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(2004 Video Game)

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Everything was going great in Daniel Garner's life. He had a loving wife, a house, a job...until one rainy night, his attention wandered and he and his wife were killed in a car crash. Separated from his wife, Daniel is sent to a place between Heaven and Hell, a dark, twisted landscape of the surreal, populated by demons and lost souls. For thirty years, he wandered this realm, trying to understand why he was refused admittance into Heaven. After this long time, he was offered a chance by Sammael, an angel of God. Kill the four generals of Lucifer's army, and he would be allowed into Heaven. They just didn't tell him how hard it would be. Now, the vastly outnumbered and tormented soul of Daniel Garner, an ordinary man from an ordinary life, must do what the angels cannot without starting Armageddon. He must stop the imminent attack of the Pearly gates. Heaven's got a hitman.

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