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Entertainment Weekly
The home-studio recording sequences in Hustle & Flow are funky, rowdy, and indelible. Brewer gives us the pleasure of watching characters create music from the ground up.
Every good actor has a season when he comes into his own, and this is Terrence Howard's time.
New York Daily News
The feel-good movie of the summer. And the song this pimp works up, about how hard it is to manage a stable of ho's, is catchy and moving.
Wall Street Journal
I found Hustle & Flow hard to get into at first, if only for its dialogue. But DJay's turf turns out to be everyone's turf -- a jagged landscape of hopes, disappointments, folly and fulfillment.
Explosive entertainment.
So much love went into Hustle & Flow that it almost glows with it.
The best thing Hustle & Flow has going for it is Terrence Howard's powerful performance.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A weird fusion of blaxploitation and American indie, built on a template of old-style, follow-your-dream Hollywood drama. But it works - sometimes magnificently.
Chicago Tribune
Brewer achieves near perfection in this tense, intimate meeting between two lifelong hustlers.
Miami Herald
What makes the picture sail past its flaws is its earnest understanding of the desperation that drives people to regain control of their lives -- and the profound courage required to attempt it.
It celebrates art, hope, and dreams, and you don't have to like hip-hop to appreciate the message or the way in which it is delivered.

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