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Transformers PS2 Game
wayners29 December 2004
In response to the guy from Birmingham's comments regarding the game, I disagree. Firstly, if you rent out a game you will never see it's true potential. I know it takes ages to get used to a new game (and the forest section is a pain, I agree) however, this game is, in my (and my son's) opinion simply the greatest game ever on the PlayStation2. And we know - we have 27 of the most latest popular titles to date. You have to get to the later stages to truly appreciate the quality of this game.

As in the animated version, you take on the role of an Autobot (the Good Transformers) and you choose whether to be Optimus Prime (the Leader), Red Alert (2nd in command), or HotShot (no rank, but fast!). The whole object of the game is to destroy the Decepticons (the Evil Transformers) but the fun part is capturing all the mini cons. They will give you powers that the regular Autobots do not possess on their own. They're cute and will be you're little mate when you need them! You can power-link with up to four at one time, increasing your weaponry, strength, equipment or defencive capabilities. You can also collect data cons which will give you extras, such as comic books to view, artwork, TV trailers, etc.

If you want a bit more fun, enter the cheats for a bit more dimension. The good thing with these it that you can carry on through the stages without losing parts of the game (unlike some other games).

Granted, if you're a Grand Theft Auto fan, then this may not be up your street. But if you're a fan of Transformers, you should love it!

Autobots ... transform!!!
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PS2 shoot-em-up game is great to play
YLY11 November 2005
Transformers follows the Autobots (good guys) trying to beat the Decepticons (bad guys) to finding the Mini-Cons. Mini-Cons are midget robots that give the holder special abilities, so you can see what the Autobots are after them first.

Choosing from one of three Autobots, players are let loose in some of the biggest levels you'll see this side of GTA. The very first level, set in the Amazon rainforest has quite literally hundreds of trees to stroll through, drive through and even fly through - come to that later. After climbing to the tallest point of the level, the summit of a Mayan temple, you can see for miles ahead of you, and even zoom in on tiny specks of enemies that you wouldn't see otherwise. All with no slowdown.

Mini-Cons' locations are given away by telltale yellow glows, but this does not make the challenge easy at all. There are as many as 10 to find in each level, and with up to 10 Data-Cons to find too - a way of gaining extras such as videos, music and even 1980's TV spots - you'll have your work cut out.

The extras themselves are great and really add something to the game. There are the aforementioned game cutscenes - with excellent direction and voice acting - game music and the TV spots. The TV spots are safety videos from the 1980's featuring classic Transformers telling you to 'not run away from home' and - in a single breath - 'I bet you know you should've worn a lifejacket - accidents can happen and lifejackets are good protection' that are hilarious to watch, even if the humour is unintentional. Other extras include toy production photos, concept art and mini-comics which came boxed with Transformer toys.

The Mini-Cons are assigned to the 4 shoulder buttons, and there are different types. Some improve your blaster module, others give you a shield, and obtaining the Slipstream Mini-Con even gives your chosen Autobot a pair of glider wings, which makes accessing high-up Mini-Cons easier to reach. Getting hold of novelty Mini-Cons such as the Tractor Beam makes the game a lot more enjoyable; there's loads of laughs to be had throwing enemies off of clifftops and watching them explode hundreds of feet below.

The gameplay of Transformers is refined but a bit inaccessible - on the surface it's standard shoot-em-up but dig down deeper and it's one helluva game. As you move through the levels - from Antarctica to the mid-Atlantic and the final showdown on the robot planet of Cybertron - the enemies get harder, and with that the gameplay gets a lot more frustrating. The Autobots cannot upgrade their health - apart from linking similar Mini-Cons to create backup health - so as the enemies get stronger it gets harder for you, especially when they get bigger guns. Even on a difficultly level which is basically called 'Wimpy Gaming Baby' you'll find yourself throwing the controller against the wall. A lot.

The 'Transform' of Transformers finally comes into effect when you tap Triangle. Pressing this makes your Transformer perform a smooth backflip and as they do, they change into their vehicle mode. Hot Shot - the youngest Autobot, but the fastest - turns into a flash sports car which easily outruns any enemies. Red Alert performs a fancy flip into an emergency SUV - complete with emergency signs on the side. The largest of the lot, and leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime turns his tall and heavy robot body into a massive truck cab, which makes everything explode on contact. Owie.

Bosses in Transformers are also big hulking metal masses. The first boss becomes a common enemy later in the game. One of the biggest bosses require a sniper rifle to just get him into range, and no wonder: he's an aircraft carrier. An aircraft carrier.

All is learnt through a steep learning curve, but eventually you'll get the hang on your preferred Mini-Cons and which Autobots you think you're best with. Transformers isn't exactly completely forgiving, but once you settle into its style of gameplay, you'll be gliding from hilltops onto enemy transporters and flinging around enemies on the ground below without a scratch.

Once you've got the hang of the game, you'll begin to notice the freedom you have. Will you follow the mission or run off in search of Mini-Cons? Will you run head-on into battle or snipe from a distance? Will you shoot everyone you see, or stop the coming of more enemies by hopping on board an enemy transporter mid-flight and blow it up from the inside out? It's your choice, and with Transformers pretty much anything is possible, within reason.

So, is it a must have or a cult game in waiting? It's close, but Transformers just hits the mark. The gameplay and the learning curve are hard to get used to, but once you get past that you can see the potential of the the game and how much fun it wants you to have. You read that right. Regardless of it's kiddy roots, Transformers is an enjoyable game for all that just wants you to have fun blowing stuff up, flying, driving, and generally kicking (metal) butt. Get it in now - it's cheap off the Internet.

