fraternal help doesn't lift his curfew at 11, still he asks Sue along. Jackie and Deborah decides to have a girls night instead, Jonathan was detained in the shop anyway; the bitches sneak in at Dino's place to steal a garment to burn it to 'exorcise' Jackie. Dino steals Ben's dad's erectile medicine, but it kicks in during wrestle practice and lasts. Dino scores with sales-colleague Greta, but he's really being set up by his ex Zoe as 'jeans thief', his ma pays for the three pairs of trousers. Monica did it with Sam, who was ignorant she was Ben's first. Ben has a row with his dad who rather wanted him to attend his mother's n'th classical recital and 'gives up educating you boys'; Sam had a minor car accident, Ben gives him hell for seeing Monica again.

Season 1, Episode 9: A Little Problem

6 January 2005
Deborah's cousin Sabrina is staying a week; the former dog has blossomed to Jonathan's taste. Jackie is going to run for class president, Sue will manage her campaign, rival Ali attacks almost instantly. Mia asks Michael to tell their teenager kids Dino and Deborah if they are getting serious together, he first gets wife Annie's okay in vague terms; when Mia does, Deb is furious and suggests Sabrina to date Dino, to Jonathan's anger, who is relieved Dino won't double date. Dino decks a boy who jocularly insulted his ma; he must take counseling with a midget to avoid suspension and loosing the hockey season, finds him cool but won't discuss his real issues. Monica pretends she's still with Ben's brother, Sue overhears him reproach her not to leave him alone, feels betrayed but they soon make up kissing. One look at Sabrina cures Dino's erectile infirmity. Sue's dad William Miller, who is on the teacher's union, scares Monica Young, suggesting she's better off quitting at her own initiative which she does to avoid jail, then tells Ben to stop dating Sue. Dad Michael tells Dino he's trying it with Mia, live with it- the horny jock's penis problem is back, he even comes clean to the counselor.

Season 1, Episode 10: Breaking Away

13 January 2005
Dino can't concentrate on school, hockey or therapy: all he thinks abouts is how he could get Jackie back. Monica Young resigns, pretending it's to to care for her sick mother. Ben settles for spending time with Sue innocently, yet her dad insists to forbid any contact, his own parents contemplate therapy and even a police report; pa confides in him afterward to have had something too with a much older alto-player in his school band himself, but sticks to indefinite grounding. Jonathan really digs Sabrina, but feels obligated to stay loyal to Deb, who fails to get her otherwise liberal ma's permission for a volunteer 'groupie' internship with a music magazine, yet Michael pleads for it but is ignored. Jackie is elected class president, to her own surprise. Sabrina repeatedly touching him unannounced while working in the dark room on Deb's photos makes Jonathan so horny he ends up kissing her, only to be barked off and betrayed to Deb, who dumps him just as heartlessly as she had turned on Dino. Counselor Dr. Belber insists Dino has no responsibility for his parents's break-up, let alone for his ma's cheating, and finally gets him to say it, then grills his ma, and advices Dino on their last session to forgive her and take responsibility for his own life again. He confides into Jackie about his erectile dysfunction, which convinces her he's serious about real friendship, and even decides to move back in with his overjoyed ma and kid brother Max.

Season 1, Episode 11: You Must Be Trippin'

20 January 2005
Ben and Sue don't look forward to the Sophomore ski trip, unlike Dino, as her dad maintains her grounding, till she claims that still costs deposit and full price- but he signs up last minute as chaperon. Dino is happy to be back home with Max, ma helps him packing. Deb wouldn't forgive Jonathan and only pretends to go skiing to try for the Seattle Scene internship behind ma's back; she gets a press pass to cover a band's Roadhouse concert. Michael cancels a double date with Mia to spend more time with kid son Max and his ma Annie. Ben is too late to cancel his 'sick' cancellation, his spot is passed on, but Jackie will help him take Deb's place; Ben and Sue decide to risk it, even with her pa. One bus breaks down, so the trio is without their girlfriends; Dino decides to fool around, and there's no shortage of attractive, willing girls, even one in the next room. Sue's dad drives the three girls in his car, so the surprised couple is found out; the girls are returned home. Dino resists temptation at the last moment; he and Ben now set their mind to skiing, but when they go pick up Jonathan in his room ...

Season 1, Episode 12: Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Junk

Jonathan is scared he'll never get Deb back if she finds out about him and Polly during the class ski trip, Dino regrets not having done it with Polly because Jackie wouldn't have found out anyway. Deb won't even let Jackie give the boys a lift to school, so they wine how sick they are of walking, then find a car for sale for $900, 300 each, so they beg their parents till their voices hurt, yet it's no all-round, but they decide to dig deep into their savings anyway. Dino preaches to Jonathan honesty which even the 'improved' Dino doesn't practice with Jackie, who now ironically finds him irresistibly hot but dares not suggest to get physical as she told him off. Jonathan really disappoints his mates by spending his $300 on a phone for Deb, but she tricks him into admitting he did it with Polly before he could hand it over, so he gets his money back to chip in after all. Ben still sneaks around with Sue, who objects most impractically to every room he ever shared with Monica, even starts about her first Bily Kirk. Dino's ma Annie is finally persuaded to go see the car, whose owner Mike hates it reminding him of his ex; seeing the kids' enthusiasm he even drops his price, $200 they can spend on repairs: the trio is in heaven on wheels; the price of gas soon knocks them back down, next day a broken carburetor gets them towed to purgatory. Polly is still into Jonathan, Dino warns him she's a pretty but empty package; when his dad gives him his credit card to take Deb -who shares his birthday- to a fancy restaurant, he uses it to pay the car repairs; Ben must go pick it up at the garage, with Deb- they solve the Monica problem by using the L-word and kiss long enough to drain the battery. Deb keeps stirring between her ma Mia and Dino's pa Michael. Jonathan and Deb celebrate their common birthday by becoming just good friends again. After chastely painting together and driving him home, Jackie finally jumps Dino's bones.

Season 1, Episode 13: Papa Wheelie

The boys collectively take a cool-looking job at Eddie's leisure products store, grumbling they spend most of their spare time working to pay for the car. Jonathan whines that he never gets to enjoy the car, having failed his drivers exam three times. He gets a practice lesson in parking, but messes up, damaging both their car as well as someone's parked sports car. When Deb and her mentor, Alex, set up auditions for the band, Deb's dad, Oliver, turns up for the audition. Deb runs away - but Oliver has a mutual friend set up a meeting between them, after which she turns on her mother, Mia, for blocking him out of her life. Little Max tells his father, Michael, that his cooking is so much better then junk-food, he should set up his own stall. So he offers his restaurant expertise to a girl who runs her brother's business during his Iraq tour: the food is an instant hit. When the rammed car's owner demands compensation or she'll call the police, the poor boys have to volunteer for Eddie's annual inventory, all night long. While Jackie's parents are on a 'business cruise', she stays with Sue, who looks forward to the end of her trial month with Ben. Her dad, William, is a very grumpy, unamused host, obviously all the more when Deb, who ran away, joins the girls, and seriously considers her father's offer to come live with him and Pam in L.A. When Jonathan, tired of getting pestered and blamed all the time, leaves school, Dino and Ben have to pay their own way and end up selling their hockey stuff thus ultimately accepting Eddie's offer to buy the 'classic' car.

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