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9 Jan. 2005
Move On
Edie organizes a neighborhood search for Mrs. Huber, just as her sister arrives on Wisteria Lane; Bree agrees to a separation and asks an attractive pharmacist on a date; Susan's ex-husband, Karl, suddenly returns for a visit; Lynette's fears Tom is attracted to their nanny.
16 Jan. 2005
Every Day a Little Death
The residents of Wisteria Lane learn the fate of Martha Huber; Susan confesses to Edie about her role in her house fire; Bree finds George getting a little too close for comfort; Carlos is released on bail, and placed under house arrest.
23 Jan. 2005
Your Fault
When Tom's father visits, Lynette unwittingly learns a family secret; Susan is disturbed by Julie's growing romance with Zach; Rex attempts to reconcile with Bree as she tries to play hard-to-get; Gabrielle is shocked when John's parents demand her help.
13 Feb. 2005
Love Is in the Air
Susan looks forward to a romantic date with Mike until she learns a surprising fact; Lynette's neighbor accuses her twins of thievery; Bree learns of Rex's sexual needs; Gabrielle's work adventures continue.
20 Feb. 2005
Mike is questioned in Mrs. Huber's murder; John's friend Justin tries to blackmail Gabrielle with his knowledge of the affair; Tom wants a big promotion, but Lynette fears she would be left alone with the kids even more: Julie learns of Zack's dark side at his pool party.
27 Mar. 2005
The Ladies Who Lunch
Maisy Gibbons' series of unfortunate events shocks Wisteria Lane; Gabrielle and Carlos' sewer system goes out; Lynette learns of a rumour that her twins started a head lice epidemic; Susan finds a surprising ally after her breakup with Mike.
3 Apr. 2005
There Won't Be Trumpets
Mama Solis' awakens from her coma, as Gabrielle and Carlos fret over their financial issues; Lynette befriends a deaf woman; Bree encounters more trouble when disciplining Andrew; Susan finds herself attracted to Edie's hunky new contractor.
10 Apr. 2005
Children Will Listen
Susan's mother pays an unexpected after breaking up with her boyfriend; Gabrielle faces Carlos' wrath after he learns about the hospital settlement; While babysitting Lynette's children, Bree decides to punish the twins for misbehaving; Felicia gets closer to Zach where he reveals to her more disturbing details about his family.
17 Apr. 2005
Live Alone and Like It
Lynette learns that no good deed goes unpunished when she befriends Mrs. McClusky; Susan's mother decides to try to jump-start her and her daughter's love lives; Bree forces Andrew to talk to the family priest about his conflicted sexuality.
1 May 2005
Fear No More
Gabrielle plans a big party to bid farewell to Carlos and begins to suspect she's pregnant; George Williams returns, much to Rex's displeasure; Lynette learns Tom's old girlfriend, has been hired at his firm again; Susan and Julie encounter strange behavior from the Young family.
8 May 2005
Sunday in the Park with George
George continues to worm his way into Bree's life; Lynette tries to spice up her sex life with Tom; Susan hires Mr. Shaw to investigate the Young family; Morty proposes to Sophia, making Susan relieved her mother's moving out; Felicia takes action to help Zach by planning to drive Paul from neighborhood for good.
15 May 2005
Goodbye for Now
Susan and Mike decide to move in together; Lynette takes steps to make sure Annabel doesn't come between her and Tom; Bree comes to a realization about George; Carlos' legal problems take a turn for the worse; Martha Huber's journal falls into the hands of Susan and Julie.
22 May 2005
One Wonderful Day
Tensions and conflicts endure between the different characters as the season comes to an end but leaves you hanging for what is to come.
25 Sep. 2005
A year after Mary Alice's suicide Lynette goes back to work, Gabrielle deals with pregnancy and Carlos in jail, Bree with Rex's death and Susan learns more about Mike's past.
2 Oct. 2005
You Could Drive a Person Crazy
Susan discovers that Karl is seeing Edie. Tom can't keep up with housework. Carlos needs Gabby's help surviving in jail. Bree's mother-in-law feels the need to share her grief with the world.
9 Oct. 2005
You'll Never Get Away from Me
Bree throws Phyllis out of her house; Susan tries bravely to accept Edie's new role in Julie's life; Lynette's demanding boss, Nina, makes her miss Parker's first day of kindergarten; Gabrielle finally breaks after seeing John with an older woman; Felicia persuades Mike to watch his back for the missing Zach and Paul might come after him; Betty and Matthew try to keep their mysterious captive's presence a secret when he nearly escapes.
16 Oct. 2005
My Heart Belongs to Daddy
Lynette's son has an imaginary friend, George and Andrew fight over Bree's attention, Susan struggles with the Zach situation, and Gabby has lawyer problems.
23 Oct. 2005
They Asked Me Why I Believe in You
Susan's dear friend, Lonny Moon, gets into financial trouble and asks for her help; Lynette is forced to go out to bars night after night with her man-hungry boss, Nina; Bree is allowed to re-bury Rex amid police suspicions; Gabrielle hires David Bradley to defend Carlos in court, but Carlos rejects him; More of the Applewhite's past is shown; Fugitive Paul Young inconspicuously returns to Wisteria Lane.
6 Nov. 2005
I Wish I Could Forget You
Susan tries to get Paul Young arrested, while her mother pays another visit; Carlos continues serving his jail sentence, while Gabrielle tries to free him, but his lawyer refuses to represent him; Bree gets a bad rash every time she tries to be intimate with George; Lynette gets into a minor argument with Tom over her purchase of a number of very expensive business suits to impress Nina.
13 Nov. 2005
Color and Light
Lynette and Tom find a like-minded couple to watch their kids, Susan strikes up a romance with her ex-husband, and Gabby tries to hide her pregnancy.
20 Nov. 2005
The Sun Won't Set
All the residents stress about security after the intruder at Gabrielle's; Lynette fears Tom doesn't keep his eye close enough on their offspring; Susan discovers that her biological father is nearby, and decides to meet him; Bree later gets a visit from a mysterious woman who claims that George is not who she says he is; Gabrielle has bad news for her Carlos about her miscarriage, and gets a visit from a former prison inmate of Carlos, named Hector, forcing her to face her feelings.
27 Nov. 2005
That's Good, That's Bad
George stalks Bree, despite her efforts to break up with him; Lynette uses some leverage against Nina, after catching her frolicking with Stu over office politics; Carlos is finally paroled from prison and returns a new man; Susan finally meets face-to-face her birth father, and tries to begin a relationship with him.
4 Dec. 2005
Coming Home
Bree has to deal with George's death, Lynette tries to get daycare at work, Susan has problems with her father's wife, Gabrielle fights for her husband and the Applewhites get Caleb back.

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