Graphics - 5/5 Gameplay - 4/5 Sound - 4.5/5 Lifespan - 5/5 Overall - 4.5/5
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What a Great Transformers Game
Terryfan22 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
As a fan of Transformers since I was two I want to state I got this game back in 2004 I first rented the game and then I got it for Christmas that same year

I still call Transformers my favorite video game on the Playstation 2 and after reviewing my review you will understand why

First off the game is based of Transformers Armada from 2003 the series was decent in my opinion but that's another story for another day

The game starts off with the three main Autobots in the game, Optimus Prime the Leader of the Autobots, Hotshot the kid of the team and Red Alert the doctor of the Autobots.

The game starts off with the Autobots fighting the Decepticons new team named the Decepticlones as Megatron the leader of the Evil Decepticons is about to finish Optimus Prime off a transmission show him that Mini- Cons have somehow been discovered on Earth after seeing this Megatron rally his Decepticons Forces to Earth Optimus Prime gets his Autobots to head for Earth as well to save the Mini-Cons before Megatron Decepticons do

You have a series of mission through out the whole game and each one you must save the Mini-Cons and get the Data-Cons as well which unlock hidden extras in the video game such as music from the video game Generation 1 Transformers PSA and much more

Each Autobots has their own Mini-cons that they have through the game as well as using the power of the Mini-Cons they save as well which can helpful in the game

Each stage has their own Decepticon bosses and each one can really give you a hard time but if you can have the skills to do it then anything can be done.

The Story is just one of the best in Transformers History they really pay tribute to Transformers generation pasts such as using quotes like It's Over Prime from Transformers The Movie

The Graphics are hands down beautiful all the levels are so well done that you thought you were looking at works of art

The Voice acting is done well as well with Transformers Vets Garry Chalk reprise his Role as Optimus Prime from Armada as well as David Kaye reprising his role as Megatron from Beast Wars.

Both actors have work on Beast Wars as Megatron and Optimus Primal in their respected careers.

The Controls work well in your favor making it easy to have a good gameplay

So is the game really worth your money in one simple word YES

If you're a fan of Transformers its a must have or if you like action games then you should get it

All in all I give Transformers For the Playstation 2 an 10 out of 10 really worth playing

Autobots Transform and Roll Out Decepticons Attack!
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great game
byrnezee_068 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
this game was well worth the money i paid to buy it. first off the land scape is incredible and very life like. the levels where also enormous giving you freedom to move around and explore (assuming you don't get ambushed)and i also liked the concept of finding weapon upgrades throughout the various levels. and the extras you can unlock make searching the levels worth it. some of the bosses are hard as hell. megatron himself took me 3 months to beat. although unicron was easyer. but i don't like games with easy bosses. i have but two complaints. 1, there is not a great enough selection of characters. and 2. we don't get to try our hand as decepticons. but still fun.
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Pretty Good
cubsfan4527 November 2004
This game follows the Transformers Armada continuity, but it is still pretty good. The controls are clunky at first, and some of the missions can be a little hard, but once you get into it, it is great. Even if you manage to beat the game, you can go back and look for minicons that you didn't find.

The graphics to this game were amazing. In one of the stages you are playing with a sunset in the background that is gorgeous. It is one of those things that you wish you could actually be there.

I recommend that you find the codes on line if you are going to play, because even on hard, this game gets pretty tough. If you want a challenge though, try it on normal without any codes. I recommend this game for any transformer fan, even if you don't like the new cartoons, the characters are well developed, and you do get the cool transforming sound when you hit the triangle button.
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Great Game, but short
optimus4christ5 October 2004
I enjoyed the game. I enjoyed the cut scenes that were at the end of every level and between levels and at the beginning of the game. I loved the load time. I loved the controls (once I figured them out). Every bit of the game was great. However, it was a bit too short. At least it was in the rookie mode. It was harder than I thought in the rookie mode, but I thought it was enjoyable nonetheless. Even though I am a self-proclaimed purist of the Transformer franchise, I enjoyed the minicons and the extras found in the game. I give the game 4 out of 5 or a 9 1/2 out of 10.

Thank you for listening!
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Great game!
howlinjack24 September 2004
Rented this game in mid july and just had to buy it soon after. Superb graphics that are amongst the finest I've seen on the PS2. You can stand upon a hilltop and look for miles around, even seeing Decepticon troops marching around in the distance. Control is fine and the feel of the 3 Autobots (Optimus Prime, Hot Shot and Red Alert) is perfect conveying the weight of a huge robot very well. Thankfully there's no sign of the annoying anime kids from the TV show. The mini cons on the other hand feature prominently and add greatly to the gameplay in the form of add ons and upgrades to your Transformers. These allow things like extra firepower whether its upgrading your laser gun or giving you rockets or mines, or giving you the ability to glide high above the great levels. The Amazon stage in particular looks beautiful and its great fun charging through the trees in car mode, smash through the enemy troops, transform, turn around and blast them before they know whats going on. There's plenty of extras to unlock to in the form of artwork, comics, music and the classic Generation 1 Public Service Announcements.

All in all this is a great game based on a bad show. Now if only the developers could get the Gen 1 license and give us the chance to play as any of the original Transformers including the Movie characters...
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